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  • Print تراکت glossy A5 two-faced 160/000 USD

    Print تراکت glossy 120 g Size A5 in the A total circulation of 5000, and only 160/000 USD Printing services per 1000 pcs: Perforating: 30/000 USD Line up: this way 10000 USD Number: 1...

    Printing and Packaging
  • Sale of furniture for the garden

    Set table and chair for Garden, Villa Sale table, صندلیLED control cordless conversion to 16 colors, and hold a charge for up to 8 hours imported for single and bulk

    Home furniture
  • Sell laser device fiber for the carved gold and metals

    Sell laser device fiber suitable for carved gold وفلزات Machine cutting and carving metals • Lasers carve metal (Fiberglass) brands, with the production source, a laser, and Singapore and China • Ability to supply Fiberglass with scanners different CTI America, scanners, Germany, and China • At various power with 20, 30, 50 and more. 100 and higher, 2بعدی and 3D • 000/100 hours useful life • Diameter پرتولیزر in fiber, 30-10 μm • No need for chiller • Machine engraved metal, engraving capabilities barcode and serial number, etc., logo., the log ...

  • Refrigerator, گرنیه

    Special sale Refrigerator, گرنیه in designs and different colours with very reasonable prices To view the refrigerator, گرنیه to the site otherwise the goods please visit. 33544556-59

  • Surveillance Camera megacam ND105

    CCTV ND105 This product cameras.A friend.(AHD) type of trap (DOME) , image quality, 2.1 megapixel ( 1080P resolution ) and Full HD sensor, SONY lens Fe...

    Safety and security equipment
  • Sale paper for photocopy A3 , A4 and copy paper

    Ability to cut roll paper with a width of 85\r\nفروش, etc., cutting, and wrapping paper, photocopy A4 and A3 وکاغذ copy by machine, Laser Cutting Machine, full-automatic, and packaging machine full automatic...

    Printing and Packaging
  • Sell all kinds of wall paper

    Company کارتاهوم(CartaHome) importer all kinds of brand paper, mural, Washable, in beautiful designs and diverse for a decent price, mobile visit and free consultation, our experienced designers.\r\...

    Cabinets and interior decoration
  • Radiator

    Produce all kinds of radiators, oil coolers, etc. فشار۳۰. inter cooler, after cooler, radiators, machinery, construction and mining, etc. the radiator, oil dispenser, compressor, compressed air, industrial radiators,...

  • All kinds of bearings, machine and industrial agriculture

    Sales representative, bearings, ITC, ITC ITC BALL & ROLLER BEARINGS The Reseller bearing the PI Fi PFI PFI BALL & ROLLER BEARINGS Reseller bearings Hamed HAMED HAMED BALL & ROLLER BEARINGS Spring BALL & ROLLER BEARING Represent grace ورکل Verkol GREASE Wholesale industrial bearings and machine with price, commercial Store un melalshop Dealers sell the products of the company ITC include : Types of bearings and رولبرینگ and نیدلبرینگهای machine and industrial and agricultural Bearings and رولبرین ...

    Repair shops and authorized dealers
  • Rack Telecom

    -Rack stand -Rack wall - Rack battery -Rack consular -Rack HP -Rack Outdoor -Kayes, Telecom -Sub-rack,

    Network Services
  • Pete moss mix special potting

    Pete moss mix special potting Cody, organic Pete moss mixes, particularly the pots of soil rich in chemical elements for nutrition and growth of plants, organic compounds, etc. acid lesions that will attract the amazement of...

    Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Chains اسکراپر

    Company زنجیرسازی SIRCATENE, Italy, one of the largest and most prestigious factories in the production chains of industrial, Bush and pin links, and roller) ranging from chains الواتور, etc., chains, conveyer, etc., chains conveyors, plastic chain اسکراپر, etc., chains, roller, chains, reclaimer, chains آپرون, etc., chains, stairs, Electric, chains, elevator and Slat Conveyor MILF Transmission Chain , Cross Bar Conveyor amateur Plain Chain , ... and wheel chains related with them in Europe, which is its products to five continents to more than eighty countries, inc ...

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