Do the research, industrial-like build, being a variety of pieces in Iran and economic solution, making it

Do the research, industrial-like build, being a variety of pieces in Iran and economic solution, making it

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Due to sanctions Iran's recent need to research in the field of manufacturing a variety of parts from each group, and each kind is economically effective. very determined and do a lot of this research that the number of effective scoring, they are also low not it turned out that the production of manufacturers and businessmen of Iran, it would have accepted that doing research for the construction of parts to economize on Iran, they are very effective than this is your hands to work the investigation . For this reason, it sides with respect to the possession of people with experience of 60 years in the making and production hands to the work, including the " center for counseling research I in the field, I can good service in exchange for sums defined, to individuals providing the tenth, according to that, up to now, 88% of individuals referred from the result of the research apart from the answer being positive or negative are Research satisfied and were 5% of people also due to being New, the service informed properly of how it was, and just 7% of the individuals of services We logically correct were not satisfied that in those cases, according to the contract, the sums received as they are given back. so, it must be said, We must need to research, take seriously, sex really independent .

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