Speciality ribbons evolis - speciality ribbons Ulysses - price evolis - speciality ribbons black پری ...

Speciality ribbons evolis - speciality ribbons Ulysses - price evolis - speciality ribbons black پری ...

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Speciality ribbons evolis - speciality ribbons Ulysses - the price of evolis
مشخصات characteristics of the speciality ribbons Ulysses EVOLIS PEBBLE
برسی number of EVOLIS
ریبون colored Ulysses: 200 got print
ریبون black Ulysses: 1000 got print
ریبون half panel: 400-faced print
ریبونهای solid Ulysses: 1000 print
ریبون hologram of Ulysses: 350 print
ریبون scratches Ulysses: 1000 print\r\site configuration://ribbonha.ir/ribbon-evolis/

colored پریماسی


black پریماسی


characteristics of the speciality ribbons پریماسی PRIMACY
برسی the number of print speciality ribbons Ulysses پریماسی EVOLIS PRIMACY
ریبون half panel: 400-faced print http://ribbonha.ir/%D8%A8%D9%84%D8%A7%DA%AF/
monochrome Ulysses پریماسی: 1000 print
You with this speciality ribbons are able you are, on all Cards, PVC, which are standard print and make them yours.
hologram پریماسی: 350 print\r\site configuration://ribbonha.ir/ribbon-sales-evolis/

color R3011 Ulysses is quite original to have been, and the number of print, this speciality ribbons 200رول on the card.
colored with بهتـــرین quality, and مانـــدگاری high .
ریبون colored پریماسی: 300-faced print
ریبون black پریماسی Ulysses: 2000 got print
ریبون KO PRIMACY: the number of 600, got print
This speciality ribbons on the devices of Ulysses are used.
are able to چــــاپ on the cards raw white and color three ways he ســی with ابعــــاد standard CR80 want to be .\r\in the site configuration://ribbonha.ir/

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Tel+98 21-6×××9893
Fax+98 21-66403012
Mobile+98 912×××8429
AddressTehran - north side of Crossroads of Vali - e-Asr complex, silk - floor, 6 - unit 606
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