Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

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Tiller | lawn mower | sprayer | agricultural machinery | hedge trimmers | chainsaw | gardening tools | شمشادزن | grass, Electric | grass, motor | pits | fodder crushing | seed cucumber, greenhouse | wood Chipper | تیلرهای شخمزن | water pump | sprayer motor | seed spraying | tractor | fertilizer | grass seed | Clipper | motor power | sludge cache

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  • بمبو-sampler -بمبوگندم

    بمبو-sampler -بمبوگندم

    One of the most important cases in the field of buying wheat and seed samples from them. Samples of the wheat seed and corn or Navan operation of the granular materials needed to a means that there is a very detailed and used very easily. hence, engineers, experienced and expert company, adak wairoa scholar proceeding to the design and construction of the sample vector, wheat, or بمبو wheat of different genders and in ابعادهای different have بمبو or sampler of wheat in the size of 1/5 meters and بمبو 2متری (sampler, wheat 2متری)-بمبو 1/85 cm(sampler 1/85 cm) All بمبو possible, made of brass ...

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  • Sale hazelnut

    Sale hazelnut

    Sale hazelnut quality with the lowest price as a minor, and the overall Send to all parts of Iran Due to the direct supply, sale, hazel nutty, and remove the middlemen the price is very decent to supply you. the lowest price hazel to ask us. Sale hazelnut export Grade A Sell hazelnuts, raw Sell, hazelnut, nutty, classy, Sale the brain, hazelnut is a Sell wholesale hazelnut is a Sale the brain, hazelnut, raw, passion The lowest price of hazelnuts and the most quality hazelnut to ask us. Sale hazelnut " just bulk "!!!!! Prices are based on tonnage and type of hazelnut, etc. ...

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  • Sale Hazel sex

    Sale Hazel sex

    Sale hazelnuts with excellent quality and most reasonable price in bulk around the country supplied.\\r\\nفروش types of hazelnuts such as : hazelnuts (hazelnut perhaps, or Hazel Green) - Hazelnut raw with skin - hazel, smiling, nutty(hazelnut, salted) - Hazel, smiling, raw - brain hazelnut, Raw - the sale of brain hazelnut, roasted - hazelnut export - brain, Hazel White, - \\r\\nفروش skin hazel\\r\\nنکات significant and important:\\r\\nقیمت, hazelnuts, based on the order quantity and the quality of the hazelnut variable.\\r\\nقیمت, Hazel, bulk, and cash supply.( Those that welcome account and ...

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  • Plastic greenhouse

    Plastic greenhouse

    Sell plastic greenhouses with the best raw materials with the guarantee of Iran insurance, and poverty ومقادیر different uv and lowest price available in the market

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  • پودرگوشت

    پودرگوشت It طیوری Lacks full وسیخ full High absorption Protein 50تا55% Moisture زیر6% خاکسترزیر10% Fat 14تا18% tvn زیر130 Contains antioxidants Lacks contamination microbial To bet Contact 09132610885 arafati

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  • Chicken, Turkey, sales Turkey poults, etc., education, Turkey

    Chicken, Turkey, sales Turkey poults, etc., education, Turkey

    Chickens, turkeys, etc., education, Turkey, sales Turkey poults *Provide all the services, education, Turkey *Sell chickens one-day Turkey *The sale of chickens, a quarter Turkey(the vaccine and the tip of China) *Turkey race, Yu T *Turkey race Nicholas *Turkey breed hybrid *Turkey, broiler *Turkey industrial *Concentrates and rations, Turkey *Co-engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar West Number engineering کشاورزی020860195 registration number 9253 _ارومیه _خیابان keeper 2_نرسیده to martyrs ' square _پلاک180/2_کدپستی96436_57138 _تلفکس:32253347_044(4خط) Management:0914938 ...

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