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نمادشناسی the role of goat on a rock relief in Iran

Undoubtedly, rock relief in Iran show the historical round, and lay in this land. As to the animals, humans, plants, and life . All and all can be found on the carved stones found and can be hours on it, study the various ways to check it pay. But perhaps the symbol of Biology, carved rocks, is one of the best ways to find a common language between us and those that this picture on the stones created have. With a glimpse of the picture can be quickly found that the role of the goat, the greatest plays available on this picture file.In the case of ignoring the role of tying the goat on this investiture, so far, for the summary to refer cases. the most important and the most famous of the reference is to the story ... the story of the vegetate a plant with two leaves ( probably rhubarb ) from a sperm-drop the Mr. and once for the human in the two sexes ( مشیه and مشیانه ) came in.Antelope in this story, the animal is مشیه and مشیانه and protects it from the milk it can drink. For this reason, an assumption is made that the goats represent fertility and growth .

What's interesting here is the ... motifs, antelope, always on the side of wellspring water can be found. Doesn't matter where, in Iran looking for carved rocks binocular. Each had originated the saying goes, the best help developer to find the picture file . Water, and also the start of growth and fertility. water, the womb of all the world., the reason is not that the goddess of water there is another .Maiden, boroumand, etc., and ...
Since motifs goat, of course, to the weather originates, it and productivity, related to have been. With a little study of carved rocks can be, it would hit that, generally, stone, carved, initial, and, more only, to the role of the goat is limited and have been in the areas that later and in the period considered the more plans on the carved stones added ( like تیمره of khomeyn ) other motifs such as human and camel and even the writings of the Arabic language can also be found. According to the letters of the pseudo-elamite, which in many areas on the rock relief is seen dating picture upload to the pre-Aryans of Iran.Much more than when the myth of creation, at The by اورمزد be expressed. It implies that the myth of creation by اورمزد more in the period of sassanian expanded and Vogue findings ( though not much older himself ) and in the course of, before, more, including the address of the myth that such the religion of Zoroaster, leading are not found. ( For example no written of the Achaemenid, the name of zarathustra has not come ) in the pre-sassanian can be easily shown میترایسم find out. However, assuming that those picture's mood, have been from the myth of Mr. and adventure مشیه and مشیانه also awareness. why should the role of the goat as a symbol of the origins of the water everywhere draw? Maybe draw out the role of the cow, which, along with kiumars has likely been more!
The more interesting role زایندگی water. water is always indicated زایندگی.Was the زایندگی also female?? female? O ... is always in a lot of religion and myths originate of life and fertility for the inventory of the female? has been thought. Especially in farming communities, and, chieftain is a very close connection to nature. ( And, generally, some sort of religions, nature worship have been = پگانیسم ) for example ...
Professor Manouchehr esmaili-doll local-GAZ, rimjob, big enamel -pot large enamel-plate enamel design عالی قاپو-turquoise necklace with the medal in law.
Studs storage - pottery-glass -قلمزنی -rug weaving -inlaid -mosaic-miniatures -others

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