Industrial automation companies, process industry

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 51-100 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: Esfahan
  • In the field of: Safety and security equipment
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company engineering, the process industry, a mainstay on many years of experience in the field of supply of equipment and services the following activities. Industrial automation – instrumentation – e-industrial – رباتیک – مکاترونیک – PLC, SIEMENS –PLC MOELLER – PLC FATEK – PLC DELTA – PLC OMRON – PLC, LG PLC, ALLEN

Company process engineering industry, with the aim of providing services in the field of industrial automation, electronics, industrial ومانیتورینگ start activity has وتاکنون steps effective in the field is removed.
Today, despite restrictions by advanced countries on industrial, industries, country create. there are companies who work in the field of installation, setup, configuration, repair, وارتقاع machine systems, industrial activity, they seems to be necessary.The company is also with this aim that can grow in واعتلای industries of the country partnership? with relying on the expert native وحمایتهای industrial units hope is with the proposed solutions fit with providing optimum quality in time fit an effective step in realizing the needs of the industries of the country.
The major activities of the company in the following fields.:

- Consulting, design and implementation processes, industrial automation
- Consulting, design and implementation process, monitoring, industrial
- Automation, production lines, factories, وبروز structure of the old
- Design & programming boards control PLC, and a variety of special machine
- Consulting, designing and implementing systems, electrical power distribution وبهینه storage taking it
- The design of the capacitor Bank to reduce power consumption reactive
- Reverse engineering, design وجایگزینی boards, electronic industrial equipment during the industrial
- Troubleshooting and ... repair وبهینه storage machine production line, carton وبهینه storage printing machines
- Troubleshooting and ... repair وبهینه storage machines, dairy ( UF., the pastor, etc....)
- Training courses, industrial automation include:
-Programming PLC-S7 series, 300 & 200
-Training industrial network (profibus, and ....)
-Training, monitoring, industrial-based software Wincc & series modules and panel صنعتیHMI
-Training instrumentation include sensors (including pressure, temperature, light, moisture, Dubai...), ترانسدیوسرها and converters of voltage and current
-Specialized training in industrial electronics وآشنایی with the structure of drives AC and DC

- Monitoring the process of corn flour ( flour, corn, karaj, Ilya ) ( by software Wincc )
- Monitoring the process of wheat flour ( flour, wheat, behnam torbat-e) ( by the WinCC software.)
- Design وساخت control system, production machine stud roll (factory مازند metal)
- Set up a complete process line production of chipboard.
- Design PLC., the HMI for the machine single nozzle, multiple nozzles, the production of chin dough (machine-building hope)
- Upgrade control system devices, hydraulic press
- The design of the sensing device resistance and the amount of لهیدگی carton
- Upgrade machine series, ( now modern technological companies)
- Reverse engineering وساخت system voltage Converter (INVERTER )
- Design وساخت power supplies SWITCHING
- Design وساخت UPS, industrial power down
- Design وساخت oil pump, digital to lubrication devices single Facebook ( Packaging Industry Company parand vanguard )
- Setting up the packaging machine for cereal ( enterprise of machine-building industry, makers name,)
- Launched cutting machine, printing and sewing
- Cooperation in setting up production line وبسته packaging Tetra Pak (Filling Machine وشرینک company, dairy industry, tulips, bonab)
- Cooperation in setting up the production line cheese, UF (now cheese, Amin, Isfahan)
- Collaboration on the way ...
Industrial automation – instrumentation – e-industrial – رباتیک – مکاترونیک – PLC, SIEMENS –PLC MOELLER – PLC FATEK – PLC DELTA – PLC OMRON – PLC, LG PLC, ALLEN
Industrial automation – instrumentation – e-industrial – رباتیک – مکاترونیک – PLC, SIEMENS –PLC MOELLER – PLC FATEK – PLC DELTA – PLC OMRON – PLC, LG PLC, ALLEN

Contact Information
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