Fabric Spain bond.Fabric disposable

Fabric Spain bond.Fabric disposable

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Fabric, weave, PP (Spain): Fabric, texture Spain bond within 30 up to 2500 mm, in various colors and subs (G M) 10 to 200 can be manufactured. The nation belawan: The first producer of the nation belawan country in different widths

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  • Fabric supply no

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    Fabric supply no\r\NICON different widths (each width of fabric that fashion, you want to be within 1 to 3 km) with subs and various different textures.\r\nمتقال Cotton, Cotton\r\nمتقال polyester cotton\r\nمتقال multifilament multifilament\r\nمتقال multifilament, Cotton,\r\nمتقال needed for any consumer, including:\r\nساک manual\r\nکفن\r\nمتقال waxing\r\nپنبه estuary,\r\NAND .....\r\nبا different quality sex : no is 1, the 1/30 applies to and is 2\r\nبه for طاقه. rolls and pieces, and waste no\r\n\r\n03132120165\r\n09136092155\r\nesfahanmetghal@

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    Fabric تترون, designs, happy, and attractive, for sewing bedding and Takhti varied in quality and prices of different production and supply. in essence, the fabric that Sewing pillow and the lads are used have sex very good quality ingredients.\r\n\r\NICON, a lot of representation, distribution, fabric, brand, and, external, sample, fabric, bedding, with various designs and stable the top of the paint at the rate approved by the factory will be offered.\r\n\r\nبسیاری from wholesalers and manufacturers service..., refer to the distribution centers, textiles, or for internet from The کالیته, designs and colors, types of fabric, bedding, classy to order.\r\n\r\nانواع fabric, bedding, manufacturing, factory, spices, authentic, Isfahan, brands, fragrances, etc. Taha, etc., praise the. dawn. history, sea and ...\r\n\r\nهمچنین fabric, bedding, hospital in colors, different woven and are produced and usually, the color white, this type of bedding, in shopping centers, and broadcast legal, many applicants in all over the years.\r\nبه general, all fabrics, bedding, for plain and patterned woven and are nowadays even medical centers and a hospital as well, from fabric, vinyl they use.\r\n\r\nto more information and tips necessary to buy good and affordable with us in the call too..\r\nتمامی کالیته, channel is available @espadantex\r\n\r\n03132120165\r\n09136092104

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    No آهاردار for waxing

    Waxing, including the cleaning, is that in addition to the ladies, many gentlemen, too, to have taken and salon, cosmetics, and men's large are that the activity of waxing to do.\r\n.\r\NICON high quality and speed اپیلاسون type of fabric consumption is very impressive and is buying fabric, no special for اپیلاسون to all managers, Salon, Makeup توصبه.\r\n.\r\nThis unit Guild offer a variety of fabrics no suitable for waxing has managed customers ' satisfaction, and salon دارهای cherished in it would attract and continue in the direction of supply the better quality and the type of fabric to walk.\r\n.\r\nانواع no waxing طاقه and pieces,\r\n\r\nطاقه, 40 yards and 50 yards, with a width of 90\r\n\r\nبدون create sensitivity and complication of skin with a Quality Guarantee\r\n\r\nمتقال waxing two آهاره and four آهاره \r\n\r\nجهت preparation no waxing, fit, and quality within and subs different in contact with us.\r\n\r\nبازار fabric of Isfahan : @bazar_parche\r\n\r\n09133687532\r\n03132120165

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    Fabric, lace

    Printed lace and lace with کیفت high and projects varied, the direction of the Chamber coat and skirt, coat and a piece of embroidery, etc Sampling and send free Construction's image

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  • Production and supply of major pants

    Selling wholesale pants and girly with the most up to date models \r\nبهترین quality\r\nدوخت clean\r\nبدون broker you purchase.\r\nجهت see more models with the numbers \r\n03132120165\r\n09136092104

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  • Rug quality promotional

    Rug quality promotional

    Sale rug quality travel waterproof\r\nتولید rug phonee rug quality\r\nمناسب for gift and advertising, cultural,\r\nاز production to consumption\r\nکاری of cultural products Al-Yasin\r\nتلفن order:09307788027

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