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Company one beam, the exclusive agent of CCTV cameras, IP A-mtk utilizes knowledge of the trail and coordinated with the updated technology and relying on several years of experience in the field of Information Technology and Communications, the official representative of a number of valid foreign companies, including Kebotong – AMTK - Mikrotik ready result, all organs, organizations and. agencies, public and private .In today's World, your physical presence in your workplace and offices, you necessary not be and you can easily from anywhere in the world to control all the daily affairs in the collection of your pay .Cameras closed-circuit company, one beam brands AMTK features the following: Free software with special features for the camera such as ۱ - simultaneous recording of image and sound, camera ۲ - create a program, schedule to record images at the times desired. ۳ - record images based on motion, defined Motion Detection 4 - informing when the occurrence of رویدا in different ways ۵ - نظارات and security smart. ۶ - management systems, images , light, and set the lens to automatic. ۷ - a video see images from anywhere in the world ۸ - support جدیدیترین and most powerful software in the world ۹ - easy installation for cable and wireless ۱۰ - security and super quality For information on price list and models of cameras, and a free consultation, please contact the company contacted him and, if needed, can send an email to vintage the list of prices and models of cameras to have .Also to receive messages of a special sale, you can send an SMS without text to number (At the bottom of the ad)in the Bank, send SMS our record. Can now for any question with Unit Sales and technical contact the company here . +++Best prices +++ the most versatile products +++ the largest inventory+++

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