Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

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Tiller | lawn mower | sprayer | agricultural machinery | hedge trimmers | chainsaw | gardening tools | شمشادزن | grass, Electric | grass, motor | pits | fodder crushing | seed cucumber, greenhouse | wood Chipper | تیلرهای شخمزن | water pump | sprayer motor | seed spraying | tractor | fertilizer | grass seed | Clipper | motor power | sludge cache

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  • Sale نیمچه native chicken

    Sale نیمچه native chicken

    Sale نیمچه native chicken\r\n\r\nفروش نمیچه native chicken breed of the\r\nفروش نیمچه native chicken with vaccination complete\r\nفروش نیمچه native chicken breed of the\r\nفروش نیمچه native chicken vaccine has been\r\nفروش minor, and overall نیمچه chicken native to across the country

    Livestock and poultry Tehran
  • Heater Heating. heater, industrial heater, greenhouse, etc., heaters, poultry, poultry وکوره warm

    Heater Heating. heater, industrial heater, greenhouse, etc., heaters, poultry, poultry وکوره warm

    The sale of a variety of Systems, thermal: _هیتر thermal _بخاری greenhouse _بخاری poultry _کوره warm _جت heater _بخاری workshop _بخاری industrial _فروش a variety of Systems, thermal Super-باظرفیتهای 110.000, etc. 220.000, etc. 250.000 and 350.000 kcal for use in workshop, etc. greenhouse, etc. مرغداریها, etc. similarly, mushroom cultivation and... _با the quality of excellent grill, all stainless steel, electrical. thermostats, furnace environment, and the fan. fan ventilators with ghablbat channel, draw the direction of heat conduction, and proper insulation _با, show, Standard, Warranty, valid, and send to all parts of the country To get اطلات more with experts, please contact with the company. ***The company-engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar West *** Number engineering کشاورزی020860195 number ثبت9253 Central office:faculty _خیابان keeper 2 _نرسیده to martyrs ' square _پلاک2/180 _کدپستی96436_57138 Telefax:32253347_044 (4خط) Mobile management:09149380704----09147907288(Mr. nikam)

    machinery West Azarbaijan
  • fullmax


    Produce all kinds of fertilizers, liquid and jelly, NPK

    Pesticides and fertilizers Zanjan
  • Sale hazelnut

    Sale hazelnut

    Sale hazelnut quality with the lowest price as a minor, and the overall Send to all parts of Iran Due to the direct supply, sale, hazel nutty, and remove the middlemen the price is very decent to supply you. the lowest price hazel to ask us. Sale hazelnut export Grade A Sell hazelnuts, raw Sell, hazelnut, nutty, classy, Sale the brain, hazelnut is a Sell wholesale hazelnut is a Sale the brain, hazelnut, raw, passion The lowest price of hazelnuts and the most quality hazelnut to ask us. Sale hazelnut " just bulk "!!!!! Prices are based on tonnage and type of hazelnut, etc. are different. The most reasonable price, hazelnut, and without intermediary we want. Contact number : 09116172752

    Agricultural products and Crops Gilan
  • Breeding mushroom, etc., compost, mushrooms, seeds, mushrooms, etc. sale of compost, mushroom

    The sale of compost ready for mushroom button with excellent quality. _فروش compost, mushrooms, direction, education, button mushroom _فروش casing soil is pasteurized mushroom _فروش seed Oyster mushroom and button modified _فروش all salon equipment mushroom(humidifiers, etc. fogging., the heater Heating. thermometers, humidity gauges, sensors, humidity control, etc.) _ارایه all the services in the field of mushroom cultivation Now engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar West Faculty _خیابان keeper 2 _نرسیده to martyrs ' square _پلاک 180/2 _کد ZIP 96436_57138 Number engineering کشاورزی020860195 Number ثبت9253 Telefax:32253347_044(4خط) The management of the(engineer, dynamic nikam) :09147907288---09149380704

    Agricultural Services West Azarbaijan
  • Liquid fertilizer

    Liquid fertilizer

    The production of liquid fertilizer avian -fertilizer liquid amino acids-liquid fertilizer, potash, high -fertilizer, liquid acid lesions - liquid fertilizer, twenty-fertilizer, liquid iron, liquid fertilizer, on - fertilizer, liquid calcium, and a variety of specialty fertilizers, plants

    Pesticides and fertilizers Zanjan
  • Sesame Afghan

    Sesame Afghan single front pocket with a content of 52% oil 3/63% moisture and 0/89% FFA \r\nبازرگانی) Stronghold direct importers of sesame from the countries, Afghanistan and Sudan, by providing analysis and سرتیفیکیت without intermediaries Delivery, Tehran, Iran \r\nبازرگانی) Fort ready to cooperate with all factories and workshops, and other individuals interested in activities in the field of sesame. for more information with the numbers 09128452737 and 02144387418 please contact us.

    Agricultural products and Crops Tehran
  • Sales representative pipes and profiles together

    Sales representative pipes and profiles together

    All kinds of pipes and profiles Jha the construction of a greenhouse with the best quality and the lowest prices, direct from the factory Governor

    Agricultural Services Tehran
  • Structures free style

    Structures free style

    Ferry the stall, etc. the place is solitary that cows freely to relax, have entered into it and easily use it out on. also the convenience of sitting in it, and without any mediating, etc. within it are.\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the: tube 5 cm to the thickness of the 5/2 type( galvanized - black pipe, along with plated or color) generated by NC,CNC – استانداردترین structures free style has 7 bends, along with two insoles to 6 mm thickness\r\nتحت comments, Ph. D., veterinarian

    Livestock and poultry Esfahan
  • Sell all kinds of medicinal plants

    Sell all kinds of medicinal plants

    Of medicinal plants can be used in addition to medicinal purposes, to improve the flavor of various dishes also use. no, this is on calories, food could be added. Simultaneously, the ... herbs health benefits many also provide. In fact, herbal remedies for thousands of years, is that for the treatment of various diseases are used. The ability of recovery and reconstructive surgery, different types of medicinal plants are very impressive and are well-known.\r\nما medicinal plants with the best quality and the highest property prepared and ready for sale, we have \r\nto prepare, and the information of the properties and health benefits of medicinal plants and the direction of the bulk purchase contact us

    Agricultural products and Crops Gilan
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