• Company New bag

    Manufacturing company modern bag, with experienced personnel and has background in the technical as well as with the incidence of most printing devices, and complete the bag, Proceed to the production bag, funnel, L-cutting and ordinary bag)

    The company, LED center

    The first and most specialized center boards LED fixed panel of rivers, the sale of all parts of caption and Panel Led fixed in the north west of the country

    Group consultants, internet marketing jam

    Provide services of Internet Marketing and branding, Internet optimization and SEO website and keyword analysis, and social network marketing

    Complex printing and packaging Gallery severna Park

    The most experienced personnel\r\nپیشرفته most equipment\r\nخط full 5/4 ورقی includes : plate setter, offset هایبرید, etc. die cutting بابس, window fitting, etc. یووی., the big glue up. \r\n\r\nچاپ offset: cardboard, metallized, etc. IML\r\nخدمات design, printing services and packaging services\r\nسرعت, quality, innovation, and the miracle of color


    Plays تراکت Player and install تراکت Plays تراکت across Tehran Install label Print and broadcast تراکت Plays تراکت in the West Plays تراکت in saadat Abad Plays تراکت as a project Plays تراکت in shariati | Sayyid smiling

    Mahan gostar Taha

    Main activity of the company mahan gostar Taha in the field of launch systems, the Web has been, and is proud that notification, smart and modern web in the shortest time to implement and even in a fraction of the minutes, prepared and delivered.

    Company QuickBooks, plastic

    Manufacturer of bottles, 60 cc, 120 and cc, etc. 250 cc, pharmaceutical, medical, and energy from all forms suitable grades pharmaceutical, pesticides, etc., acetone, etc....chemical

    Company in the world SMS

    \"Short message system of the country دنیــــــــــــــــــــــــا پیامـــــــــــــــــــــــک\"\r\n\r\n **goods your SMS introduce**\r\n\r\n - sales panel and the dealership without a roof, shopping, and charge annual \" پیامکــــی 75 rial\".\r\n - 139 million number, mobile, active,\r\n - send SMS with a neighborhood plan, etc., area plan, etc., urban, etc. country, jobs. postcode, age and gender.\r\n - send to people in passing from the scope of the desired mast Telecom\r\n - post with the lines fixed and Rand and virtual 1000- 2000-3000- 5000 free\r\nخرید online and 24 hour Support\r\\r\n sales office: 02122878534\r\nمدیر sale: 09122990379 \r\n support SMS: 09361918942

    Publications آریانقش

    Publications Aria role, with accreditation from the Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, now is proud of the experience and their presence in the publishing industry, etc. شامـل type specialized book. اخـذ ISBN, etc. اخـذ فیپا, etc. اخـذ license, book printing and... to the educated and enthusiasts of culture and knowledge that تمایـل For), etc. compilations, etc. ترجمـه., the contents گـردآوری Your of book convert. lives.

    Company Sanazstudio

    Web designer, digital signage outdoor multimedia , print Web design and ... optional CD, multimedia, flash, design, catalog and logo

    Print dandelion

    Offset printing services Catalog / brochures / stationery / business cards / poster / box etc ...

    The company SMS system aznar

    SMS system of aznar, the accreditation activities of the Ministry of Industry, mines and trade, as the most specialized center provider short message service in the country.\r\n\r\nصادقانه have acknowledged that customers are now one of the capital's main system requirements and customer satisfaction regarding the main life is.\r\n This center offer the most complete short message system, along with Service and support 24-hour, several years is to first choose the best Organizations and enterprises of the country has become and can be the best choice person, company or organization, you also.\r\nهدف the main company selling the short message system, but advice and suggestions, communication, modern, modern in the main objectives of the enterprise, the Association is defined that will lead you to the simplest form possible to the world of trading introduction to.\r\nاطلاع update extensive to the easiest and cheapest method and the high efficiency of the main characteristics of the system, a short message aznar.\r\proxy to use for this the services and facilities system, the epicenter of the short message service in Iran as follows :\r\n1 - send SMS Single, a group\r\n2 - remove the number of duplicate and wrong from the panel automatically in the moment\r\n3 - the return of the cost of posts failed at the same moment for online\r\n4 - the number of active the total country, ( segregated on the basis of the city and the village and area and specific neighborhood, with the breakdown of prepaid and postpaid)\r\n5 - provide databases of mobile number all guilds to users ( doctors, managers, teachers and ....)\r\n6 - registration all times important by the operator and notifications in maturities corresponding to the direction of the lack of amnesia or postponement of it\r\n7 - announced communiqués, announcements, circulars, approvals\r\n8 - avoid-back check, and the insertion dates of maturities of payables\r\n9 - notification time, pay the list of the insurance to the relevant authorities and announced the date of expiry of insurance for the representatives of the insurance\r\n10 - notification time of receipt of rights and benefits to personnel to refer\r\n11- Notification date maturities checks and reminded to them to ensure that from the receipt of the checks, and the lack of amnesia\r\n12 - notification content is customized to the organization's network - representatives and suppliers now\r\n13 - texting maturities birthday\r\n14 - texting dynamic ( processing )\r\n15 - send SMS in future\r\n16 - send peer-to-peer\r\n17 - send SMS periodically ( minutes, daily, monthly, and. annual )\r\n18 - send SMS from the list ( the ability to define any post to fit your tastes, based on the information you have )\r\n19 - send SMS to a regional ( based on 4 digits Postal Code of the area you )\r\n20 - send SMS to a number of the active province and city you desire,\r\n21 - send SMS via Web services (especially programmers )\r\n22 - send and receive SMS messages through the call address ( for programmers)\r\n23 - the status of SMS sending. send report daily and monthly throughout the year\r\n24 - the ability to enter numbers to the phone book via Excel file\r\n25 - office, simple and advanced, and dynamic ( ability to response variable based on bank information, etc. suitable for all guilds)\r\n26 - racing, and online surveys with ability to draw graphs,\r\n27 - pattern SMS for text preset to use, re - \r\n28 - transfer incoming messages to your mobile ( divert to mobile )\r\n29 we - control software SMS via mobile \r\n30 - announcement of the price of gold and coins and currency on a daily basis,\r\n31 - possibility of simultaneous use of the version under windows, and panel controlled?

    Company center SMS National

    *Send bulk SMS advertising,*\r\n*sale of the System(Panel) send and receive SMS*\r\n\r\n\"advertising via SMS = the lowest cost and most effectiveness, and feedback \"\r\n\r\nارسال short message based on:\r\nـ area and alley and street and postcode.\r\nـ ago number and code cities and provinces of the whole country.\r\nـ sex (woman and man).\r\nـ age and date of birth of recipients.\r\nـ along the first (permanent and credit of the whole country).\r\nـ, MTN, regional and BTS.\r\n\r\nبا short message system, send SMSهای yourself manage.

    Company Arad

    ششماره registered:2612\r\nششناسه National:14003521263

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