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  • Design and implementation of the decoration, the commercial

    Design and implementation of the decoration, the commercial

    Department of Architecture, Building, Baroque, following services in the field of design and implementation of the decoration provide :\r\n\r\n - design, three-dimensional facades of buildings, interior design, interior decoration,\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of the project, remodeling, renovation, and change the username, All Spaces-residential, administrative, commercial, gates\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of decoration of residential (apartment, etc. for villa complex, residential, etc. residential tower and ... Tower gardens, the garden Villa)\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of decoration of administrative offices, banks, schools, hotel, cinema, etc. Auditorium., the Amphitheater, and ...)\r\n\r\n - design and consultation, special places, cultural and artistic, ranging from the cultural center, etc. religious places, places of traditional and ...\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of decoration, retail and commercial (restaurants, fast food, Coffee Shop. Barber Shop for men and women, etc. boutique, etc. shaping center, stores, chains, complexes, commercial, shopping centers, etc.)\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of all office systems, etc. partitions, conference tables, management, and رسپشن., the accounting and کانترهای administrative and laboratory and the counter\r\n\r\n - interior design and decoration of interior spaces for sports, fitness clubs, etc. salon, Billiards, salon, tennis, swimming pool, playground and ...\r\n\r\n - the interior design and the design of spaces and landscaping, etc. (Land scape), villas, etc. garden and terrace .....\r\n\r\n - design and implementation of specialized office furniture and interior decoration of office spaces\r\n\r\n - the interior design and lighting all interior spaces and exterior of the building\r\n\r\n - Use the services of CNC in interior design and exterior design (interior design)

    Decoration and facade Khuzestan
  • Steel wire rope elevator in Isfahan

    Steel wire rope elevator in Isfahan

    Center watch parts, elevator داوین\r\nصفر up to a hundred pieces of your lifts with the most appropriate price ask us.\r\n all kinds of steel wire rope, elevator in Isfahan, Iran\r\nسیم towing 10گوستاولف\r\nسیم towing 10\r\nسیم towing 6\r\nسیم towing 6 galvanized\r\n\r\n\r\nاوج bliss, we create the highest sense of security in you.\r\n\r\nآدرس: Isfahan - area-industrial state آباد\r\\r\

    Elevator Esfahan
  • Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    All kinds of sandwich panels roof and wall and refrigeration and clean room (CLEAN ROOM) with polyurethane foam.\\\\r\\\\nانواع container structures, heavy metal and sandwich panels.\\\\r\\\\nساخت clean rooms, laboratory,\\\\r\\\\n manufacture of metal structures ranging from silos, and a truss.\\\\r\\\\nپوشش the ceiling and wall niches, industrial, and food and manufacturing.\\\\r\\\\nحداقل area, to register the order panel, 300 meters.\\\\r\\\\n ****** immediate delivery ******

    Building Materials Khorasan Razavi
  • White marble is 1

    White marble is 1

    Industries stone کاراندیش manufacturer of marble, green, white and orange the direction of the mosque, the mosque and the holy places

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Block هبلکس /concrete style هبلکس/.AAC block

    Block هبلکس /concrete style هبلکس/.AAC block

    Block هبلکس /concrete style هبلکس/.AAC block Concrete هبلکس /سیپورکس/block style هبلکس Factory production blocks هبلکس/block اتوکلاوه the AAC/concrete style هبلکس Block style concrete هبلکس سیپورکس [(فرمستون)high quality and reasonable price[ Of the issues and concerns important to civil engineers in the design, calculation and construction of civil projects and structural weight in order to sustainability, better in against the force of the earthquake. ازآنجائیکه nowadays all the buildings for steel structure or concrete run. Partitions and interior walls, just the role of the separator, the space for that, and the materials used made in cutaway style to be more direct impact in reducing the weight of the structure. Hence, the replacement of bricks هبلکس instead of bricks and typical pottery is very impressive. It should be noted in the case of the bricks, the weight for the bottom of them. As if the bricks on the surface of the water قراردهیم to the depth of the water was gone, and on the surface of the water academic resource teacher. Run and install Working with block-style هبلکس very easy. it can be based on the need in the location used by the saw cut. simply nailed it thrashed and or track installations, electrical and mechanical facilities to easily create it. Thermal Resistance Resistance very high هبلکس of the most visible benefits of it. in other words, هبلکس in front of the fire and the flame, the direct coefficient of thermal برابر17/0 Have is.w.m2k Dimensions Blocks lightweight concrete هبلکس in dimensions 60*20*10، 60*20*15، 60*20*20، 60*20*25 60*20*5 cm, provided that these dimensions depending on the need and the order can be changed also. Mobile : 09016913189 09128921184 Keywords: Block هبلکس concrete اتوکلاوی, concrete,gas هبلکس big سیپورکس panel,wall هبلکس big فرمستون big ثرمستون,building materials, cheap building materials,excellent block,is a هبلکس Grade 1,هبلکس درجه2 concrete هبلکس block autoclave,the هیبلکس big هابلکس materials,anti-earthquake and ضداب,materials, and blocks, fireproofing,block-style هبلکس big monument style هبلکس block export هبلکس big فرمستون export panel,gypsum board هبلکس company,block هبلکس plant,concrete هبلکس factory block هبلکس

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Epoxy flooring تزئیناتی, etc. parking lift, commercial and residential(metallic-three the next, and...)

    Epoxy flooring تزئیناتی, etc. parking lift, commercial and residential(metallic-three the next, and...)

    In office spaces and commercial flooring design, and interior decoration, the importance of certain finds. Flooring تزئیناتی many polymer special places administrative and commercial systems quality and high strength, along with the ability to design, provide, not only as a flooring with high performance acts, but can have a profound impact on the overall design of the office building, or commercial. Flooring تزئیناتی many polymer special places administrative and commercial can with particles and minerals colored and also sequin colored combined and the flooring are hard, durable and of the highest quality, intuitive to create.\r\n\r\nویژگی,\r\n• variety, layout and design\r\n• the integrity of the surface and absence of seams\r\n• ease of access and traffic easy fixtures, wheelchair\r\n• lack of adsorption, etc. sealing the floor and the style of structures\r\n• resistance to slip\r\n• resistance to physical, abrasion and high durability\r\n• Easy Maintenance

    Decoration and facade Tehran
  • Grout


    The grout on the base material expander made and just add water to it, to the peculiarities of the desired find. \r\n• This product ready for consumption has been the need for any additives other than water.\r\n• any contamination, grease, paint, bitumen, etc., surplus mortar, cement and dust from the surface of the wine. \r\n• place implemented 24 hours before the run washed.

    Building Materials Esfahan
  • Valves راسان

    Valves راسان

    The sale of products راسان and send to all parts of the country,\r\nشیرآلات hero\r\nفلاش tank, Iran\r\nگاز and Hood in kitchen\r\nتوالت strawberries\r\nتولید and play clamps washbasin\r\NAND set, various accessories, sanitary construction with تخقیف and the prices are excellent\r\nآدرس our internet: \r\nwww. kalasazeh. ir\r\n02166631751\r\n02191303661

    Facilities Tehran
  • The base iPhone

    The base iPhone

    Molded stone - Our workshop with a history of 20 years in the field of molded stone in the busy market to the activity. - Journal snapped from the sample base of iPhone manufacturing is available, feel free to keep in touch. - Possibility to produce any designs or pictures provided by the client with stones possible. - Send to all parts of the country possible. - The cost of shipping with the customer. Workshop : the road varamin Office : فلکه اول صادقیه Contact numbers : 09365681550 09369762012 Site address :

    Decoration and facade Tehran
  • A solution of water بندفوری the attacker

    A solution of water بندفوری the attacker's and powder sealing alternative does

    A solution of water بندفوری the attacker's a liquid solution is water strap, all levels goes to work. Suitable for restroom, bathroom, roof balcony pool A solution of water بندفوری only by creating an invisible layer on the floor without demolition Penetrate up to three inches Right direction and weightless hydrating leave-in, stone and brick facade High durability and cost-effective Powder silicate crystal Nano the direction of the water, strap down the levels of cement and concrete With layers of very sturdy and flexible, the direction of the pool and the wall, negative Cheaper than tar-paper As the mortar on the surface apply and باید3 the day, the level of the Nam, stay the direction of sustainability Has the Executive teams for all levels For more information, contact 09365524001

    Building Materials Tehran
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