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System interactive video (Special Collections, dining, and recreational) Due to the importance of the function of viewer, embedded in the space sets, the dining and the provision of the services, software multiple in order to display the contacts, systems, interactive, video production and design .The system software in a format specified according to their scope-functional, it is possible to define the scenario, time and content in itself, along there are General features : 1 - The ability to display images integrated on the multi-display: In this feature system, an image integrated on the displays the offending split that show and to display images and with a resolution of ابلا is used. 2 - ability to display separate images on the display, 3 - the possibility of dividing the image display into different images: In this case, the system can images different and diverse to on a displays the distribution). 4 - the possibility of a variety of film, photo, and flash files : 5 - possibility to determine different scenarios, advertising, and storage and retrieve them The user of the system or the management of this ability is that the scenarios desired display with your raw materials, such as pictures, etc. کلیپها and also files animated flash setting', and, depending on the need and its time to dramatize. 6 - ability to control the system from the monitor control The entire system through a viewer adjustable control, has been and the user can condition the system to view how the function will set. 7 - the possibility of control of the system via the web In this feature the system administrator can through the internet and from the remote system to control and manage. 8 - possibility of communication with CCTV cameras and control them All video surveillance systems deployed in the collection, ranging from cameras, IP CAMERA or analog can by this department is under the control and fall. فابلیتهای dedicated 1 - The ability to display edit food menu along with pictures and prices : The user in this section you can edit bank information items provided to the Customer Price, name, Descirption, photo, and other profile edit', and system output images to automatically, edit. 2 - The possibility of reporting the balance or all of the menu items: In the event that an item of the items offered finished or ability to provide the not operator can call it from the menu, remove the knowledge or notification. 3 - ability to display the caller client on displays: The user system can be customer number, along with streaming audio of it on the system display. 4 - ability to display the sentences occasion such as welcome bonus, etc., greeting., the condolences, etc. 5 - ability to edit sentences occasion through پیامک, internet and monitor, control In two parts, super user, system, or management can send پیامک to the system, including the desired form of video display.In this method, no longer need to refer to monitor, control, and prolongation of the time is not remote, and without hesitation, it's important to do it seems. 6 - the possibility of welcoming the customer and displays the menu selected, when the entry by means of image processing In this tool, system by the camera, such that at different points of insertion have been communicate with customers on the he depending on the can be defined as behaviors حرکتی their reactions show.For example, can be used when entering customer to the counter submenu to be displayed or by moving the hands of the customer menus to scrolling. Phone: ...

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Tel+98 5117658601
Fax+98 511-05117658601
Mobile+98 915×××1350
ProvinceKhorasan Razavi
AddressMashhad - Iran, Marcos, opposite to crossroads Khayyam - commercial tus طبقه2واحد 2
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  • Printing software - check- printing software on the check - Ilya. check the role

    Printing software - check- printing software on the check - Ilya. check the role The professional version of printing software on the check (Check role) with the features of accounting Printing check with the on-line " and other pens, custom Possibility to define types of tags چکهای new and existing, without limitation, Possibility to change place, the contents and the titles of the printed check for the desired Ability to determine the size and type of font the direction of the phrases on the check for distinct Convert automatically The amount and date to the letters Print the letters amounted to rial and USD The possibility of printing, perforating, negative/simple click on the check Ability to define and save phrases that, in part, in any way to frequency of use. The possibility of printing checks to both vertical and horizontal The possibility of printing checks without a date Possibility to insert additional explanations at the time of printing checks ( such as account number, etc.) Possibility to print the payment order The possibility of printing receipts and check payments The possibility of printing back blogging, check Ability to define multiple accounts in order to ease the selection at the time of printing the receipts and payment orders The possibility of the calculation date, average check, (Ross formation) The possibility of printing the receipt, deposit cash with the ability to define templates, jack Personalize all receipts printed based on the user's needs The possibility of print the day of the week and calculate the time interval until the maturity date, check Possibility print longer phrases in the two lines Along with the font, BBW" Possibility to define category check Usable by the user for all the checks drawn available (Banks and funds قرض الحسنه) Record's checks received and payable(office check) Has calendar to display the checks written, and the incoming The possibility to choose and build a report of the accounts defined (Bank, Fund, etc.) and checks written, and the incoming Convert the date and amount of the numerical letters automatically Possible to determine the fonts all written on the check The possibility of determining the color and the font size of all or part of the text to print باچاپگرهای colored Ability to define three signatures on the check when printing checks (application for law firms) Repeat the name of the borrower for the prints next Compatible with all the breakthrough acupuncture, etc. laser, Inkjet The possibility of perforating the amount on the check Print vertical and horizontal Possibility to print on the stub in order to keep a history of Compatible with all a breakthrough Ability to send reports manufactured on excel software The possibility of activation of the software by the IVR, and system text (24*7 ) Features accounting embedded in this version: The possibility of definition, registration and reporting, headings, accounts (including bank, Fund, persons, documents, receivable, documents payable, documents in the stream receipt) Applicable to natural and legal persons The possibility of report of checks written, and the incoming The possibility of the preparation of the report صورتجساب Bank The possibility of the preparation of the report align 4 column The possibility of the preparation of the bills of the Bank and entities Possibility of sending, with the lock usb or Parallel Always good software is not expensive with the purchase of this software, in addition to registration information, their accounts of the features of the software, check the print also benefit want . With the honor of the twelfth year of production of the product is spent, we Product Price: 18000تومان + the cost to send the amount to be added Phone sales : Cell number: 09155111350 Fixed issue : 05117658601

    Safety and security equipment 180,000
  • (Corporate and retail) Ilya\r\n(ability to send trial version )\r\nنرم software, accounting, and warehousing, a multi-level Ilya facilities specialized in the direction of setting legal offices, etc. centers, cost, warehousing, etc., issuing invoice, purchase and sales, accounting, multi-level...\r\nامکانات accounting :\r\nطبقه categories of accounts up to 5 levels : Group, total, modal, etc. detailed and cost center\r\nتعیین features and specifications of the accounts given on the basis of : Rials, nature of the account and communicate with other systems\r\nصدور documents in temporary and permanent\r\nجستجوی documents based on the classification taken for the type of document\r\nتطبیق accounts and provide reports, analysis of remaining accounts\r\nارسال information to software such as Excel to prepare the reports, the desirable and the desired the user\r\nتهیه document the entire for the record, legal offices, de رمقاطع when the selected user,\r\nانجام operation, closure of accounts\r\nصدور documents, closing of accounts : Opening and. closing, by the system, and revert the document, moderated the nature of the accounts, in next\r\nصدور documents automatic based on the factors of purchase and sale, and ...\r\nآنالیز offices in different levels of accounts\r\nتهیه financial statements\r\nامکانات specialized in the direction of setting legal offices\r\nتعریف many different financial\r\nصدور bill and get paid fund\r\nثبت and edit's checks receivable and payable\r\nاعلام situation's checks payable and receivable\r\nثبت promissory note incoming payment\r\nتعریف centers cost\r\nامکانات warehousing :\r\nامکان definition caches in a different unlimited number of\r\nامکان define the unit of counting the goods to the unlimited number of\r\nامکان the definition types of packaging are unlimited\r\nامکان the commodity classification up to Level 4\r\nصدور, edit and delete bill leaving the warehouse\r\nصدور, edit, and remove finished goods to the warehouse\r\nصدور and editing buying goods\r\nگزارشات featuring diverse inventory stock, incoming and outgoing stock in different time periods, etc. receipts and remittances stock and...\r\nتعیین initial inventory of the warehouse\r\nقابل use a software completely independent warehousing\r\nخرید and sales :\r\nصدور, edit and delete purchase invoice\r\nصدور and edit the invoice back from shopping\r\nصدور, edit and delete sales invoice\r\nصدور and edit the invoice back from the sale of\r\nصدور ago invoice sale\r\nامکان definition of sale price in the four types of\r\nصدور and the correction factor, waste\r\nصدور and correction factor taking\r\nثبت document on the basis of invoices issued automatically(based on the accounts defined)\r\NAND...\r\nامکانات management and other features :\r\nتعریف users with the level of access varies based on all the features of the software\r\nچاپ on a variety of check - check the role of the\r\nنرم software special print on a variety of check\r\nراس camera\r\nچاپ barcode\r\nتعریف certification services, edit and delete invoice, service reports, and relevant\r\nپشتیبان decisions, and data recovery\r\nدرج subtitles for unpaid bills\r\nدرج hours debriefing in the reports (in the form, choose the corresponding option)\r\nدرج subtitle, invoice, sale,\r\nدرج code the shelves in the warehouse(in case of selection of a corresponding option)\r\nتولید code automatically for the goods on the basis of the existing classification(if selected the corresponding option)\r\nصدور sales invoice with negative equity(if you select the corresponding option)\r\nامکان insert the picture of the goods(in the form, choose the corresponding option)\r\nامکان insert Latin name of the goods(in the form, choose the corresponding option)\r\nامکان insert the goods as a decimal(in the form, choose the corresponding option)\r\nامکان inserts a blank document\r\nهشدار for the balance of the document accounting\r\nتنظیم route backup\r\nامکان obtaining reports format Excel\r\nتفضیلی hover\r\nمحدودیت remove and correct invoices and documents based on the number of days specified\r\nامکان print all the reports\r\nقابلیت connect to the system\r\nگزارشات include:\r\nآنالیز offices in different levels of accounts\r\nمرور accounts de رکلیه levels, check the circulation, accounts, documents, accounting and also prepare all kinds of charts comparison\r\nترازهای simple and monthly analysis on various levels of accounts\r\nدفتر newspaper based on small documents and documents the total in two to separate the document to the document and the aggregation side of the account\r\nدفتر the whole based on small documents and documents a whole\r\nدفاتر, modal, and other levels for simple, analytical\r\nتراز and turnover of accounts in rials and some\r\nگزارش the comparative performance of the course in a course specific financial course Financial\r\nانجام reports Management and ... a dynamic and specialized for each organ for monitoring\r\nگزارش of debtors and creditors, independent\r\nگزارشگیری of registered documents based on a specific date. specific timeframe, the number of the document, the amount of the document, the document type(temporary, permanent and ... temporary/permanent)\r\nترازهای different\r\nحواله\r\nعلاوه on the possibility of using a complex and hybrid system of stock accounting and the possibility of using these systems independently, there is also.

    Financial, accounting and legal No price
  • Specifications : package land of Venus, such as a motor home, complete along with safety, beauty, etc. the product is durable, besides, hot water supply, consumer health, Heating, desirable homes, construction, villas and apartment buildings to supply the مزایاو capabilities : Being independent of any residential units in the supply of heating and water consumption . Occupy less space inside your kitchen or building . Beauty in the kitchen after the install, and fits with the level of the cabinets . Has safety and high thermal efficiency Attention to preserving the environment with low fuel consumption . After-sales service for 5 years One year warranty comes with card guarantee . Thermal capacity 32000 kcal/h The capacity of the dewatering of 65 liters The amount of water مضرفی in دقبقه 12 liters . Inlet pipe cold water and hot water output 2/1 inches Weight 145 kg HEIGHT 90 cm Length 57 cm Width 61 cm Diameter of the flue pipe 10 cm Pump garlic کولاسیون an inch

    Facilities 24,000,000
  • The sale of electrical\r\nشرکت Mehanna Gostar Aria\r\nطراحی and construction , installation and commissioning of electrical switchgear , capacitor bank , electrical systems and industrial automation and PLC\r\nتولید boards, wall, etc. the body(skeleton) Boards, electrical cable tray and fittings\r\nتولید for a variety of تابلوتقسیم built-in, etc. into the box and panel lift\r\nشرکت Mehanna Gostar aria, the only manufacturer of electrical panels wall prefabricated removable Assembly in place, complete removal of welding, and the use of fittings, prefabricated., the ability to assemble in different sizes from 20*40*30 Eli 20*100*80\r\n, the light weight combined with high strength, the use of galvanized sheet in a frame behind and trays, Assembly is fast and Easy\r\nطرح ریتال Germany, acceptance of reseller panel wall prefabricated from throughout the country. boards, prefabricated Power\r\nto learn more about the construction and production of electrical switchgear can go to the company website, Mehanna Gostar aria or by telephone following contact .\r\nشرکت Mehanna Gostar Aria - Mr. Right\r\nتلفن mobile: 09155111350\r\nتلفن factory ;: 05132400003\r\n\r\nکارخانه : Mashhad industrial machines, tools and technology, superior STR, diligence, a unit 312\r\n\r\nدفتر central: مشهد بلوار Marcos - against the Agricultural Bank crossroads Khayyam, commercial complex, tus floor one negative Unit, 14 telefax 05137653176\r\

    Industrial electricity No price
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  • Writing (compilation)., the extraction, translation, and the acceptance of paper ISI and JCR

    Writing (compilation)., the extraction, translation, and the acceptance of paper ISI and JCR

    Institute of scientific research ambassador\r\nچاپ article ISI and JCR, acceptance of Article ISI and JCR, writing paper, ISI and JCR., the formulation of Article ISI and JCR., the compilation article ISI and JCR., the extraction of paper ISI and JCR, translation article ISI and JCR, etc. اکسپت article ISI and JCR, etc. translation, Instant Article ISI and JCR., the translation of a specialized article ISI and JCR, translation student article ISI and JCR \r\n\r\nزمان and the price of the delivery of the project\r\n writing (compilation) Article based on the topic about 10 days ( the price is ...

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