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--------------- Toxins animal --------------- مک تومیل (سایپرمترین ) 10 % EC مک sidwell ( diazinon ) 60 % EC مک vines ( آمیتراز ) 12.5 % EC --------------- toxins, health and home --------------- سایپرمترین 10 % EC سایپرمترین 20 % WP سایپرمترین 1.2 % DS --------------- bait snail --------------- bait متالید Hyde 6 % Bait --------------- oil, emulsion, lubricating --------------- stable oil ( wolk ) 80 % --------------- Toxins تکنیکال --------------- malathion 95 % کاپراکسی کلراید 57 % اتیون 95 % --------------- grass, India,,--------------- آلاکلر 48 % EC بوتاکلر 60 % EC, das fashion یفام 15.7 % EC گلایفوزیت 41 % SL fan مدیفام 15.7 % EC Terry فلورالین 48 % EC توفوردی 72 % SL توفوردی've ث پ آ 67.5 % SL --------------- mushroom hair,--------------- بنومیل 50 % WP کاپتان 50 % WP کاپراکسی کلراید 35 % WP کاربندازیم 60 % WP, نیکونازول 2 % WP دودین 65 % WP تریادیمیتول 7.5 % DS --------------- rest in peace India,--------------- بروموپروپیلات 25 % EC پروپارژیت 57 % EC تترادیفون 7.52 %EC --------------- insecticides India --------------- آزینفوس methyl 20 % EC آمیتراز 20 % EC کارباریل powder and تابل 85 % WP کلرپیریفوس 40.8 % EC دلتامترین 2.5 % EC, diazinon 60 % EC دیمیتوات 40% EC, endosulfan 35 % EC اتیون 47 % EC فنیتراتیون 50 % EC fan پروپاترین 10 % EC fan والریت 20 % EC malathion 57 % EC مونوکروتوفس 40 % SL اکسی دیمتون methyl 25% EC, permethrin 25 % EC فوزالن 35 % EC فسفامیدون 50 % SL پروفنفوس 40 % EC پریمیفوس methyl 50 % EC تیومتون 25% EC, Linden 25 % WP

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Tel+98 021-8×××8037 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-88648034
AddressTehran,gandi Street South Street - XV - No. 6 - fifth floor, Postal Code : 1517886611 mailbox : 1734 – 15875 Phone management : 32-88648030 phone sales : 88648037 Fax : 88648034 e-mail : website : CEO : Mr. Muhammad Sadiq, nusrat le address of the factory : ghazvin – Alborz industrial city Industrialists – street, Ibn Sinai South Street – wisdom, fifteenth mailbox : 138 qazvin phone :2223512 – 2223513 – 0282 Fax : 2222926 - 0282 vintage
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    The properties of fish meal:\r\nپودر fish solid product processed, which is after Cook a variety of fish, or a sample, certain fish, etc., drying and grinding whole fish or fish waste comes. For the production of a ton of powder of dried fish almost ۴ to ۵ ton of fish full is required. And with different percentages in the production, feed, poultry and livestocks and feeds, aquaculture is used.\r\nپودر fish can be of all kinds, seafood like fish and prawns but generally, from fish, small sea, who has bone and oil, are high in the preparation of fish meal used. Including these fish, tuna, sardines, and fish Sto can be named.\r\nپودر dried fish as protein source, enter the animal feed can be. Animals more than they need their proteins are to amino آسیدها in need.\r\nپودر fish has a high amount of energy per unit weight and is an excellent source پروتوئین upload, etc., fats, minerals ( such as calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus ), and vitamins ( such as B12, B2, etc., choline, etc., niacin, acid پانتوتیک and riboflavin ) is. And the amount of very little carbohydrate, is also in there.\r\nپودر dried fish has a high level of amino acids, the main peer لیسئین., the methionine and cysteine content, and digestibility and high nutritional value for livestock and poultry and fish can be.\r\NICON, while in the production of a seed, the food of most animals is amino acids, the Listed be found for less. And vegetable protein, even when fully processed it. digestibility, pussies, right, like powder, fish do not. So the percentage of use of it in the ration of food due to limit the growth of the animal, the less is recommended.\r\nبه general, the value of the digest, pussies, fish meal higher than ۹۵ percent is worth while to digest, pussies, vegetable protein, etc. dependent on the type of Plant between the ۷۷ up, ۹۶-percent is\r\nپودر fish based on the amount of protein, vitamins, fat, moisture, ash and nitrogen free it to varying degrees in terms of qualitative split. Whatever the amount of protein higher and the amount of fat, moisture, ash and nitrogen free, it is less than., the powder obtained is more desirable.\r\nکاربرد powder fish:\r\nکاربرد powder more fish in the factory, the production of animal feed production plant, poultry feed, etc., factory production of feed for aquaculture, etc., factory production of feed for shrimp, and is, in many cases, the application of fish meal as a fertilizer tree also.\r\nپودر fish for poultry feed: now this product in the poultry industry, the second largest industry in the country. consumption abundance and have about 12 - 6% of the ingredient is the grain, the chicken will be.\r\nپودر fish for animal feed\r\nپودر fish for cattle feed\r\nپودر fish for fish food: according to statistics, in recent years, with the development of aquaculture, etc. powder and fish oil as additive of food, fish used.\r\nپودر fish for food shrimp\r\nانواع powder fish:\r\nپودر fish Sto\r\nپودر fish sardines\r\nپودر fish, kilka\r\nپودر fish more\r\nپودر fish the south\r\nپودر dried fish\r\nچرا is better to powder the fish processing company of dried fish preparation here on?\r\nتحویل fast\r\nامکان export and send to all of Iran\r\nادغام traditional methods and technologies in the World\r\nامکان production tonnage up\r\nدارای activity license\r\nارائه the most reasonable price\r\ntrying endlessly fishermen with experience

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  • Liquid fertilizer avian

    Liquid fertilizer avian

    This fertilizer is a perfect combination of elements, macro, etc. micronutrient and a variety of amino acids and has a high percentage of acid lesions on the required herbs is that it can be the result of new technology, processing and combining elements, organic material, he said.\r\n\r\nانواع packing : ۱-liter ۱۰ kg and ۲۰ kg\r\n\r\nمزایای use: کودمایع avian هیومیکی., the Cody full, along بااسید lesions and amino acids that the lifter shortage of elements, stress, physiological, and environmental laws and, thereby, adjusting the PH of the soil acidic and decrease the PH of the environment, rooted, effortless, and the result of the solubility of the elements established, such as phosphorus in calcareous soils increases.\r\n\r\nتاثیرات on the plant:\r\n– increase absorption of dietary full consumption, including phosphorus and nitrogen\r\n– accelerates the germination\r\n– increase the resistance of plant to environmental stress\r\n– increase stimulates the enzymes and plant hormones\r\n– ability to chelate the persuasiveness of the elements of micronutrient like Iron,\r\n– increase the absorption of fertilizers and minerals, the dirt,\r\n– stimulates the activity of the root,\r\n\r\nنکات characteristics of the:\r\n– increases the activity of micro ارگانیسمهای beneficial soil\r\n– correction of the soil acidity(PH)\r\n– reduction of soil salinity

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  • Millet, coarse / fine / flax

    The sale of millet coarse and fine jiroft / ardestan / Arak\r\nفروش flax ardabili, Ardabil, Iran / Canadian\r\nفروش in bulk and bag\r\nارسال to all parts of the country

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  • Sell all kinds of medicinal plants

    Sell all kinds of medicinal plants

    Of medicinal plants can be used in addition to medicinal purposes, to improve the flavor of various dishes also use. no, this is on calories, food could be added. Simultaneously, the ... herbs health benefits many also provide. In fact, herbal remedies for thousands of years, is that for the treatment of various diseases are used. The ability of recovery and reconstructive surgery, different types of medicinal plants are very impressive and are well-known.\r\nما medicinal plants with the best quality and the highest property prepared and ready for sale, we have \r\nto prepare, and the information of the properties and health benefits of medicinal plants and the direction of the bulk purchase contact us

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    Chickens, turkeys, etc., education, Turkey, sales Turkey poults *Provide all the services, education, Turkey *Sell chickens one-day Turkey *The sale of chickens, a quarter Turkey(the vaccine and the tip of China) *Turkey race, Yu T *Turkey race Nicholas *Turkey breed hybrid *Turkey, broiler *Turkey industrial *Concentrates and rations, Turkey *Co-engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar West Number engineering کشاورزی020860195 registration number 9253 _ارومیه _خیابان keeper 2_نرسیده to martyrs ' square _پلاک180/2_کدپستی96436_57138 _تلفکس:32253347_044(4خط) Management:09149380704---09147907288(Mr. nikam)

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