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Manufacturer of all kinds of اجرهای refractory-pieces, refractory-masses, refractory-design and construction of the furnace, refractories, industrial

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Tel+98 0335-5373469 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 0335-5373469
ProvinceEast Azarbaijan
AddressIndustrial three way breakaway,tenth Asian
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  • A variety of gases, mix gas, mix gas and a few minor and combination

    A variety of gases, mix gas, mix gas and a few minor and combination

    Technical gas center, specializing in the production of a variety of gases, mix Mix a variety of gases, a combination and a variety of gases, a few fixes according to the customer's request and in volume, and cylinder, desired, Dear customers. Produce and import a variety of gases, the combination for a variety of purposes, laboratory, medical industries, food, and various industries at the request of our esteemed customers Some of the sample gases, mixtures and calibration center gases, Technical Gas Center ) : P10 Gas Zero Air LEL CH4 in Air LEL C3H8 in Air LEL H2 in Air Other LEL (Calibration Gas (25 PPM H2S in N2 – 50 PPM H2S in Air (Calibration Gas (100 PPM CO in Air (Calibration Gas ( 100 PPM CO2 In CH4 (Calibration Gas ( 10 PPM O2 In N2 (Calibration Gas ( 100 PPM NO in N2 (Calibration Gas ( 20 PPM NO2 in N2 (Calibration Gas ( 25 PPM H2S , 100 PPM CO , 2.5% CH4 , 18% O2 in N2 (Calibration Gas ( 100 PPM O2 In AR (Calibration Gas ( 2% CO2 , 5% CO , 2.5% CH4, 1000 PPM NOx , 5% O2 in N2 And Other Calibration Gas Contact phone : 025-32508895 (special line ) Fax : domestic 6 Email : Website :

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Qom
  • The granulated rubber .

    The granulated rubber .

    The production and sale of granules ( all sizes ) and rubber powder Company azaran Robert(rubber), Asia The production and sale of granules, in all sizes, and rubber powder Size 0-1ml yards Size 1-3 mm Size 3 to 5 mm For use in artificial grass Flooring . Filler, industrial Without intermediaries And with the special conditions Exceptional price Along with a prize shipped free to the location of the factory customer and.... The quality is excellent and free from any waste material Price is quite competitive Produced by the best and most updated devices, Europe, under the supervision of the most experienced specialists in production and sales News, New & us To the group & join us Company azaran rubber Asia The production of granulated and powder rubber Website company azaran rubber Asia

    Rubber & Plastics East Azarbaijan
  • Glue specialty

    Glue specialty

    کالامهر importer of exclusive types of glue آکفیکس from Turkey . Provider of a variety of adhesive and sealant, construction, and industrial, including glue : Silicones, sealant, silicones, polyurethane, etc. acrylic sealant, etc. sealant, etc. joint sealant etc. adhesive آکفیکس., the adhesive 123, etc., glue, stones, glue, PVC, gasket maker, foam, thermal, etc., polyurethane foam etc. foam gun the estuary., the glue, 5 cm., the foam, refractory, etc., foam glue, foam cleaner, etc., glue, wall paper, etc., spray lubricants, petroleum based, adhesive paper, adhesive tape, glass, Mastic, silicone, etc. sealant, joint sealant, etc., silicon for the mirror, etc., silicone, aquarium, etc., glue, aquarium, etc., glue, polyurethane, etc. adhesive, packaging, etc.Gun, injection, foam, gun, injection, silicones, adhesive tape, paper, glue, polyurethane, etc. adhesive paper, adhesive tape, glass adhesive, SMS, etc., polyurethane for Glass, Car\r\nکلینیک glue sweetheart :\r\\r\\r\nشماره contact :09193366123-55435576

    Glue Tehran
  • The sale of chemicals imported and domestic products, petrochemical

    The sale of chemicals imported and domestic products, petrochemical

    Commercial chemical الساپا( ELSAPA) to be able to provide chemical products, imported and domestic, with the lowest price as a transfer ready time petrochemistry, bulk, barrels, and the barrels sealed, petrochemical, from the door پترشیمی and barns, Tehran, Iran., Shiraz, and Isfahan. Also, the company is able to provide advice and guidance in the field application conditions, maintenance, transport, etc. how to buy money orders from the petrochemical and .... Ohm chemical products ELSAPA include: Baking soda, petrochemical, Shiraz, Iran Baking soda, Chinese Methanol, petrochemical, Shiraz, Iran Methanol, petrochemical, Zagros Methanol, petrochemical fanavaran Phenol( phenol) کمهو Korea Styrene monomer( monomer styrene), petrochemical, Pars asalouyeh Sodium carbonate light and heavy, petrochemical, Shiraz, Iran Sodium carbonate maragheh Soluble SAL, ( liquid ammonia), petrochemical, Shiraz, Iran Profits flakes or sodium hydroxide, or کاستیک soda or profit کاستیک Toluene is a petrochemical Isfahan, Iran مونواتیلن glycol( مونواتیلن glycol and. meg., the antifreeze), petrochemical shazand arak and maroon Diethylene glycol( diethylene glycol, etc. deg), petrochemical shazand arak and maroon Tri ethylene glycol( Tri ethylene glycol, etc. teg) petrochemical shazand arak and maroon Mono ethanol amine( mea), petrochemical shazand arak Di ethanol amine( dea), petrochemical shazand arak Triethanolamine( tea), petrochemical shazand arak Hydrochloric acid, petrochemical Nitric acid( the essence of the dander, or acid-n), petrochemical, Shiraz, Iran Phosphoric acid petrochemical Citric acid( the essence of the lemon acid or Lemon) in two types of citric acid, dried( هیدروز) and citric acid, juicy( monohydrate) Sulfuric acid 98%, or essence, of the sulfur Acetic acid, petrochemical shazand arak and fan afferent ارتوزایلن( ارتوزایلین), petrochemical, Isfahan, Iran Ethanol, industrial Bleach, or bleach The direction information of the price and موجوی stock products in the channel & ELSAPA member or to our website مراجه. Phone: 1 – 7570 3625 071 Mobile: 4292 521 0912 Website: Channel telegram: elsapachem@

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Tehran
  • Remittances ارتوزایلین ready carry

    Remittances ارتوزایلین ready carry

    Ortho-xylene is a aromatic hydrocarbon that has a benzene ring and two methyl groups attached to it. Ortho-xylene as raw materials for the production of phthalic anhydride, and also the production of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) are used. Ortho-xylene's with o-xylene also know. \r\nاورتو-xylene, in many cases, including: production ایندریدفتالیک., the plasticizer سایزرها, etc. colors, and insecticides application. ارتوزایلین that one of the products main petrochemical برزویه (optical ) is \r\nارتوزایلین the direction of the construction of emollients and drugs, pesticides, paint and انیدریدفتالیک (PA) and di - Phthalate DOP and colors are used\r\n\r\nنام chemical ارتوزایلین\r\n\r\nنامهای synonyms ارتوزایلین : 1, 2 dimethyl benzene, etc. -2 methyl toluene\r\nخانواده chemical ارتوزایلین : aromatic hydrocarbons ( معطره )., The alkyl benzene, etc., alkyl benzene\r\nوزن molecular ارتوزایلین : 16/106\r\nفرمول chemical ارتوزایلین : C8H10\r\n\r\nمشخصات chemical and physical ارتوزایلین \r\nحالت physical ارتوزایلین : liquid\r\nشکل physical ارتوزایلین : transparent\r\nرنگ ارتوزایلین : colorless\r\nبو ارتوزایلین : a distinctive smell fragrant\r\nاسیدیته ارتوزایلین – PHP, non-measurable,\r\nحلالیت ارتوزایلین : water insoluble\r\nحلالیت in organic solvents ارتوزایلین : Soluble in ethyl alcohol, di-ethyl ether, etc., Stan., the benzene and many other organic solvents\r\n \r\nحد blast the bottom and top limit of the bottom of the ارتوزایلین : 0/9 : , % limit, up 6/7 %\r\nدمای your آتشگیری ارتوزایلین : 89/463 degrees Celsius\r\n\r\nنقطه ignition حضورشعله ارتوزایلین : 32 degree Celsius\r\nنقطه freezing ارتوزایلین : 25 - degrees Celsius\r\nنقطه welding ارتوزایلین : 88/143 degrees Celsius\r\nوزن for steam compared to air ارتوزایلین : 66/3 \r\nگران the ارتوزایلین : /6 32 سیبولت universal\r\nفشار steam ارتوزایلین : 72 6 /mmHg at 21 degrees C\r\n\r\nپایداری and the interaction of ارتوزایلین\r\n\r\nپایداری ارتوزایلین : in the pressure and normal temperature, is stable.\r\nمحیطهای about avoiding ارتوزایلین : manufacturer, static electricity, etc., sparks, flame. heat, and other resources 'destruction' of the other.\r\nمواد not compatible ارتوزایلین : factors اکسیدکننده strong, اسیدنیتریک, etc., کلروهیدروژن\r\nخطرات caused by the breakdown of ارتوزایلین : carbon منوکساید., the carbon di oxide.\r\nسایر information ارتوزایلین : ارتوزایلین, such as xylene, to many plastic, rubber, attack. \r\n\r\n\r\nحواله, petrochemical Elsa foot\r\n\r\n\r\nحواله acetic acid \r\nحواله methanol, Shiraz, Iran \r\nحواله methanol of Zagros mountains \r\nحواله MEG shazand\r\nحواله MEG maroon \r\nحواله DEG shazand\r\nحواله mixed xylene \r\nحواله ارتوزایلن\r\nحواله monomer styrene \r\nحواله carbonate, maragheh\r\nحواله carbonate semnan \r\nحواله two ethyl هگزانول\r\nحواله ایزوبوتانول\r\nحواله normal بوتانول \r\nحواله profit liquid. \r\nحواله sulfuric acid \r\nحواله hydrochloric acid\r\nحواله VAM(monomer vinyl acetate )\r\nحواله toluene, Isfahan, \r\nحواله toluene, Tabriz, Iran\r\n\r\n\r\nمحصولات existing stock Tehran, Iran\r\n\r\n\r\nمتانول Shiraz in bulk and barrel \r\nاسید stick fanavaran gallon of 30 and 60-liter\r\nاسید sulfuric 20 litre \r\nاسید hydrochloric 30 liter \r\nاسید nitric gallon and barrel \r\nمتانول Shiraz, methanol, Alborz, Iran. متاول fan afferent\r\nMEG shazand\r\nMEG maroon\r\nDEG shazand\r\nDEG maroon\r\nDEG plumbed shazand\r\nMEG plumbed shazand\r\nکربنات sodium q ...

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Tehran
  • Laboratory furniture-سکوبندی-هودشیمیایی-هودلامینار

    Laboratory furniture-سکوبندی-هودشیمیایی-هودلامینار

    Sell laboratory furniture Buy laboratory furniture Price of laboratory furniture Company adak ویراپژوه with having a workshop and equipment is very advanced Supplier of all kinds of lab furniture, etc. میزبندی, laboratory hood, laboratory, including fume hood etc. hood لامینار., the hood, brachial, etc., cabinet, laboratory, Wardrobe maintenance, valves, laboratory, supplier, provider, and other laboratory equipment can باشداز because the first step in equipping a laboratory, modern, and secure the benefit of a specialist advice. Experts and experienced professionals of the company hold meetings, expert advice, free also reviews undergraduate regarding construction and equipping of laboratories specialized in all information required, ranging from minor issues and the overall at the discretion of the employers puts Build a variety of platforms in the laboratory with the following specifications: سکوبندی میزکنار -سکوبندی table the middle of -Table washing -Table balance -The skeleton, of free profiles 50*30. -Body کمدها and دراورها of the tube, MDF with veneer ملامینه -The doors of جنسMDF coated فرمیکا -A cutting edge retailer of PVC -The following storage procedures of raw MDF 16 mm -Procedural table of ceramic Acid-proof by caulking the two minor بوستیک or granite -The edge of the back of the tube, overlay, and Edge the front, made of PVC -Has a cabinet, a door and a drawer, two doors and a chest of drawers -Place the operator in place, suitable as a among the-hinges door type گازور-rails, we computerized the foreign three-piece-design and بازدیدبصورت free.The company with the utmost effort and experience in the field of laboratory furniture, etc. all the basics of استاندراد storage and safe storage, a laboratory, have been adhered to and ready for the introduction of projects to employers, dear, and invite them to visit this project. Fume-hoods laboratory -hoods, chemical hoods لامینار in size and dimension standard or according to the customer's also can be built Table scales, scales in standard dimensions or as table scales 3تایی and or table balances the single is also available.

    Laboratory Tehran
  • ننشادر(chloride امنیوم)

    ننشادر(chloride امنیوم)

    Ammonium chloride has a molecular weight of 53.5 and has also نشادر salt and ammonia other names this matter. Ammonium chloride, white powder, is and taste it cool, etc., salted and sometimes spicy as well. This substance is soluble in water and glycerine and slightly soluble in alcohol, and has at a temperature of 350 degrees centigrade, the sublimation can be. This material, due to having the ion cL has the property of acid in the physical state of the Steam, liquid, and solid can be .Company auxin chemical نشادر in bags 40کیلویی supply works

    industrial Khorasan Razavi
  • The sale and installation of باسکول whose semi-heavy 1 ton to 10 tons , for a variety of uses fruit and vegetables and manufacturing,

    The sale and installation of باسکول whose semi-heavy 1 ton to 10 tons , for a variety of uses fruit and vegetables and manufacturing,

    Weighbridge, obsolete and with a body a hundred % metal, powder paint, hammer, industrial, and impact resistant - pressure and radiation of sunlight produced, and in factories and mines, and the other used goes. This product in capacities of 500 کیلو and 1- 2- 3 - 5 and 10 tons and with dimensions 1*1 - 1.5* 1.5 and 2*2 with an accuracy of 50 to 1000 grams for every kind of taste and variety of uses is available in the market. باسکولهای obsolete, along with لودسلهای, standard, valid world and prices very reasonable produced. The benefits of باسکولهای obsolete : Has to ascertain metal User very easy , Structural, industrial, life Metal body with color industrial resistant Has different displays (in accordance with the customer's request) The use of 4 load cell direction measurement better weight The capability of storing big باسکول , along with a ramp input and output Has the most advanced equipment, the electronic in between , باسکول , available Suitable for use in the production units - retail, wholesale and warehouses - textile industries - wire and cable - agricultural - chemical - pharmaceutical - cosmetics - fruit and vegetables Technically , باسکول , to ascertain: Zena measure the dimensions of the Pan(cm) capacity 200gr 100*100 1Ton 200gr 150*150 1Ton 200gr 150*150 2Ton 500gr 150*150 3Ton 500gr 150*150 5Ton 1 kg 200*200 10Ton All systems manufactured has a warranty, and 10 years after sale services. Phone number: 81661076-66611493-021 cell number : 09122020544 Email website address for more information : and

    detergents Tehran
  • Sell Poly baseball, polyamide, etc. فلوکولانت, etc., Poly-electrolytes, etc. coagulant aid, water straightening SNF A331 RAYMON A245 TIANRUN A756

    Sell Poly baseball, polyamide, etc. فلوکولانت, etc., Poly-electrolytes, etc. coagulant aid, water straightening SNF A331 RAYMON A245 TIANRUN A756

    For the preparation of a variety of Poly baseball, polyamide, or فلوکولانت with the company raimoon call\\r\\nخرید Poly baseball, polyamide,\\r\\nفروش Poly electro Leith\\r\\nشرکت raimoon importer of exclusive products raimoon\\r\\nفرهاد boys \\r\\n09121119510\\r\\\\r\\nشرکت raimoon importer of exclusive فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, raimoon RAYMON\\r\\nشرکت raimoon with the intermediaries, Poly baseball, polyamide, imported directly into the hands of the consumer terms,\\r\\nانواع فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, company raimoon\\r\\nRAYMON FR-W235\\r\\nRAYMON FR-W245\\r\\nشرکت raimoon order to complete the basket of goods and satisfaction of customers attempting to import فلوکولانت Korean company فلوپام also has.\\r\\nFLOPAM – SNF\\r\\nThis company is having, Group, Commercial, strong, and with the aim of supplying materials, chemical industry, water treatment, including a variety of فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, or poly-electrolytes, PAM and additives, chemical industry, oil and gas, petrochemical, and with the motto of the intermediaries of imported goods directly from the manufacturer initial to the hands of the final consumer worldwide.\\r\\nمحصولات entered into by the company to target markets, such as mining sand, iron ore mines, mines, lead and zinc, paint and resin and grinder anonymity.\\r\\nضمنا in the industries of steel, oil and gas, drilling, etc. petrochemical, water and sewage, also can be from a variety of فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, imported company raimoon used.\\r\\nتجارت فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nتجارت فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nبازرگانی فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nبازرگانی فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nبازاریابی فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nبازاریابی فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nجذب customer for فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nجذب customer for فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nصادرات فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nصادرات فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nواردات فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nواردات فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nافزایش sale فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nافزایش sale فلوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nسفارش sale فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nسفارش buy فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nکشف یازار فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nنمایندگی فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nفروش فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nخرید فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nخرید and sale فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nفروش the top of the فولوکولانت Poly baseball, polyamide, Poly-electrolyte\\r\\nتجارت فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nبازرگانی فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nبازاریابی فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nجذب customer for فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nصادرات فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nواردات فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nافزایش sale فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nسفارش sale فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nسفارش buy فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nکشف یازار فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nنمایندگی فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nفروش فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nخرید فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nخرید and sale فلوکولانت polyamide \\r\\nفروش high ...

    industrial Tehran
  • مونوامونیوم phosphate, امونیوم phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate,

    The chemical industry, CDs tube, manufacturer of all kinds of chemicals and Fertilizers\r\nقیمت-to-day and bet analytics real-time\r\nتحول the door of the factory\r\nبا the best quality and best prices\r\nto know more but the باکارشناس sale to address seeone1@ visit\r\nمونوامونیوم phosphate\r\nدی امونیوم phosphate\r\nمونوپتاسیم phosphate\r\nدی potassium phosphate

    industrial Alborz
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