Laboratory furniture-سکوبندی-هودشیمیایی-هودلامینار

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Laboratory furniture-سکوبندی-هودشیمیایی-هودلامینار

Sell laboratory furniture Buy laboratory furniture Price of laboratory furniture Company adak ویراپژوه with having a workshop and equipment is very advanced Supplier of all kinds of lab furniture, etc. میزبندی, laboratory hood, laboratory, including fume hood etc. hood لامینار., the hood, brachial, etc., cabinet, laboratory, Wardrobe maintenance, valves, laboratory, supplier, provider, and other laboratory equipment can باشداز because the first step in equipping a laboratory, modern, and secure the benefit of a specialist advice. Experts and experienced professionals of the company hold meetings, expert advice, free also reviews undergraduate regarding construction and equipping of laboratories specialized in all information required, ranging from minor issues and the overall at the discretion of the employers puts

Build a variety of platforms in the laboratory with the following specifications: سکوبندی میزکنار -سکوبندی table the middle of -Table washing -Table balance -The skeleton, of free profiles 50*30. -Body کمدها and دراورها of the tube, MDF with veneer ملامینه -The doors of جنسMDF coated فرمیکا -A cutting edge retailer of PVC -The following storage procedures of raw MDF 16 mm -Procedural table of ceramic Acid-proof by caulking the two minor بوستیک or granite -The edge of the back of the tube, overlay, and Edge the front, made of PVC -Has a cabinet, a door and a drawer, two doors and a chest of drawers -Place the operator in place, suitable as a among the-hinges door type گازور-rails, we computerized the foreign three-piece-design and بازدیدبصورت free.The company with the utmost effort and experience in the field of laboratory furniture, etc. all the basics of استاندراد storage and safe storage, a laboratory, have been adhered to and ready for the introduction of projects to employers, dear, and invite them to visit this project. Fume-hoods laboratory -hoods, chemical hoods لامینار in size and dimension standard or according to the customer's also can be built Table scales, scales in standard dimensions or as table scales 3تایی and or table balances the single is also available.

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  • نوع کمپانی: خصوصی

تجهیزات آزمایشگاهی کنترل کیفیت -آزمایشگاه صنایع غذایی-صنایع آب و فاضلاب-صنایع غذایی-صنایع نوشیدنی-تعمیرات دستگاههای آزمایشگاهی-مواد شیمیایی آزمایشگاهی-شیشه آلات

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