Iranian rice گیلانه, etc. rice bran گیلانه

Iranian rice گیلانه, etc. rice bran گیلانه

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Iranian rice گیلانه, etc. rice bran گیلانه More than half a century of successful experience in the industry شالیکوبی (برنجکوبی) and the production and distribution of rice, the fragrant and privileged and rice bran (At the bottom of the ad) Ready to supply the annual requirement of companies, cooperative consumption etc. merchants, etc., taqwa, etc. of restaurant, preparation of food, hotels, and... Buy and sell rice, the fragrant and privileged, rice Hashemi, rice دمسیاه, rice, courtesy of the Serra, rice, Ali kazemi. types of rice whole, rice, smoked Hashemi, rice, smoked دمسیاه, etc. different kinds of Iranian rice smoky, brown rice, rice bran, نیمدانه rice, Chinese, aromatic, etc., flour, rice, Iranian aromatic and... The sale of Iranian rice The sale of rice Hashemi aromatic The sale of rice, smoked Sell rice flour Sale نیمدانه aromatic Iranian rice Sell brown rice Sell rice grains The purchase and sale of Shali (rice), rice, Iranian Iranian rice گیلانه (mercy rostam race and the boys) The quality and continuity of work is our goal. Prepare contracts for supply of annual requirement and the sale of rice bran companies animal feed and poultry, livestock. poultry, breeding, camel, chicken, etc. supplement. concentrates, etc. meal storage, industrial factories, etc. preparation of skin rice skin rice bran, skins, Shali(rice), the rice straw, etc. preparation of ایزوترم, foundry, and...(Ali rostam race) Sell rice bran Rice bran is a prisoner Rice bran two aft Note: Some people benefit, Joe, sue, use the name of our collection (گیلانه) action to advertise and buy and sell them. in case of any call, the name of this set, apply the deposit or order the goods to the named Ali Rustam race precision) and or phone number, please coordinate. Iranian rice گیلانه and rice bran گیلانه to suit all tastes, all year and in any type of market ready to cooperate. Our collection to customers permanent, your honor. Iranian rice گیلانه (mercy rostam race and the boys) (At the bottom of the ad)فکس(At the bottom of the ad)(At the bottom of the ad)6

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Tel+98 142-2443833 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 142-2443832
Mobile+98 911×××1816 (منقضی شده)
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