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    Types of carpet Such as carpet, Mashhad, Iran Carpet jeweled Mashhad Carpet of emerald, Mashhad, Iran Carpet, Tehran, Iran Carpet Savin Carpet هخامنش Carpet mahris, a Carpet Mashhad اردهال Carpet hairbrush Carpet پالاز Floor carpet, elegant, illustrated, Carpet cashmere Wall paper Flooring Carpets With exhibit space ۵۰۰ square meters

  • Carpet store the raga

    Group of industries, textile, carpet, Kashan, brand raga is a leading manufacture and direct supply all kinds of carpets, the machine having several decades of experience and upright in the carpet industry by sending free carpet to across the country, with plan and map the varied and beautiful with the use of technology the world in order to serve, ready to respond and provide services to the fellow countrymen cherish . Descirption of some services of the raga : Manufacturer of all kinds of carpet 1200 , shoulder, carpet 1000 , shoulder, carpet 700 shoulder 12 the color of the carpet 700 sho ...

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