Website design, sales training packages

Website design, sales training packages

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  • Software customer Club

    Software customer Club

    Software customer Club chocolate is one of the best software in this field is that with a strong technology and unique graphic is designed\r\nto access a single, convenient First Website:\r\n\r\n\r\nto get access to free demos :\r\n\r\NAND for access to articles how to attract the customer :\r\n

    software Tehran
  • Original antivirus نود32

    Original antivirus نود32

    With a free annual support With the license, the legal annual The most powerful and updated antivirus in the world Anti-virus, anti-Spy, etc. the walls the fire, ضدکلاهبرداری, anti-theft, laptop or computer, take control of children With a valid license annual monitoring within the pack, which means it will be able your antivirus according to the latest update, the main server نود32 update.In the meantime, this update automatically every 60 minutes once, by the server, the site will be done Features version Final software ESET NOD32 : - Having a section, control parental - Increase the ...

    software Alborz
  • Repairs computer and laptop

    Repairs computer and laptop

    Repairs computers, laptops and notebooks in karaj Install Windows and all computer services and network services in karaj Cost of free shuttle . Maple, Ryan, with the lowest cost in your location, all services offers the following : -Installation, control, troubleshooting, and update a variety of operating systems, the original with the ability to update from the official site of the Microsoft Corporation such as Windows XP and ... Windows 7 and Windows 10 -Install antivirus software and update it and cleans the system from all kinds of viruses -Installation of software, and speciali ...

    Computer, laptop and hardware Alborz
  • Closure


    Provide a variety of detailed fiber optic \r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran \r\n capacity 6 to 288 chorus \r\n\r\n*detailed fiber optic 3M\r\n\r\n2178-S\r\n2178-LS\r\n\r\nکاست 2522\r\nشانه 2521\r\nبا the ability to increase the number of input/output cable, and increase the capacity of the number of, high\r\n\r\nقابل use in all telecommunication networks fiber\r\nآب categories Easy\r\n\r\nGasket Sealing\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n\r\n* a detailed network Model SS , S , M\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n *detailed سامجین \r\ ...

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Software vitamin version clinic and doctor

    Software vitamin version clinic and doctor's office

    Software vitamin version clinic and doctor's office to manage a small clinic or doctor's office is one of the ways special and will be fundamental that the work of the practice of medicine for doctors and office, the hospital and clinics easier, it\r\nقابلیت upload:\r\n• Accounting Office to the breakdown of the income of each physician and expenditures monthly and annual\r\n• storage of patient information, ranging from Radio, X-ray and tests\r\n• تبدییل paper records to computerized(digital)\r\n• easy access to information any records for the user\r\n• set tariffs, insurance, and billing\r\n ...

    software Tehran
  • License plate reader, weighbridge

    License plate reader, weighbridge

    Software license plate reader for the record, has closed circuit cameras (image processing ) or without the camera in the normal mode can be . That in order to make better use of the cameras, etc. can be used for entry and exit as well as with the use of system, license plate recognition and traffic management, etc. recorded\r\nنرم software, license plate reader, with the new version and updated when compared to the previous version, more functionality, and use it for the users is convenient

    software Tehran
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