Company خزرترانسفو

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 51-100 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: machine manufacturing
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company خزرترانسفو of the year 1361 its activities in the field of design and production of welding equipment وبرش and provide it to industries, domestic and external started and proud history, a brilliant and good in the supply of the best and most enduring products produced by its suppliers, distribution participants and service providers, their expert, in accordance with the needs of our customers instead of affect, and an important step in خودکفایی and شکوفایی the country as the first of the main producers of the plant devices, the welding of advanced culture. The company's products خزرترانسفو design unit equipped with the company by experts certified according to the standards of the prestigious international IECوEN design voltage .These products are produced under management system, quality of the 2000:ISO9001, with the approval of the competent authorities, the International is his entry permit to the European market (CE marking ).
Company خزرترانسفو products and services to the most prestigious and the biggest industries of the country in the field of oil, gas, petrochemistry, refinery, etc. in power plant, heavy equipment, metal construction, production of cement, air-space, Defense, automaker, educational etc like company National Oil Company National gas, company, joint-stock ZOB ahan Isfahan, contractors and equipment manufacturers oil, gas وپتروشیمی, steel to solve, industries, Defense, ship building, factories, cement, etc.Centers for the training of technical and vocational throughout the country and has provided is وخرسند is that the quality of the products and services of a company, خزرترانسفو to at, including awards وتائیدیه, crafts, mentioned above, confirmed .
Company خزرترانسفو of the year 1361 its activities in the field of design and production of welding equipment وبرش and provide it to industries, internal and external began.Manufacturer, welding and cutting, inverter and رکتیفایر., the new generation, inverters, three phase digital control and digital all the parameters of welding
رکتیفایرهای welding with control reactors saturation, etc. تریستوری, all control and inverter
Devices, welding cover gas shielded MIG/MAG
Devices, welding with the tungsten under the cover of argon gas TIG
Devices برشکاری PLASMA
Devices welding submerged arc SUBMERGED
Devices, welding and برشکاری inverter
Equipment ومتعلقات welding وبرش includes a variety of torch welding, etc., cutting, rail, etc.
The material and the essentials of welding includes all types of electrode, welding wire etc

Contact Information
Nameخزر ترانسفور-خزر ترانسفور
Tel+98 021-5226666
Fax+98 021-88100809
Addressتهران,خالد اسلامبولی(وزرا)، خیابان بیست و یکم، پلاک5 (10 قدیم)، واحد 7 ,
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