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  • The device plating, Fanta Chrome, Arian

    The device plating فانتاکروم in a hundred colors Sale, machine, plated in a hundred spectrum in any dimension and size.Alternate sheets of gold and silver ..anti gay ..anti-Yu he ..high speed..resistance ...

  • Print تراکت glossy A5 two-faced 160/000 USD

    Print تراکت glossy 120 g Size A5 in the A total circulation of 5000, and only 160/000 USD Printing services per 1000 pcs: Perforating: 30/000 USD Line up: this way 10000 USD Number: 1...

    Printing and Packaging
  • Chains اسکراپر

    Company زنجیرسازی SIRCATENE, Italy, one of the largest and most prestigious factories in the production chains of industrial, Bush and pin links, and roller) ranging from chains الواتور, etc., chains, conveyer, etc., chains conveyors, plastic chain اسکراپر, etc., chains, roller, chains, reclaimer, chains آپرون, etc., chains, stairs, Electric, chains, elevator and Slat Conveyor MILF Transmission Chain , Cross Bar Conveyor amateur Plain Chain , ... and wheel chains related with them in Europe, which is its products to five continents to more than eighty countries, inc ...

  • تاورکرین

    Trading company worth importing تاورکرین with the conditions of sale exceptional .It should be noted that the company machine countable after the completion of the project rate on the buyer. Contact numbers : ...

    Construction and road building machinery
  • Masterbatches, color additives, and کامپاندهای engineering

    Masterbatch color Company سیرنگ seed, najin, has more than 10000 shade, etc. masterbatch, colored. Use پیگمنتهای with quality, makes this products in addition to freshness and quality....

    Rubber & Plastics
  • Sale of furniture for the garden

    Set table and chair for Garden, Villa Sale table, صندلیLED control cordless conversion to 16 colors, and hold a charge for up to 8 hours imported for single and bulk

    Home furniture
  • Relay range 24 VDC فیندر

    Relay range فیندر, in models with 2, 4 and 8-fold, reel 5, art. 12, etc., 24 and 48 volts

    Industrial electricity
  • Forklifts, Komatsu 2.5 ton, dual burner imported

    Company CORP, forklifts, a registration number ۳۸۴۱۷۴۰۲۲ representative buy.Sale and rental of all types of forklifts, diesel (fuel ) dual fuel (گازـ gasoline) Electric (battery ـشارزی ) in tonnage ۱ الی ۳۰ tons of brands, Toyota.Komatsu.هایستر.CATERPILLAR.Sahand.Mitsubishi.Ellis.Mane.Clark different models.In Iran. The company considered the contract direction, service and maintenance, machinery, heavy building and construction, such as forklifts.Loader .Bulldozer.Crane and.... Repairs, specialized kidneys, kidney machines, ranging from all kinds of forklifts in different brands and types of loader, the crane, activity, customer, or repair shop central CORP forklifts west, along with the warranty. Supply parts for all forklifts, وماشین alot of construction along with the warranty parts and send to the remotest parts of the country .Reconstruction and modernization of the machinery worn out .It is hoped باارائه appropriate services can be enduring partnership is based on honesty established, we over serve our clients and dear colleagues. Tehran, Iran.اتوبان ازادگان, after Iran khodro diesel CORP forklifts West Phone:۰۲۱۵۵۲۶۴۲۱۵ Fax:۰۲۱۵۵۲۶۴۲۱۶ Consultation and communication with the customer :۰۹۱۲۵۰۱۲۸۲۱ .۰۹۳۶۹۱۷۴۴۴۰ Email:

  • Sell and install all types of commax, etc., Suzuki, etc. الکتروپیک, etc. سیماران., the Taba electronics, single-posing

    Pars safe electronics importer and provider of a variety of iPhone video with a resume of something very strong that year ۱۳۸۶ with engineers experienced and with the experience of your brilliant...

    Electronic equipment
  • Parham chemical supplier of detergents and grease catcher \r\nسود liquid\r\nسود flakes and Chinese\r\nسود granular, Russian and Saudi\r\nدیسکلر\r\nفروکلین\r\nچربی stuck Iron

    Fax and phone
  • The sale of products آتونیکس Autonics

    The sale of products آتونیکس include Counter, self-timer, etc., thermostat, etc. sensor, induction, etc., optical sensor, etc. sensor, Capacitive, etc. اینکودر, etc., relays, ssr, etc., button in website automation 24 to the URL with free delivery all over Iran. You can to provide point-of-views and Reviews update before your purchase to the store, Internet, automation, 24 refer, and in different parts of the site to the Powerball website. Address : قم - بلوار شهید بهشتی - خیابان 24 yards motahari - No. 19 - shop automation 24 Pho ...

    Instrumentation and Automation
  • The shelf rail library *shelf rail gates

    Engineering company کارسیس in the year 1378 by three young, dynamic, Elite, reserve, rich in ideas and designs and technical experience and new, Avery, and quality in sync with the pioneers of the industry, shelving, rail, animated, archive/store/store/Electric & electronic/start activity. کارسیس consultant and the builder. File archive rail/Wardrobe archives, rail/shelf archive rail/system archive rail/Wardrobe, archive, animated, Electric/shelves, library, rail/shelf, rail, Electric/file archive rail electronic/shelf rail library/file rail documents/Wardrobe archives, the rai ...

    Iron and steel industry
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