The powerful Injection mortar FIS EM Plus for rebar connections and cracked concrete

The high adhesive strength and fast contraction of Fischer EM PLUS epoxy mortar has caused the adhesive material to be placed in the groove of concrete with the least force and can be used for threaded rods with diameters of 8 mm to 30 mm, as well as the ability to clamp reinforcements with diameters of 8 mm to 40 mm. has it.

The different depths of planting the rebar make it to be in the most ideal bearing state and save time and epoxy mortar consumption.


Detection of original Fisher EM PLUS epoxy mortar

Due to the fact that frauds and people’s profiteering have increased nowadays, fake goods have been launched on the market, and these fake samples are completely similar to the original ones, and only those who deal with them constantly and are specialized in that field, the difference between fake and They understand their essence. As you know, rebar planting adhesives are imported, and for this reason, there are many fake examples in the market; For this reason, companies that manufacture rebar planting epoxy mortar, including Fischer, were looking for a solution to make both ordinary people and sellers know the difference between the original FISCHER EM PLUS epoxy mortar and the fake FISCHER EM PLUS epoxy mortar.

The first thing you should know in this regard is that the Fisher brand has a sample of rebar planting epoxy mortar that is almost similar in name and therefore makes people suspicious, this epoxy mortar is called Fisher EB rebar planting epoxy mortar, which in terms of grade Chemically, it is much lower than Fischer EM PLUS epoxy mortar, and its price is about 3 euros cheaper than Fischer EM PLUS.

The second thing you should know in this regard is that the Fisher company has installed a label or warning sticker on the buckets along with a Fisher hologram to prevent fraudsters from profiteering.

The third point that you should pay attention to when buying Fisher EM PLUS epoxy mortar is that it is a high-quality color book that is on Fisher epoxy mortar, and this book is only on original Fisher epoxy mortar.

Dear buyers, you can purchase the original Fischer EM PLUS rebar planting epoxy mortar from Beton Azma Engineering Group with a guarantee of authenticity.

What is Fischer EM PLUS rebar implant epoxy mortar?

FISCHER EM PLUS rebar planting epoxy mortar is one of the types of rebar planting Adhesives and paste produced by Fischer brand and made in Germany. This two-part adhesive is considered one of the strong adhesives for planting rebars, which is very suitable for planting concrete with cracks, without cracks, stones, etc. Also, AM Plus Fischer rebar planting adhesive is used for compressing shear connections of concrete layers, racks, heavy steel structures, construction of silos, sound barriers and connections in water-saturated holes. FISCHER EM PLUS rebar planting adhesive is also used for use in holes with a small distance and edges with a small thickness, and makes the force applied to the surface uniform.

The maintenance of this Fischer rebar planting adhesive is very simple and it is enough to store it in a dry and cool place at a temperature of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius, away from sunlight.

European Fischer EM PLUS rebar implant epoxy mortar

It is interesting to know that European Fischer AM Plus adhesive is one of the fierce competitors of Hilti RE500 V4 rebar planting adhesive, which is of high quality, and this German adhesive can be used to increase the load capacity of cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete C20/25 and C50/60 and C12/15 concrete and used for dense natural stones, in addition, this adhesive can be used for seismic strengthening of structures in C1 and C2 performance categories.

European Fisher EM PLUS epoxy mortar is registered on Fisher’s main rebar planting epoxy mortar site, and even the part number registered on Fisher’s main site is the part number listed below:

Some of the cool features of this epoxy mortar are: Since these two epoxy mortars are similar in terms of quality and have no difference, but the European Fisher epoxy mortar is also registered on the Fisher main site, so the final choice of European and Asian Fisher is up to you, dear buyer. Some of the features of both Asian and European versions of this epoxy mortar are as follows:

  • High adhesive strength and minimal adhesive shrinkage as a result of applying high force to the structure
  • Using in holes drilled with a core drill or sampling drill and planting in holes filled with water.
  • The ability to plant at different depths as a result of the ideal load mode, save epoxy mortarconsumption and prevent wasting time.

The most important approvals obtained by European Fisher epoxy mortar are:

  • European ETA-Dibt approval for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • America’s ICC-ES approval for cracked and uncracked concrete of seismic category A-F
  • SEMISMIC approval with C1 and C2 indicators
  • Approval of the German Building and Environment Institute IBU
  • ETA-17/1056
  • ETA-170979
  • ESR-1990
  • DoP number 0135
  • DoP number 0137
  • DoP number 0157
  • DoP number 0173
  • DoP number 0190

Fisher EM PLUS Asian rebar implant adhesive

Fisher EM PLUS rebar implant adhesive is marketed in two European and Asian styles, and the price of the European Fisher is higher than the Asian model of this product because a lot of money is spent to obtain more approvals for the European Fisher epoxy mortar from the world’s most reliable laboratories, that’s why its price In terms of quality, the Asian Fischer rebar implant adhesive is no different from the European Fischer adhesive, and among the features that are common to both versions of the adhesives are:

  • With ETA approval and 100-year certification for greater reliability and durability
  • Even distribution of power and guarantee for execution with small distances from each other and execution at the edge of the work
  • Certified by the American ICC-ES for cracked, uncracked concrete and A-F category seismic concrete
  • Can be used to compress shear connections for concrete and anchor drilled holes for installing anchors, bolts, all-thread rods, rebars, etc.

Advantages of Fischer EM PLUS epoxy mortar

Due to the professional design of Fischer EM PLUS epoxy mortar, it can be said that it is a reliable choice for rebar planting in all environmental conditions. The advantages of FISCHER EM PLUS rebar implant adhesive include:

  1. High resistance
  2. Super adhesive strength
  3. Ability to plant rebar at different depths
  4. European ETA and American ICC approval
  5. Can be used for cracked and healthy concrete
  6. Great use underwater
  7. FISCHER EM PLUS rebar planting adhesive has excellent resistance at temperatures of 72 to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Application of Fischer EM PLUS epoxy mortar

German Fischer EM PLUS rebar planting epoxy mortarhas a high load capacity, and this has made it one of the most popular epoxy mortars in the market. The application of Fischer EM PLUS epoxy mortar are:

  1. Using AM plus Fischer epoxy mortar for C20/25, C50/60 and C12/15 concretes
  2. Suitable for dense natural stones
  3. Strengthening of very heavy structures
  4. Construction of silos
  5. Long shelves
  6. Drilling anchorage after coring
  7. Connections of underwater holes
  8. Use as a layer for concrete layers
  9. Fisher AM plus rebar planting glue can be used for transformer connections after installation

Competitor of Hilti RE 500 V3 rebar planting adhesiv

Fisher EM PLUS glue has a smaller volume than Hilti RE 500 V3 rebar planting glue, but it is more economical. There is no need for specialized and professional guns to inject Fischer AM Plus glue and it can be injected with 345 ml guns, but for Hilti glue, you should use a special Hilti gun with a special cartridge.

The expiration date of Hilti RE 500 V3 glue expires about 1 year after the production time, but Fisher EM PLUS glue expires about 3 years after the production time. Hilti RE500V3 glue is in a sausage package, but Fisher EM PLUS glue is inside a cartridge made of resistant plastic.

Hilti adhesives are in cartons, but Fisher adhesives are in resistant bins. Fischer rebar planting glue, similar to Hilti V3 glue, can be planted in humid and water-saturated environments.

Types of two-three-component rebar planting pastes based on epoxy are also serious competitors of these products due to their reasonable price and outstanding efficiency.

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