Thermostat room هانیول Honeywell

  • مشاهده: ۲۰۴۰
  • بروزرسانی: ۱۷ ساعت پیش
  • انقضا: شنبه ۲۷ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۴
  • آخرین ورود : ۱۷ ساعت پیش
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Thermostat room هانیول Honeywell

Thermostat digital Honeywell model T6861 series, Halo with a big screen and a transparent blue LCD and light enough at night, user capability two seasons heating and cooling, etc. ability to command to the fan coil, remote, and solenoid valve., the display simultaneously, the current temperature of the room and the temperature of the requested user, with the ability to adjust the time to turn on and automatic shut-off device, retrieve the stored settings if the sudden interruption of the device. suitable for offices, hotels and residential units, and commercial . 18 months warranty etc. repairs and service after the sale .

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  • تعداد نیرو: ۱-۱۰ شخص
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  • مکان: ایران, استان تهران
  • در زمینه: برق صنعتی
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