Company saipa

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Agents
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Cars and motorcycles
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Sales, Electronic Products Group automotive saipa
توسطAzizi big Javad (Software & Information Systems) 07/04/1389 04:48 B.PM
In order to purchase electronically, please click on the link to the sale of electronic products, Click here.

The sixth seminar, production managers Attachment
توسطAzizi big Javad (Software & Information Systems) 22/03/1389 11:36 AM.PM
To inform all colleagues can, but it is the sixth seminar, production managers in January this year, in order to share the share successful experiences and lessons learned with the goal of synergy, knowledge management, production and modifying the pattern done by the primary sources in the direction of the excellence of the country, as well as increase the quality and کمیت...

The beginning of the plan replacement of Cars worn out
توسطAzizi big Javad (Software & Information Systems) 27/05/1388 03:52 B.PM
Head of administration of the replacement of old cars saipa:
Loan ٥/٢میلیون price for pride with the repayment of ١٥ماهه was approved
Saipa pay the loan 2.5 million USD from the company to customers old cars to pass.
Reza taghavi, the head of administration of the replacement of old cars saipa...
With the joint-stock company for production of Citroen cars in Iran in the year ۱۳۴۴ Foundation, Thanksgiving was late in the year ۱۳۴۷ to the stage of operation. The company manufactured the first products, which included the pickup آکا and ride fearsome, quite handy started. After years ۱۳۵۳ on a variety of products, the company was added, and the cars take on the fearsome inhibitory and fearsome پیکاب in the models, typical., the deluxe also was produced. The name of the company in the early years of the ۱۳۵۴ with the removal of the word Citroën from the end of the French name it the "Joint-Stock Company, the Iranian production car" to the abbreviated name (saipa) was changed.

Contact Information
Nameسایپا -سایپا
Tel+98 021-5425645
Fax+98 021-5426589
Addressتهران,جاده قدیم کرج,
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