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disc atc wood cnc router -need agent

disc atc wood cnc router -need agent

S200 Disc Type ATC CNC Machining Center Main Components: 1. Spindle Power: HSD 9KW air-cooling spindle, with 8pcs disc type tools magazine. 2. Drive System: XYZ Japan Yaskawa servo motor drive, Z-axis with brake. 3. Control System: Taiwan Syntec. 4. Converter: Zoncn/ Fuling brand. 5. Cylinder: 5pcs Positioning Cylinders. 6. Transmission: Taiwan 25mm Hiwin square guide rails, lifetime free-lubrication, high precision helical rack gear. 7. Beam: Reinforcing steel structure. 8. Cable: MARS special shielded cables for drag chain, anti-static, anti-interference, with good bending resistance. 9. Limit Switch: Japan Omron. 10. Electrical Components: French Schneider Brand; 11. Body Structure: Heavy-duty integral welding steel structure, with tempering aging treatment, which ensure the body durable and never deformation. 12. Table Structure: Overall steel truss structure, good stability, with no distortion. Vacuum table plus automatic positioning. 13. Vacuum Pump: 5.5KW. 14. Software: Be compatible with G-code NC file. Performance Features: 1. Equipped with all the leading international brand components, Taiwan Syntec control system, Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver. 2. Carousel type tool magazines support automatic tool changer, improve processing efficiency. 3. Italy 9KW high-power air-cooling spindle can withstand high-speed, heavy loading, low noise characteristics. 4. Machine body structure is made of welded thick-walled square steel tube, with five-sided tempering, to ensure the body never deformation. 5. Vacuum table, high adsorption capacity, able to adsorb materials of different sizes. 6. Taiwan-made guide rail and ball screw, high precision, long service life, good stability. 7. Taiwan Syntec control system, easy to operation,fully support automatic production 8. Taiwan planetary reducer, with small volume, large torque, high transmission efficiency, wide range of deceleration. 9. Intelligent protection work table can prevent table damages caused by misuse or software errors. Intelligent processing cross-border protection can prevent mechanical collisions while design layout exceeds processing area. Applicable Scope: Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, panels, doors, windows, tables, chairs, folding screens, waved plate, large wall hangings, advertising boards, sign makings Applicable Materials: wood, bamboo, organic board, color plates and other materials.

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