Repairs all types of washing machine, all automatic

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Advice, do repairs, washing in sanandaj and ilam

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  • Repair your water cooler dual purpose

    Repair your water cooler dual purpose

    Technical and engineering services are Repair وسرویس specialized types of ابسردکن and ابگرمکن administrative Repair and service all types of ابسکردکن dual purpose Repair and service all types of ابسردکن digital and analog Of removing sediment types ابسردکن Service types ابسردکن Sales, parts, ابسردکن Service and repair of specialized types of ابسردکن, Nobel, etc. آلونی., the magic, etc. آکیا, etc. ایستکول, Europe, etc. اسمار D general .Dread, etc. فاگور, etc. گوسونیک, etc. سیمکس . Ōkawa carpet . Sur . Pars . فیمیلی . Fuma . Bio-فامیلیی . Techno kit . Techno . Hyundai . Zagros. Son ...

    Repair Tehran
  • Sheet, anti-abrasion and ... rubber, fireproof, anti-acid, ribbed, got smooth bumpers, no(فرازلاستیک)

    Sheet, anti-abrasion and ... rubber, fireproof, anti-acid, ribbed, got smooth bumpers, no(فرازلاستیک)

    Downs rubber Producer of sheets and bands rubber resistant anti-abrasion, anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-temperature(refractory), anti-gasoline, anti-gas, insulation, electricity(power), The materials and chemical solvents from material :EPDM, SBR, mature Silicon,viton, NBR, NR vintage Neoprene,CR, Accept the production of a variety of orders in the field of damper, etc. couplings, plated rollers, Aperture, واشرلاستیکی, etc., gaskets etc. rubber bumpers and seismic گیرهای rubber and rubber industrial in the thickness of 1 to 10 mill with a width of maximum 150 cm And Plates fleshy, two-faced, s ...

    Industrial Esfahan
  • Consulting, design, sales, marketing, and branding

    Consulting, design, sales, marketing, and branding

    Company نویان industry هونامیک\r\nبرنامه planning, marketing and sales includes segmenting aim of this place marketing, which is based on The Matrix formulation of strategies derived from the model of David are done.\r\n_برنامه marketing to attract capital fundraising through individuals, entrepreneur, or banks and financial institutions in credit)\r\n_برنامه marketing for sale of products and services from companies domestic and foreign _برنامه marketing to provide a strategic plan for marketing to the board\r\n_برنامه marketing to review Design Business Commercial Business Plan\r\n_برنامه ma ...

    Consultation Alborz
  • Training pop singing in Tehran

    Training pop singing in Tehran

    Specialized training and professional singing and singing, along with sight reading, Under, comment pop singer Hamid Chitsaz\r\n\r\nعلاقمندان to singing, Can day of course pop singing ability, high in presentation techniques and تحریرهای vocal earn and after the end of the period in the direction of providing the music album is a step toward your goals", which, arguably, ago the field of professional activity you can.\r\n\r\nمباحث training class (learning the correct method of vocal - fan tribute words - fan express feelings - Beat biology - music theory - harmony - sight reading - Solfeggio - ...

    Education Tehran
  • Repairs thermostat هانیول

    Repairs thermostat هانیول

    Repairs all kinds of thermostat, digital هانیول model Halo / T6861 with the quality of the original parts, and warranty in the least amount of time .\r\nترموستات digital Honeywell series Halo, with big screen and blue transparent, LCD, and light enough at night, user capability two seasons heating and cooling, etc. ability to command to the fan coil, remote, and solenoid valve., the display simultaneously, the current temperature of the room and the temperature of the requested user, with the ability to adjust the time to turn on and off Seden automatic device, retrieve the stored settings if ...

    Repair Tehran
  • Institute of accounting, and financial advisor and tax in karaj

    Institute of accounting, and financial advisor and tax in karaj

    The first service center specialized in consulting and financial engineering at Alborz: 52 expertise, the top of the world The Institute, in order to fulfill the goals of financial institutions and state organizations, manufacturing companies, commercial and ... construction, services, etc. contracting and shops and reduce the cost of the surplus existing in a continuous or sectional and plan(automation, systems, and ERP) with the use of highly qualified personnel and university professors, and consultants (member of the heath scientific universities) at different levels, prepared to coope ...

    Consultation Alborz
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