• Workshop Ranjbar

    Door, accordion to some kind of SHIELD, is said to have often the direction of protect the door entrance units, apartments, used, and, in some cases, such as مغازها, warehouse, and other locations also are being used. Friends the main door folding metal straps, which by Pym, metal to each other attached, and the frame metal is that, as rail in the axis of the width of the door moves from the lowest space in the stairwell occupied and bothered by the not creating. Door accordion variety of ways in the market has been that the different names also have, but the most common models of them, the so-called three flowers or three Rhombus is 90% security and desired to communicate. therefore, the direction of increasing security can lock, hide that in the body of the door design is, as well as the number of loops, the lock further use.\r\nدرب accordion, as the name has not been retrieved from the instrument the accordion can be, and design and build it are inspired from this maker. Of course, another name, because the door gate valve, etc., door, Korea, Korean... and also to this kind of door-to-form Folk said. The main purpose of the construction, design, door, accordion, use the optimal space, security. Door, accordion due to the fact that the folding can then be accumulating little place taken out, and thus take up very little space occupation, it can be that the optimization space will be.\r\n\r\nدرب, accordion easily with the hands replaced and the cause of it also the network that it is. The items in the dimensions equal to the door metal, less weight to have and are it can be to replace the doors with remote parking that in addition to weight much and the Heavy much space would occupy even can be remote on these doors are connected and the issue of the opening and closing of the hand is thereby ruined.\r\n\r\n \r\nساخت awning اکاردونی in different dimensions\r\nساخت awning behind the window\r\nساخت awning fence on the دیوار_شاخ Fern\r\nحفاظ, Oka ...

    Hydro-downs Pars

    Sale jack*power unit*کاراسلینگ\r\nاجرای hydraulic lift\r\nاجرای home Lift\r\nاجرای wheelchair on\r\nاجرای car on

    Technical and engineering فرانیروگلستان

    Design, installations, electrical and mechanical buildings وهتل and hospital and .. in accordance with the provisions of the National Building with thirteen history, design, and collaboration with public and private enterprises and consulting, and preparation and writing, and adjust the plan with the latest price changes and different jobs

    Remarkably, injection

    Cooperative test riding the plastics industry with the number ثبت35788 with an experienced staff the privilege of working with اصنافی such as:toys, electronics, health, automotive, motorcycle, industrial parts and.... Serve friends قالبساز and تولیدکاران dear is


    Ariana metal developers in the field of installation, niches, spatial structures \r\nجوشکاری, etc. types of ceiling coverings, such as (lace پشمه glass and sheet )\r\n panel installation, ceiling and wall, and shelter and the facade \r\n equip the workshop repairs Hall rag \r\n sale, sheets, panels, and Abreu and flushing from reputable companies in cash and installments

    Watch the leading

    Sales, project design and implementation video surveillance, with a guarantee of the lowest price and best quality((CCTV))

    Engineering services researchers fan gostar

    Engineering consultant - engineering and technical services\r\nمدیریت export\r\nشرکت researchers fan wide taking need industries of the country to service the engineering, consulting and implementation of industrial projects in the year 1379 in collaboration with a collective of experts and qualified professionals, various disciplines of Engineering, management and Economics was established and during this period sync with updated technical knowledge and utilizes techniques and standard, valid the world has always been to improve and upgrade the quality of services provided to their customers, the step is removed.

    سنجه makers in Melbourne

    Manufacturer of all kinds of puzzled by the quality control

    Shrek jam the flame-friendly

    Company jam the flame-friendly in the year 1373, registration number 107400با management Jafar vertical is established. Initially, the implementation of the project, gas distribution, and HVAC in the residential, industrial and commercial responsible for .In the year 1384پس from the entrance to the industrial company بهشهشر and implementation of various projects in different parts of the company and همکاریبا European companies such as chemtech Italy, the ability and enough experience to run the piping, stainless steel وکربن stainless steel درصنایع food division.Now the company is ready to cooperate and run the piping stainless steel and carbon steel in the company.

    Company arvin تجهیزسپنتا

    Design and manufacture of components and special equipment weighing up to 15 tons

    Company monitoring this Chem health Qaboos

    Service provider, sensing, and environmental factors detrimental physical, chemical, and ارگونومیکی

    Company knowledge-centered razi

    Have the most experienced staff, engineering, repairs, لیوفیلیزاتور(freeze drier)- autoclave - fermenter and ......

    Utility companies measure the Alborz novin

    Utility companies measure the Alborz novin in the fields of calibration, instrumentation, laboratory, in quantities energy, mass, volume etc. pressure, dimensions, Chemistry, and temperature survey licensed partners laboratory has confirmed the competence of the standard organization of Iran.

    Development company, wide leaded

    This company startups with their high experience, you dear friend, it is fair, at Best, will put

    Company کیاجوش

    Company Kia boil with a history of teaching in prestigious universities for many, training in industries, housing project, industrial وبازرسی boiling in most parts of the country

    Company Oria in Phoenix and MUM

    Service company, the satisfaction of customers is the province of golestan Bandar بلوارازادی-ازادی18 پلاک243ساعات working Monday - Thursday از9صبح to 5 بعدازظهرr\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Consulting and selling 09111785332 In the provinces وسفارش01734423410

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