Company Studio specialized in industrial photography, advertising photography, nine (9)

  • Company Registration Date: 2001-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 21-50 Person
  • Company Activity: Service company
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Photos and Videos
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
The studio specialized in industrial photography, advertising photography, nine (9)
Collection Studio specialized in industrial photography, advertising photography, nine ( 9 ) with respect to benefiting from the forces, and came also in possession of the most modern equipment, industrial photography and retouching, industrial, and relying on the backing of the massive bosses in the name of the country, taking advantage of the equipment is very advanced ,on the side blend technology ,knowledge and art, the forces of young and trained, and the diversity level of the broad working itself as a superior brand in the field of industrial photography, advertising photography, country raised).
Our services include :
Industrial photography : photography, plant photography workshop and location of the activity
Advertising photography : photography, food photography, products shiny ( metal, stainless steel, glass, Chrome, ornaments, rhinestones, jewelry, gems, etc.), photography, parts, rigid ( smaller pieces of 50x50 cm and larger pieces of 50x50 cm ), photography, products for automotive light and heavy ( cars, National (domestic) and imported cars (foreign) ), photography, construction products ( industries clinker: ceramic tiles and pottery, etc.), photography, leather products ( handbags, shoes, sarees ), Photography, wood products and related industries (furniture, decoration, table, chair, cupboard, partition, etc.), photography, products, textile, tissue, carpet and kilim, photography, fashion and apparel and related industries, photography products, audio, video, and photography, the electrical and related industries, photography, medical products, and photography, dental photography, laboratory, Hospital and photography, pharmaceutical and related industries, photography, chemical products, colors, photography, detergent, photography, cosmetics and related industries, photography, products, sports, photography, products, art
Photography news : photography of the process of the project and the Conference and visits
Architectural photography : photography, interior spaces, photography, views of foreign
Photography production lines : photography, line production , photography and factory photography workshop and location of the activity
Photographic technique : the photographic technique to stain ( Stain ) photography, the technique of multi-focusing (Multi Focus) photography with the technique of high speed ( High Speed ) photography, the technique of etching-di-AR ( High dynamic Range-HDR ) photography, with the technique of panoramic ( Panorama ) photography, with techniques, panoramas, 360 degree photography, with the technique of virtual tour ( Virtual Tour) photography, the technique of 360-degree photography, with techniques آبجکتیو tits
Professional photography : professional photography of all the projects mentioned
This is set alongside a range of customers, ranging from industrial group, Iran khodro, group, industrial, model, car, BMW, ZAR Industrial Group ماکارون plants behnoush Iran food industries, cake and muffins, Nadi, factory, food products of the Ivy manufacturing تاکنوگاز factory Tarrytown, Spain, factories and holding هاردستون factory تترالاک, collection, stores, Hyper star, factory, full color, patient, group, industrial, massive, world, plants, rolling, pipe and tube Co., Tehran, Iran, East, factory, sane Rooy Zanjan Co industries, net makers, Zanjan, factory manufactured دارکار tits Crafts, wooden Branch, wooden craft exquisite, factory equipment, medical, crescent-Iran, factory, herbal remedies, soha جیسا, factory, pharmacy, soha bands, construction, roofing, Tehran, آلتونکورت big Aryan ass آماتیس city Builder es collection, a revolving restaurant milad Tower, Tehran, Iran, chain restaurants diako hotel, restaurant, Elizabeth, Tehran, Iran... ( which totaled over 200 accredited facility from factories , institutions , holding, and commercial collection of powerful public and private industry ) to Dan ...
Photography, industrial and advertising with the most advanced facilities in the world

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Mobile+98 0912×××2962
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