• Shop آلباما

    Shop آلباما, etc., as one of a group of investment Sahand تاوریژ, diesel, various types of goods like goods, digital, household appliances, personal accessories, culture, art, and sports and Entertainment Variety a lot, and with a focus on Ease of purchase, carry, sure, make sure of the originality of the goods, etc. supplied.

    Company Bahavar Negin

    Co\r\nشیرآلات automatic and lever-height (\r\n \r\nنمایندگی and the center of the player\r\nرادیاتورهای قرنیزی adorable\r\n \r\nپخش a variety of\r\nشیرآلات., the package, etc. radiators, fan, split, etc., filtration water, water heater, etc., sink, Stove ... hood and ...\r\n \r\n \r\nاصفهان\r\nخیابان هشت بهشت شرقی\r\nروبروی shrine شاهزید\r\nجنب pharmacy law\r\nتلفکس: 03132669096\r\nموبایل: 09137539096\r\

    Cooperative, Jasmine, counterpart سقرجوق

    The company aims to entrepreneurial employment was established

    Gallery silver Rojan

    Mr. Alireza arbitration in the year ۱۳۷۴ enter the arena قلمزنی eligible with respect to that interest to the industry, but with perseverance and effort, in the year ۱۳۸۱ along with Mr. Hussein Mohammad workshop قلمزنی silver's launch was due to the success of that in the arena of business was in the year ۱۳۸۸ exhibition silver Rojan in order to supply products in the field of black pens, highlights, etc. Three-dimensional, and snowflake pen established, of which the main purpose of this gallery work with the best masters of the engraver, which was partly the goal, make sure گردیدو more than ۳۵ Master, the striking pen with set gallery, silver Rojan collaborate that this is a success unparalleled in the arena of قلمزنی can be.\r\n\r\nچشم views, this gallery create admitted that the first choice of the Masters engraver is masters engraver to seek cooperation with this gallery and they are at the side of this would be products and art, unparalleled to out of Country issue is in the direction of this vision in the year ۱۳۹۴ buys a commercial property, he has an exhibition launch that in its kind unparalleled, which at the end of June ۱۳۹۴ cornerstone of this was laid, and on the third December ۱۳۹۶ the museum, gallery, unparalleled opened.

    . Beach, Teflon

    Remake all the dishes باروکش Teflon or granite from هرجنسی(cast iron, psychological, Teflon, etc., stainless steel) Coloring the pot, the kettle and the teapot and the lid of a saucepan


    Manufacturer, pot, Betty, containers, concrete


    Set دیدنگار in the year 1389 with the approach of presence on the market, camera and camcorder, was established. From the beginning of the establishment, to review the following sections to this collection was added, And now it is our honor ability to provide a complete set of services to photographers, dear, we'll have:\r\n\r\n1-store دیدنگار: in store دیدنگار a variety of camera and camcorder, equipment and accessories, photography equipment, studio and accessories, lighting conditions, cash and installment with competitive price and suitable for customers can be placed.\r\n\r\n2 - Academy of photography دیدنگار: language school photography دیدنگار to cover the needs of photographers and hobbyists in the field of specialized training in photography and video as online and in-person activities. Language school دیدنگار has an atelier, is quite specialized and is for the FTW دیدنگار totally free of charge.\r\n\r\n3-repair shop specialized camera repair shop specialized camera and accessories with the motto of providing technical services and cheap establishment and are providing services to our customers. Send and receive goods, and services to customers absolutely Free.\r\n\r\n4 - Journal دیدنگار: Journal of scientific-educational دیدنگار with the aim of providing the most up to date and functional, and most scientific articles in the world started its activities and so far more than 300 scientific papers day's writing or the translation.\r\n\r\nاز such other services دیدنگار can be used to provide insurance card, golden دیدنگار to buy the camera and provide free training to the buyers of the camera and the accessories noted.\r\n\r\nامیدواریم away from any شعارزدگی-based approaches, innovative customer satisfaction, and also based on the logic of rationalization, marketing and sales able to buy enjoyable for our customers provide.

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