Acceptance of the order paper, the power –providing ready-made articles with the translation or گزارشکار

Acceptance of the order paper, the power –providing ready-made articles with the translation or گزارشکار

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Simulation articles power the power(ready - custom) Note : • Simulation of given just 10% of the simulation, our team has been 90% of the article simulated, that ... for some reason, on the internet he had've... • In any field of electrical power of between 5 to about 25 article in our archives is available that you can contact us, and articles, simulation, and ready to take on any field that you want, along with the translation, or گزارشکار complete we take delivery... • You can in all fields of electric power, the power of simulation to your order... • Our articles on no website find another you".... • Quality to expensive do not buy...! 1 - simulation papers electrical for courses that all علاه the simulation is quite accurate, گزارشکار or translation of the complete are : • The dynamics of power systems • Control can be راکتیو System, Power • Operation ازسیستمهای power advanced • The theory of comprehensive, machine, electric power quality • Special topics in power(small network) • Distributed generation (DG) • E-Power • Implements the transfer of flexible FACTS - implements فکتس • Modern control • Advanced protection in power systems • Review potential power system • Reliability in power systems • Review the scenarios of the transient System, Power 2 - simulation of a variety of machines direct current(DC) in the mode of transient and permanent : Includes curves torque(electrical –mechanical or load) – current and voltage armature –current and voltage تحریک - speed to any of the following: • Shunt(Shunt) • Series (Series) • Your تحریک or تحریک independent(Self excited) • کمپوند shunt short(Short Compound) • کمپوند shunt(Long Compound) • The permanent magnets(PM –Permanent magnet) 3 - simulation of a variety of machines, alternating current(AC) in the state of transient and permanent include curves, exact torque(electrical –mechanical or load) – current and voltage stator and رتور in frame, two thrust – speed to any of the following : • Machine induction (induction machine) • The car without جاروبک (brushless machine • Car سنکرون(synchronous machine) for hydro generators and generators of Steam – for each, in three modes of functioning is normal, and the sudden change of the load connection or a short 4 - Project sharing lessons operation power systems The economic times(Economic Dispatch) with the following methods, along with losses and without losses : • To repeat method-lambda ((Lambda –Iteration Method • The method of gradient type first (First Gradient Method) • The method of gradient the second type (Second Gradient Method) • Newton method (Newton's Method) • Method dynamic (Dynamic Programming) • Exposure circuit Unit Commitment)) • Playback times possible(Probability Dispatch) 5 - playing time (Load Flow) in different ways : • Method broadcast times DC (DC Method) • The method of playback times, the Newton raphson method ( Newton Raphson Method ) • The method of playback times separate (Decoupled Method ) • The method of playback times for separate fast ( Fast Decoupled Method ) • The method of playback times goose سایدل – goose saddle ( Gauss–Seidel method) • Method broadcast times DC (DC Method) • Reliability in power system • Simulation controls automatic production with سیمولینک with the control of primary-secondary ( AGC ) • Simulation, book دینامیک power systems posted : کندور (Kondur) • Simulation, book production, operation وکنترل in the power system posted : ولنبرگ – wood(Wood-wollenberg) • Simulations of the book, The theory of comprehensive car Cruz or Cruz(Paul C. Krause ) 6 - acceptance of an order simulation in all fields, electricity, power ...

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