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Fax+98 021-88808505
AddressIsfahan,taleghani street - intersection of general gharani - building, 96 - floor, 4 - Unit, 7 ,
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  • Sales Controller, dsp, axis and four-axis

    Sales Controller, dsp, axis and four-axis

    Import and sale of Controller DSP Sales Controller, DSP, axis. 3.5 axis. 4 axis Controllers DSP controllers powerful the direction of launch a variety of CNN news, 3 axles, 3.5 axis and 4 axis. Comfort, high processing power, the lack of need for computers, long life and very reasonable prices, characteristic, distinguishing this controller. Has axis gantry model 3.5 axis This controller is suitable for a variety of devices CNN news, etc. lasers, plasma and printers, three-dimensional. Company cnc24 CNN importer Controller, PSP, DSP in Iran Controller, a DSP, a controller, industrial has been that, unlike the controllers no longer need to setup the computer. Is enough your information in a flash, pour, then flash it to your controller and attach the file you want to run. This controller is able to launch a variety of devices CNN news machines. Laser, Printer, the next, the air cutting and CNN si router wood, MDF, CNN rock. Install, comfortable, easy setup., the life and durability high power, high processing etc. at very reasonable prices and comfort, a characteristic distinguishing this controller. Specifications : Those connect to the robots and cnc machines ( ) For, without the need for a computer Reading data through the port the USP ( install the flash ) Setup, servo motor, step motor Suitable for devices for cutting and engraving ( CNN, routers and lasers, air cutter ) Output relay ( 24/DC ) to منطور cut and attach to a elements, such as relays, etc. فزر, etc. .. Output آنولوگ for Controller the speed of aspendale and milling ( optional ) User in the industrial environment The company's ability to supply all kinds of Controller, CNN, compared to the customer's requirements. ( CNN, etc. CNN فزر., the CNN plasma. CNN waterjets., the CNN punch, CNN si lasers, si, CNN, routers, and ..... ) Keywords : Controller, DSP, etc. کنترلرMach3, sales Controller, etc. کنترلرcnc time. DSP Controller, etc. Controller, CD single, selling a variety of Controller CNN., the CNN router, CNN si lasers, si, CNN, sticks, CNN Ho abrash, sales remote وایلس, etc. Controller remote wrist Terry, sales machines CNN., the CNN سی24., the wrist, more original, etc. dsp, original Mach 3, the dsp, three axis, four مچوره , 5.6 axis, etc. Controller, DSP, etc. Controller رادونیکس, etc. Controller, CD single, etc. Controller powerroutomation, etc. Controller, Higer, man, etc. Controller, micro step, selling parts, servo motor, step motor, ball screw, etc. لاینیر, etc.

    Electronic equipment Tehran
  • Winding GOLDSTAR, shemales screw گلداستار., the assembly of the coil گلدستار in. reel, screw, LG, LG, row, screws, GOLD STAR, etc., thick screws, Gold Star

    Winding GOLDSTAR, shemales screw گلداستار., the assembly of the coil گلدستار in. reel, screw, LG, LG, row, screws, GOLD STAR, etc., thick screws, Gold Star

    Engineering company Rad Electric, the exclusive representative of the products, brand, GOLDSTAR, Korea and ISOLEX, Germany, Iran, its readiness to offer a variety of equipment, winding, Assembly and testing in the areas stated below:\\r\\n1. Reel screw clockwise, 2 Counter, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n2. Reel screw 2 counterclockwise, with the possibility of installing engine brand گلداستار butter .\\r\\n3. Reel screw نمراتوردار brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA.\\r\\n4. Reel screw نمراتوردار with the possibility of installing engine brand گلدستار butter .\\r\\n5. Reel screw نمراتوردار with three system and four types of brand series GOLDSTAR KOREA .\\r\\n6. Reel winding digital motor brand گلداستار butter.\\r\\n7. Reel winding digital motor with three system and four types of series برندGOLDSTAR KOREA .\\r\\n8. Machine, bobbin winding, digital, memory, motor, brand, گلدستار butter .\\r\\n9. Rows of machine screws counterclockwise, بلبرینگی with the possibility to install the engine brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n10. Rows of machine screws digital بلبرینگی with the possibility of installing engine brand گلداستار butter.\\r\\n11. Rows of machine screws, digital memory, with the engine ( بلبرینگی ) brand GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n12. Machine row Bolt semi-automatic 2 axis brand گلدستار butter .\\r\\n13. Rows of machine screws, semi-automatic, 5 axis brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n14. Rows of machine screws full automatic 5 axis brand گلداستار butter.\\r\\n15. Device, thick screws, Digital, three-speed with 2 types of series and the possibility of installing the engine brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n16. Device thick Bolt, semi-automatic, memory, motor, brand, گلدستار butter .\\r\\n17. Device thick Bolt, full-automatic with rows, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n18. Device, thick, screw full-automatic 2 axis with rows, brand گلداستار butter .\\r\\n19. Rewinding machine screws counterclockwise with five pairs of templates, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n20. Rewinding machine screws, digital, 3-speed, with the possibility of installing engine brand گلدستار butter .\\r\\n21. Rewinding machine Bolt, semi-automatic, memory, motor, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA.\\r\\n22. Machine, Armature Winding brand گلداستار butter .\\r\n23. Machine, coil, Motor, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\n24. The machine stator winding, brand گلدستار butter .\\r\n25. Device padding, Bolt, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n26. Device تروئید screw ( coil, loop ) brand گلداستار butter .\\r\n27. Device, shemales screw, annular, brand, GOLDSTAR, KOREA .\\r\\n\\r\n28. Tester armature ( گرولر ) simple brand گلدایران . \r\N29 we. Tester armature ( گرولر ) multimeter, brand, GOLD, IRAN .\\r\n30. Tester armature ( گرولر ) digital brand گلدایران.\\r\n31. Tester ( electrical motors, big stator , cushions ) پروفرکس brand GOLD IRAN .\\r\n32. Machine, digital balancer, armature brand گلدایران.\\r\n33. Device digital balance rotor, brand, GOLD, IRAN.\\r\\n\\r\n34. Grill machine, dryer, شالاک ( شارلاک ) برندGOLD IRAN .\\r\n35. Teenage Mutant, automatic wire Lucky Brand ایزولکس Germany.\\r\n36. Turtle, Blade, wire, lacquered brand ISOLEX Germany.\\r\n37. Teenage Mutant, fer, wire, lacquer, brand ایزولکس Germany.\\r\\n\\r\\nکارشناس Technical Sales ( Domestic 207 ) \\r\\nتلفن : 99~36614690 \\r\\nهمراه: 09393118834\\r\\nRE207@RADELECT.COM\\r\\n\\r\\nآدرس: Tehran, Iran field, Iran, Ferdowsi Street, etc., No. 29, etc. رادالکتریک\\r\\n\\r\\n please, in case you need more information, refer to the following website.\\r\\ nWWW.RADELECT.COM WWW.RADELECT.IR\\r\\n\\r\\nبا subscribe official channel rad electric from new products, news and scientific news.\\r\\nلینک channel :\\r\\nشماره Telegram: 09033910071 \\r\\n\\r\\nسیم screw GOLDSTAR, shemales screw گلداستار., the assembly of the coil گلدستار in. reel, screw, LG, LG, row, screws, GOLD STAR, etc., thick ...

    Industrial electricity Tehran
  • پکهای solar nomadic,mountaineering, وشارژرخورشیدی mobile

    پکهای solar nomadic,mountaineering, وشارژرخورشیدی mobile

    Sell solar panel - pack solar cell and manufacturing پکهای solar, according to demand .Order and application you.Along with the flashlight, the charger along . Wire and lamp\r\nپنل portable solar and small 1.5 watt 17.5 Volt comes with cables, interface.\r\n\r\nپنل portable solar and small 2.4 watts and 17.5 volts, along with the cables the interface.\r\n\r\nپنل solar folding 13 Watt voltages 17.5, 35, and 12 and 24 volts.\r\n\r\nپنل solar folding 35 watts at voltages 16.8 and 30 and 12 and 24 volts.\r\n\r\nپنل portable solar 20 watt comes with 10m cable and AC/DC آدیپتور , 2 PCs USB output and 4 pcs port output, bulb and battery, 7 amp hours and 3عدد bulb 12 volt DC with 3 m cable.\r\n\r\nپنل portable solar 50 watt cell with 10m cable, AC/DC آدیپتور , 2 PCs USB output and 4 pcs port output, bulb and battery, 7 amp hours and 3 pcs light bulbs 12 volt DC with 3 m cable.\r\n\r\nپنل portable solar 50 watt cell with 10m cable, AC/DC آدیپتور , 2 PCs USB output and 6 PCs output port, lamp and battery, 12 amp hours and 3عدد bulb 12 volt DC with 3 m cable.\r\n\r\n-Model:sw1012 :pack, solar mobile xHamster 28 hours lighting, charging mobile, charging with solar panel, system, broadcast, radio, etc. for the farmer. Bee,. rancher. آفرودر and places and picnics no electricity\r\n\r\n7704 Mode:pack solar:\r\nبرند:, IP:sparkle:\r\nباطری 7 amp 6ولت\r\n2عدد lamp \r\nشارژر mobile\r\nچراغ emergency and flashlight of your head\r\nنشان developer of battery percentage\r\n10ساعت lighting with two bulbs\r\n\r\nپکخورشیدی new:\r\nمدل: Jay, reflections, 8056 \r\nویژگی :\r\n\r\nچراغ flashlight with throw light 500 km \r\nنور side\r\n3 PCs Lamp With Cord length of 4 meters, the output charge mobile \r\nپخش USB, radio, \r\nمدت lighting 12 hours \r\nپنل solar 6 volt 7 watts \r\nباطری 4 volts 4 amps\r\nقابلیت charged with electricity of the city\r\nموارد used:camp, etc. travel, nomads, agriculture, mining, and emergency power\r\n===============================================\r\n\r\nگروه, commercial, artisans, Iran Power\r\nفکس : internal 6\r\nتلگرام: bargh_iran@\r\nادرس website :\r\n\r\n pack solar, mountaineering, price pack Solar Pack solar travel pack, solar portable generator, solar pavrbank, solar charger, solar mobile charger

    Electronic equipment Tehran
  • Repair drive el SS LS

    Repair drive el SS LS

    Repair drive el SS LS\r\nتعمیر drive el SS LS\r\nالکترو industry gamers provide services after sales, warranty and repair services drive-el (LS), installation and commissioning of drives, l s (LS) in Iran .\r\n• repair drive el SS ( LS )\r\n• repair, servo drive, el, SS (LS) \r\n• repair Soft Starter l s (LS)\r\n• installation of Soft Starter l s (LS) \r\n• installation drives brand LG (LS)\r\n• supply of Interior parts, el products, SS (LS)\r\n• supply and maintenance products, el (LS)\r\n• sell el products, SS (LS)\r\n• warranty and after-sales service products l s (LS)\r\n\r\nهمچنین electro industry gamers experienced personnel and trained after-sale service, brand LG (LS) high quality and excellent used parts, original to the fellow dear services.\r\nicon in the case of having any questions with expert repairs, call : 09129218680 heydari ( expert repairs )\r\nسایت : WWW.E-S-P.IR\r\nتلفن : 02166386445\r\nفکس : 02166386445\r\nهمراه : 09129218680\r\nاینستاگرام : heydari_esp\r\nآدرس : تهران – خیابان آذربایجان – between navab and eskandari – No. ۵۴۶ unit ۱۵\r\nمعرفی about electro industry gamers :\r\nتعمیرات specialized in industrial electronics ( repair inverter, drive, repair, Soft Starter, etc. car repair equipment, industrial automation, etc.)\r\nالکترو industry gamers with years of experience and with the ambition and intellectual a number of engineers and experts experienced and qualified in the fields of electronics and electrical industries enter the market, and the professional repair of electronic boards, including the repair, inverter drive, Soft Starter, and repairs automation equipment.\r\nهدف and the main motive in launching this series, continuous efforts in the way of building and the prosperity of our dear homeland, and no country in the field of repairs and services to the industry .\r\nicon in the same token, تکنسینهای active in the electro-industry gamers utilizes the forces of educated and prone in the realm of the repair, inverter Drive, AC – DC – SERVO-on. Soft Starter, equipment اتماسیون industrial PLC., the HMI, etc. aiseau and unit کنترولرها, equipment, modern, industrial, Bard medical supplies, appliances in the کشورعزیزمان).\r\nهمچنین electro industry, gamers in the field of counseling, testing and commissioning of industrial activity of the pensioner.\r\nسعی and the efforts of management, electro-industry, gamers increase productivity along with the development of امکــــــانات سخـــت hardware and software in the company and also perform the principles and master all projects with the use of the facilities and the knowledge of specialists .\r\nهمچنین set, we are ready to contract with the companies – organizations and factories in order for us to guarantee the supply and maintenance of manufactured products and imported.\r\nicon in the case of having any questions with expert repairs, call : 09129218680 heydari ( expert repairs )

    Industrial electricity Tehran
  • Timer, OMRON omron

    Timer, OMRON omron

    Timer, OMRON omron\r\nتایمر OMRON has dimension 48× 48 mm is \r\nتایمر OMRON models high voltage / low.\r\nتایمر OMRON feature function from 0.05 to 300 hours, has\r\nتایمر OMRON, transistor 100mA at 30VDC is\r\nتایمر H3CR-A8 OMRON \r\nشرکت sky representative of OMRON in Iran with over 30 years of experience in the supply of electrical products, industrial especially products, OMRON, Japan,\r\nto buy timer OMRON OMRON with the company sky represent OMRON in Iran call\r\nشرکت sky \r\nتلفن contact: 021-66342581و 66342583-021\r\nنشانی: تهران - لاله زار North - Building Reports - No. 14 website \r\nکانال telegram:\r\nنماینده yaskawa Yaskawa \r\nنماینده OMRON OMRON\r\nنماینده Phoenix Contact Phoenix contact\r\nواحد sale:\r\nلاله ZAR –South passage industry market-\r\n store civil industry trail\r\nتلفن:33106060\r\n33953299\r\n33915650\r\n33953222

    Instrumentation and Automation Tehran
  • دیود the تریستور مارک semikron

    SKKT20B08E - SKKT20B12E - SKKT20B14E - SKKT20B16E\r\n\r\nSKKT27/08E - SKKT27/12E - SKKT27/14E - SKKT27/16 E\r\n\r\nSKKT27B08E - SKKT27B12E - SKKT27B14E - SKKT27B16E\r\n\r\nSKKT42/08E - SKKT42/12E - SKKT42/14E - SKKT42/16 E - SKKT42/18E\r\n\r\nSKKT42B08E - SKKT42B12E - SKKT42B14E - SKKT42B16E - SKKT42B18E\r\n\r\nSKKT57/08E - SKKT57/12E - SKKT57/14E - SKKT57/16 E - SKKT57/18E\r\n\r\nSKKT57B08E - SKKT57B12E - SKKT57B14E - SKKT57B16E - SKKT57B18E\r\n\r\nSKKD15/06 – SKKD15/08 – SKKD15/12 – SKKD15/14 – SKKD15/16\r\n\r\nSKKD26/12 – SKKD26/14 – SKKD26/16\r\n\r\nSKKD46/04 – SKKD46/06 – SKKD46/08 – SKKD46/12 – SKKD46/14 – SKKD46/16 – SKKD46/18\r\n\r\nSKKD81/04 – SKKD81/06 – SKKD81/08 – SKKD81/12 – SKKD81/14 – SKKD81/16 – SKKD81/18\r\n\r\nSKKD81/20 H4 – SKKD81/22 H4\r\n\r\nSKKD100/04 – SKKD100/08 – SKKD100/12 – SKKD100/14 – SKKD100/16 – SKKD100/18\r\n\r\n\r\nSKM145GB066D – SKM195GB066D – SKM300GB066D – SKM400GB066D – SKM600GB066D\r\n\r\nSKM200GARL066T – SKM300GARL066T – SKM400GARL066T\r\n\r\nSKM150MLI066TAT – SKM200MLI066TAT – SKM300MLI066TAT\r\n\r\nSKM75GAL063D – SKM300GAL063D\r\nSKM75GAR063D – SKM300GAR063D\r\n\r\nSKM50GB063D – SKM75GB063D – SKM100GB063D – SKM200GB063D – SKM300GB063D\r\n\r\nSKM150GAL12V – SKM200GAL12VL2 – SKM400GAL12V – SKM400GAR12V

    Industrial electricity Tehran
  • Thanks to Toko TECO S310

    Thanks to Toko TECO S310

    Thanks to the series S310 2HP ~0.5 HP input voltage single phase 220V Has the warranty unconditionally – With a maximum torque of 150% at 6hz – Maximum output frequency 400HZ – Ability to connect to the network by Port RS485 – The possibility of detachment when the pad by a cable, a simple and inexpensive network interface standard RJ45 – Possibility to install the keypad on the panel, panels – The possibility of the individual being to control the speed by pulse instead of the input, the analog input function delay timer – Designed with top technology and control the use of IPM of the company Split – Lack of use of technology in power, 2HP Designed for car instruments : -Packaging industry -Food and cooking -Conveyors – Automatic doors – Sports equipment – Fan Very reasonable price and service characteristics of the high To get the CD and catalogue Persian, contact us. Phone: 88957781(021) Phone: 32226282(031)

    Instrumentation and Automation Esfahan
  • Group protective thanks

    Group protective thanks

    Group protective thanks ( موحدیان ) \\r\\n\\r\\nبیش of 36 years of successful presence in the field of Industry systems and automatic doors, in the province of Isfahan and chahar Mahal and bakhtiari\\r\\n\\r\\NAND serve responsibly and faithfully \\r\\n\\r\\NAND represent the top brands and prestigious World \\r\\n\\r\\nافتخار and credit yogurt

    Safety and security equipment Esfahan
  • Touch screen HMI Delta

    Touch screen HMI Delta

    Interface human machine (HMI) environment for the exchange of information and mutual communication between the systems الکترومکانیک and the user that allows the user the current conditions of the system view and control. For example, different values of temperature, pressure, time, report, function, anticipate, different time, status inputs or outputs, showing errors device and record them in the memory by the device can be done, and the view will be.This product of the pieces used in the industrial power. Port Type : USB/Ethernet/both The size of the Screen : , 4.3 to 15-inch Profile 7 اینچ800 x 480) pixels) TFT LCD 65536- ( color 3مجموعه of COM ports, supports RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 Download to transfer data through : RS-232/ USB / Ethernet Support from کارتSD Support the output materials صوتMP3 Support ازUSB host to connect directly to USBفلش the ... printer, and mouse In accordance with standard IP65 Support horizontal screen /vertical Compatible with the Windows XP operating system and ... Windows Vista and ... Windows 7:software ویرایشPC, etc. DOPSoft You can to provide point-of-views and Reviews update before your purchase to the store, Internet, automation, 24 refer, and in different parts of the site to the Powerball website. Address : قم - بلوار شهید بهشتی - خیابان 24 yards motahari - No. 19 - shop automation 24 Phone : 36612678 - 025

    Industrial electricity Qom
  • UPS سونر the proper types of protective systems and Security (CCTV and door, Electric)

    UPS سونر the proper types of protective systems and Security (CCTV and door, Electric)

    UPS appropriate security systems and protective\r\nسیستم protective security and performance necessary to who can participate, even in times of a power outage, the time will continue to lose and in time sensitive, your best way to do. \r\nیو Showtime means that can help the protective systems come and at the time of power failure from the off, and, falling this, the system is prevented.\r\nیو Showtime, produced in the company's engineering Golden electronics fit perfectly this system has, and without interrupting time of a power outage, this will ensure you that you can from your home security system best use in mind.\r\nچرا UPS سونر choose?\r\nیو Showtime سونر 100% and the production of Engineering Company Golden electronics .This company with over a decade of production in the field of manufacturing ups and electronic components had a share of the market, production and sales of UPS dedicated to. UPS سونر has 6 months warranty unconditional 2-year warranty repair parts. 10 years after-sales service, also guarantee is on the quality and service provided for this product.\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the UPS سونر\r\nورودی\r\nولتاژ 170 -240 volts\r\nفرکانس 47-57Hz\r\nفاز single phase\r\nقدرت 1-7KVA\r\nخروجی\r\nولتاژ 220V\r\nفرکانس 55Hz\r\nشکل sine wave full\r\nزمان transfer less than 7 milliseconds\r\nبار additional 120%\r\now 5-25 (in a variety of different.)\r\nفاز single phase\r\nبازدهی more than 96\r\nباتری\r\nولتاژ 12-24-36-48-72V\r\now charge default 4.5 amps (adjustable from 0 to 10 amps)\r\nقابلیت interior is\r\nقابلیت foreign is\r\nسایر profile\r\nقابلیت connection to the generator is\r\nمیکروپروسسور ARR\r\nصفحه LCD monitor\r\nتوپولوژی Line InterActive\r\nروشن with the battery is\r\nعیب auto issue is the\r\nنویز filter input and output\r\nحفاظت, avoid complete discharge of batteries - low battery capacity – high-temperature\r\nمشخصات physical\r\nابعاد package to be different\r\nوزن package to be different\r\nرنگ Red - Black\r\nاقلام mobile device connections, the battery – manuals – warranty card\r\n\r\nجهت advice and price information, can to the website and the company store, referred, or with the following number of contact here:\r\n09134224510/09134224512/03152272225

    Safety and security equipment Esfahan
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