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  • Sale heater radiant دماتجهیز

    Heater radiant a new technology for space heating of open and half-open industry. Heater radiant گرماسان with the use of radiation procedures, etc. to warm up the environment context. In this method, the heater ...

  • Sell India pump (manual pump pressure) plus the Gage, etc. calibrator

    Iran dynamic industry\r\n\r\n\r\nهند pump and calibrator : the sale of a variety of calibrator push and sell هندپمپ (manual pump pressure), along with Gage, hydraulic and pneumatic (نیوماتیک) in a variety of...

  • Tile مهرچین

    Dealers sell a variety of plates مهرچین in different colors for making a variety of سطحهای steep

  • Awning, accordion

    Build awning اکاردونی in various dimensions\r\nساخت awning behind a window,\r\nساخت awning fence on the دیوار_شاخ Fern\r\nحفاظ, اکاردونی with lace, high thickness and profiles heavy\r...

  • IELTS and immigration professor Hamidi

    Master Hamidi is guarantee you in getting a high score in the IELTS exam and the TOEFL, to help them.\r\n\r\n4 skill IELTS and TOEFL are guaranteed in 6 months.\r\n\r\nمشاوره ...

  • Boiler hot oil

    The barking of the tank designer and manufacturer of all kinds of boilers, hot oil and steam, \r\nتمامی boiler, The Barking of the tank has approvals engineering, Germany requirements.\r\nآدرس:Tehran special road, Tehran, Karaj, B...

  • Pump 1اسب Jatoi diesel maker

    Pump B domestic diesel maker suitable for 4تا6 residential units mbashd \r\nپمپ of Jatoi has throw the water high are

  • Liability insurance and engineering, dildo,

    Liability insurance and engineering, dildo,

  • Tank pump blowing

    Tanks, compressed air plays a very important role in the functioning of air compressors.If the tank pump blowing properly be selected not only save energy and maintain balance of air pressure will create ...

  • Device, clip, AC10

    Clip, chicken wigs, aluminum intake score of 27

  • Assembly boards electronics

    Assembly boards electronics with over 15 years of experience in the workshop with experienced personnel , efficient and accurate, and ready to cooperate.\r\n Assembly of parts DIP and SMD (...

    Instrumentation and Automation
  • Di

    Di've Klin Ultra, a detergent, strong alkaline condensed system, CIP, and all the food industry.\r\nدی've Klin - in the utilities CIP and boiler washing, etc. پاستوریزاسون and...

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