Typing and duplicating

Typing and duplicating

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In the quickest time possible., the orders, typing, data entry, duplicating pamphlets, translations, texts, business cards, and flyers news, you we offer. Special discount for faculty, staff, religious, mosques, Mosque, schools and training centers

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Tel+98 513-7678841 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 51-37678841
ProvinceKhorasan Razavi
AddressBlvd., Marcos Avenue, Farhad 27
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  • Produce all kinds of light box

    Produce all kinds of light box

    Production and sale of light box\r\nلایت box, the revolving and fixed\r\nلایت box wall models, glass and aluminum\r\nلایت box thickness of 2 cm and ...\r\NICON models and sizes differ\r\n Ava stand\r\n09124349821\r\

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  • The price of printing the credit card - printing card, magnetic card printing مگنتدار, etc., print card, bank, print, Discount Card, pvc, etc.

    Printing magnetic card, magnet, banking, excellent quality and a great price \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ Card, pvc credit card, bank \r\nچاپ Card, pvc magnetic card with high quality \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nطراحی and printed magnetic card \r\nچاپ card magnet, PVC\r\nچاپ magnetic card\r\nچاپ magnetic card تکرو\r\nچاپ magnetic card, two-faced\r\nچاپ magnetic card single color\r\nچاپ magnetic card color\r\nطراحی printing magnetic card\r\nطراحی printed card, magnet,\r\nچاپ card instant\r\nچاپ personal cards magnet دار\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ magnetic card instant\r\nچاپ Magnet card, instant\r\nچاپ card offset pvc\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ bank card,\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ devices in the World\r\nچاپ credit card\r\nچاپ bank card,\r\nارسال sample printed credit card \r\nارسال card printing to all over Iran\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ Discount Card pvc\r\n\r\n

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  • Portable, movable jaw

    Portable, movable jaw

    Options: technical specification of portable, movable jaw, now available to Android ad being declared to be :\r\n4 m - - × 1 Column structures 3عدد pipe 2 inch, 3 mill to a length of 6 km, with the ability to install the banner dimensions banner 3\r\n - 23 x 2 connections, with profiles 33\r\n - 03×03× 353 mm, bolt, consumer-to-length 03 cm وابعاد فوندانسیون 03 ×353× 3 baseball platform 13\r\n4, 2 pcs bow 2متری with a pipe 2 inches with the cap -\r\n5 and ینچ with surety the direction of the wire harness towing with a high safety factor and wire ropes 6 to a length of 12 m, with pulley, bearings, \r\n6 rails, with angle bars 3in length - cm 303 the direction of the maxillary ونبشی 15 cm, with straps for establishment of the lower jaw\r\n5 cm with cap and plate rails, grooved bent with your device, edge, to prevent the rupture of the banner - ×7× 7 jaw portable 2 pcs to a length of 333\r\n0 tray front end has been rolled out to the color of the silver car - واستاتیک the direction of the beauty, structure\r\nسایر our productions :\r\nلمپوست banner\r\nسه faceted battalion\r\nچلنیوم\r\nاسترابورد rail \r\nتیر-range \r\nسایه ban Park \r\nمیله flag \r\nپوستر range

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  • Ink print transfer offset

    Ink print transfer offset

    Composed print Composed print سابلیمیش offset or the same جاپ lapel and transfer that special offset printing machine under the license of Hoover elements produced is کیفت excellent and cover the appropriate color, light fixture and the color is fantastic, by the composed, you can check all the pictures desired Your on sarees, and Mens coats and skirts, coat, etc., scarves, pants, T-shirts, etc. روبالشی, etc. کوسن., the flag, the images. وتبلیغاتی print back and forth . For how to use this question every time ready to give advice . Send to all cities The only reseller composed transfer under the license of Huber elements in Iran and Asia Composed print Thus, the offset of the Color, lapel Composed transfer Composed سابلیمیشن Print dress Printed T-shirts Printed jute rice Print scarf Print روبالشی

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  • Film, metallized golden and colored

    Film, metallized golden and colored

    The supply of films, metallized Golden(golden), silver (silver), and film, metallized with other beautiful colors and, as well as a variety of paper and paperboard, golden and silver colored, metallic, in various forms, the sheet(sheet), roll, and tape a simple back-adhesive directions : _ Use in matters of polyresin _ The production of a variety of plates and trays, fancy golden and silver pastry and cake(Italian design) _ The production of film and paper چاپدار with the background, very stylish, golden, silver, and colored metallic _ The production of a variety of wrapping and packaging, especially the pockets, vacuum, golden, silver, and colored metallic - Production of business cards, and Wedding, field, golden, silver, and colored metallic _ The production of a variety of boxes and cartons, fancy golden and silver colored, metallic (for packaging chocolates, dried fruit, food, health supplies and crafts, etc.) Keywords: Film, metallized Golden paper, Golden, paper, metallized, etc. cardboard, Golden, film, رفلکتیو Golden, metallic, Golden, tape, glue, Golden, film, back-adhesive Golden, decorative, Golden, ribbon, Golden, bar, Golden, metallic, metallized film, plastic, paper, cardboard, Golden, film, metallized, Silver, Golden, etc. Silver, etc. wide range, wide range of. the tray, metallized, etc. envelope, Golden, envelope, Silver, wrapping, Golden, رفلکتیو, etc. رفلکت, etc. شبرنگ, Golden, روزرنگ, Golden, metallised, etc., silver film, etc., golden, etc. metallic, etc. Contact phone: 02166082535 - 09108833447 Fax: 02189779808

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • Printing, business Cards, pvc, printing, business cards, photo

    Printing, business Cards, pvc, printing, business cards, photo

    Center, specialized business card printing, PVC\r\nلینک training design PVC card :\r\nطراحی business cards with Lowest Price\r\nچاپ Business Card PVC with the most recent devices in the World\r\nچاپ Business Cards, PVC cell sampling 10 numerical\r\nکارت business is now one of the best ways to introduce career and your talents to others .\r\nکارت, the business impact of lasting and non-government on the introduction of business and commercial activity you are. If you have a business card, professional, note, etc., in the sense that you are well managed, have goals, express yourself.\r\nThis center with the best devices is ready to provide the services of a business card to your loved ones.\r\nارزانترین and most durable business cards, ask us .\r\n\r\nچاپ, business card, photo دار\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nto learn more, contact me please .\r\in the site configuration://\r\nIII card company processor III\r\nIII phone : 66969893 -021 III\r\nIII mobile : 09124248429 III\r\site configuration://

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  • Brochure design - print property مهرسام

    The design of the brochure should be made by professionals in this field takes place because the flyer with the quality of پایید make people less attracted. but much more high quality be more customers attracted. \r\nدفتر print and design مهرسام design and brochure printing with quality guaranteed and Terry price the market to you offers\r\nجهت more information and insertion orders, contact your

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  • Printing, PVC cards, pvc identification - card printing, offset pvc

    Printing PVC card with reasonable price and excellent quality \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ PVC card offset and digital \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ card, PVC single \\r\\nچاپ instant PVC card\\r\\nقیمت printing PVC card \\r\\nنمونه card printing, PVC single \\r\\nچاپ card, PVC single color\\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, colored \\r\\nکارت PVC for various applications. in the cards magnet (civilian), a smart card, RFID and... are not to be used. \\r\\nخدمات print and design PVC card for instant in Tehran .\\r\\nقیمت this Eni for cards, pvc .\\r\\nصدور card, pvc for cards, with personnel and identify .\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nمرکز print and design all kinds of cards personnel with experienced personnel for quality printing cards prepared are\\r\\n\\r\\nصدور types of ID cards, PVC, for single for the collection کوچک\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ personal cards with PVC, such as cards, Bank resistance and high good quality .\\r\\n\\r\\nپرینتر printing PVC card personnel for the desktop can print job cards, personnel small companies will meet \\r\\n\\r\\nطراحی principles for beauty, print a variety of cards is essential .\\r\\n\\r\\nنکات primary for printing personal cards, free PVC respectively, is said to be .\\r\\n\\r\\nشخصی storage, personal cards, PVC with the most recent software printing personal cards along .\\r\\n\\r\\nراهکارهای personal storage, personal cards with more accuracy .\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ یکرو colored and یکرو Black for low-cost printing solution is right .\\r\\n\\r\\nمراکز specialized printing personal cards, PVC for no tags, and the circulation of high cards, personnel will print .\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, personnel \\r\\nچاپ PVC card detected\\r\\nچاپ PVC card journalism \\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, credit\\r\\nچاپ card, PVC student\\r\\nچاپ card, PVC discount\\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, gift \\r\\n\\r\\nارسال sample printing PVC card, pvc \\r\\site configuration://\\r\\nارسال plan confirmation card printing \\r\\nارسال card printed to all over Iran \\r\\nto notice of the price printed PVC card, pvc 02126456607 call.

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • Printed T-Shirt

    Printed T-Shirt

    The company, a photo or company logo will take you to any number on the T-shirt with the best quality and the lowest price as soon as possible print.

    Advertising agencies Tehran
  • Order online banner in Isfahan, Iran send free to place

    Order online banner in Isfahan, Iran send free to place

    To order your banner in Isfahan, just the number of "single-print" call. A single printing order, your banner will automatically be accepted and with the benefit of modern machines, digital printing and experienced staff and expert in the field of design as a professional the process in the shortest possible time and with the free door of the house to you offers. Banner printing in a single print in different dimensions, depending on your taste and with different titles printed. A single printing has another branch in Tehran, called "print online ketchup" is that the best printing services to our customers, providing data and courier free to a place to send them. To order banner printing of your Book online, just number single print call or visit our website .

    Printing and Packaging Esfahan
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