Industrial Group Nico abhar

  • Company Registration Date: 2008-03-20
  • Number of Staff: Unknown
  • Company Activity:
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Construction and road building machinery
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Industrial good, in the year 1363 with the founding of the company, spinning flower Reese its activities in the textile industry in the sector of spinning, he began. Industrial Group, good, for constantly trying to develop and expand the activity of His is established and set up companies, abhar, Reyes, etc. نابریس, etc., flowers, Reyes, etc. نیکوبافت, etc. béjar, etc. good, supply, good, tissue, etc., abhar, tissue, etc. now in the field of manufacturing fibers, polyester, etc. fibers, polypropylene, etc. fiber بایکو, etc., textiles, بیبافت ترموباند, etc., textiles, بیبافت اسپانلس and yarns cotton mixed with synthetic fibers from the score of 20 to 60, and the granules are recycled, the types of polymeric materials.

The rate of employment, the company is already over 1200 people in different sectors ranging from manufacturing and services, production and administrative. Engineer نیکوخصال the Director of the Department of industrial good faith to the principle of creativity and innovation in the industry for the first time in Iran, attempted to set up production unit of textiles, بیبافت اسپانلس by demonstrating that enjoyment of the system process is special produce that power, and high-pressure water is can health products and هایژنیک of textiles بیبافت once consumption for a variety of uses health hospital-industrial use of fiber ویسکوز polyester and cotton سفیدگری generated.
This group, with great effort succeeded in obtaining certificates, hygienic, domestic and international, and has been through participating in exhibitions, valid international, not only the presence of your تحکیم forgiven, but managed to new markets as well. Currently, more than 95% of their products to the value of 50میلیون dollars to the countries, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, بلژیک, etc. Greece, Turkey, etc...., Poland exported, I. This group, in part, الیافسازی for the first time, attempted to launch, and fiber production, technical and specialized بایکو on the base of polymers and کوپلیمرها that is in the sector Health Industry and the pulp and purposes, there are a lot of. Also, the unit الیافسازی the mainstay of the research and cooperation with scientific for the first time in Iran succeeded in the production of fibers, drinking nanosilver scale industrial it is. Industrial good, during the years of activity so far managed to get 27 badge of honor or a man come and during the recent 5-year all managed to get the titles of the originator of the sample and industrial samples.
Contact Information
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Fax+98 021-22258951
Mobile+98 0212×××8951
Addressتهران,بلوار میرداماد- شمار123,
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