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  • Center watch parts, elevator داوین

    Center watch parts, elevator داوین

    The name of the Almighty God\r\n\r\nصفر up to a hundred pieces of your lifts with the most appropriate price ask us.\r\nفروش a variety of parts, accessories, elevator\r\n\r\nانواع engine lift\r\nانواع rails\r\nانواع cabin\r\nانواع hinged door \r\nانواع door all the automatic and semi-automatic \r\nانواع panel Command\r\nانواع knob \r\nپاراشوت\r\nگاورنر\r\nوزنه\r\nلیمیت switch\r\nسیم towing\r\nتراول cable and ... \r\nاوج bliss, we create the highest sense of security in you.\r\nتماس with us: 09133156434-45837162(031)\r\nآدرس: Isfahan - area-industrial state آباد\r\\r\

    Elevator Esfahan
  • Epoxy flooring, industrial, anti-static, anti-acid and stock many polymer

    Epoxy flooring, industrial, anti-static, anti-acid and stock many polymer

    Industrial flooring in various locations, because the production halls, rooms, clean, warehouses, chemical and pharmaceutical, hospitals, etc. parking, and ... are used.\r\nانتخاب the right type of flooring, industrial resin to the Industrial where the flooring is about using placed, the work, traffic travelling on the level, range, average user and the type of زیرآیند, depends. In conclusion, the choice of flooring suitable for industrial to understand right from the user interface and conditions for the use of those in need.\r\nزمینه user flooring, industrial flooring, resin) :\r\nبا attention to the features of the flooring, industrial resin, the use of it in various sectors, industrial, very trendy. Including industries that flooring Industrial is usually in the application are:\r\n• food and drinks\r\n• pharmaceutical and healthcare\r\n• Manufacturing Industries\r\n• caches\r\n• places of administrative and commercial\r\n• parking, class, and residential\r\nانواع industrial epoxy flooring will generally be for the following categories): \r\n• industrial flooring, anti-static,\r\n• industrial flooring, anti-acid,\r\n• flooring production halls \r\n• industrial flooring with user heavy\r\nمزایای overall, industrial flooring, resin includes:\r\n - adhesion, very high industrial flooring to زیرآیند\r\n - chemical resistance the top of the flooring, industrial against a wide range of corrosive chemicals,\r\n - lack of permeability industrial flooring against liquids\r\n - increase toughness and ... durability, etc. of reaction and resistance to abrasion and impact, industrial flooring,\r\n - failure to create dust in the environment, industrial flooring, implemented\r\n - the levels of clean and simple cleaning, lubricating, industrial flooring,\r\n- Higher resistance industrial flooring against cracking\r\n - thickness, the executive, the lower etc. the style of structures\r\n - install and quick-cooking, industrial flooring, and minimal interference with daily operations at the place of installation\r\n - more beautiful appearance, and the possibility of creating payments, the final تزئیناتی, industrial flooring,\r\n - integrated and the lack of seams in the level of industrial flooring

    Decoration and facade Tehran
  • The production and sale of tools, dismantle, install block هبلکس NAAC and CLC

    The production and sale of tools, dismantle, install block هبلکس NAAC and CLC

    The production and sale of tools, dismantle, install block هبلکس NAAC and CLC (Production and specials ) Tool alot the mounting blocks هبلکس Install the blocks NAAC and blocks, CLC With the best quality and the best قیمیت . Phone call for advice and purchase : 09127910460 09106948520 Tool block هبلکس , tools, blocks, CLC tool mounting blocks NAAC , tools, block style, gas equipment ,install block هبلکس equipment , mounting blocks, gas Otto کلاوی equipment , mounting blocks NAAC

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Contracting construction projects

    Contracting construction projects

    Contracting construction Making of the wake up key ,electrical work and installations(plumbing, water, cold and warm, and wastewater) , دیوارچینی وتیغه Chinese Blade Chinese block هبلکس –pottery,-bricks,-Lika Contact number for cooperation :09106948520 Company industry questions Keywords :installations,plumbing, suitable ,warm, plumbing, sewage, Contracting, building, electrical work Contracting ,blade, Chinese ,building, chopping, working ,building, expert هبلکس vintage quorum, pottery ,farmed هبلکس big curriculum block هبلکس big curriculum block Lika,quorum, pottery,farmed,brick, stone, tile,

    Contracting Tehran
  • Rails elevator

    Rails elevator

    The sale rails, elevator items, elevator\r\nفروش Jack and power unit with a warranty, two-year\r\nاجرای lift, hydraulic, with excellent quality\r\nاجرای home lift

    Elevator Alborz
  • Design and implementation of the decoration, the commercial

    Design and implementation of the decoration, the commercial

    Department of Architecture, Building, Baroque, following services in the field of design and implementation of the decoration provide :\r\n\r\n - design, three-dimensional facades of buildings, interior design, interior decoration,\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of the project, remodeling, renovation, and change the username, All Spaces-residential, administrative, commercial, gates\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of decoration of residential (apartment, etc. for villa complex, residential, etc. residential tower and ... Tower gardens, the garden Villa)\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of decoration of administrative offices, banks, schools, hotel, cinema, etc. Auditorium., the Amphitheater, and ...)\r\n\r\n - design and consultation, special places, cultural and artistic, ranging from the cultural center, etc. religious places, places of traditional and ...\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of decoration, retail and commercial (restaurants, fast food, Coffee Shop. Barber Shop for men and women, etc. boutique, etc. shaping center, stores, chains, complexes, commercial, shopping centers, etc.)\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of all office systems, etc. partitions, conference tables, management, and رسپشن., the accounting and کانترهای administrative and laboratory and the counter\r\n\r\n - interior design and decoration of interior spaces for sports, fitness clubs, etc. salon, Billiards, salon, tennis, swimming pool, playground and ...\r\n\r\n - the interior design and the design of spaces and landscaping, etc. (Land scape), villas, etc. garden and terrace .....\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of specialized office furniture and interior decoration of office spaces\r\n\r\n - the interior design and lighting all interior spaces and exterior of the building\r\n\r\n - Use the services of CNC in interior design and exterior design (interior design)

    Decoration and facade Khuzestan
  • Double وعایق sealing, window Iron without switching to approach Vienna tuning

    Double وعایق sealing, window Iron without switching to approach Vienna tuning

    Company padra, devised a method of completely new engineering regarding fixing the flaws door وپنجره metal, without the need to demolish or change the exterior building in the least possible time, Vienna tuning is to introduce.

    Building Materials Tehran
  • The construction of the fence stag horn

    The construction of the fence stag horn

    Build and install the fence stag horn in various designs(Liliom. Plant, Everglade . Stag horn)\r\nساخت fence cascade,\r\n(welding and Smithy, mobile in all parts of Tehran)\r\NICON as soon as possible

    Decoration and facade Tehran
  • Door accordion leather

    Door accordion leather

    ادرب accordion due to the performance of a simple mental واستهلاک down has a high demand in the market. This system at the entrance, many places, including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, residential complexes, stores, and ... used

    Decoration and facade Tehran
  • Brick لفتون the form of small

    Brick لفتون the form of small

    Brick لفتون the form of small\r\nآجر لفتون in dimensions 5*10*19 high quality production for use in construction with the lowest price in the market can supply the SHO. \r\nتخفیف special of 10% to 50%\r\nدیجی آجر most quality types of bricks with your precious cheap by تخفیات special in the disposal, you can affect.\r\nدیجی brick, the first and most popular bed offering a direct discount, buy, Group, and offer a variety of services and products the brick in the brick industry in Iran. \r\nThis set in the context of a variety of bricks, such as bricks, mud, brick لفتون ten. brick لفتون eight. brick لفتون excluded. brick facade, yellow brick facade گلبهی, etc. refractory bricks chamotte refractory bricks. refractory bricks etc., black, etc. refractory brick. اجرنسوز Adobe, etc., brick, Kazakh, etc., brick, image, etc. brick, special brick, traditional brick, a mosque, etc. brick لفتون, etc., brick, clay, etc., blocks, clay, etc. brick, hardboard, etc. brick machine in. brick excluded. brick manual. آجرلعابی and.. In the field of production and direct supply activities.\r\nجهت more information, visit the following web site says.\r\nوب website: \r\nجیمیل:

    Building Materials Esfahan
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