System stairs داربستی

System stairs داربستی

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Design consultation and production of a variety of systems, stairs, metal, temporary and fixed .For rotary, revolving, and straight with fittings, bolts and paint oven. Produce all kinds of insole, stepping the direction of the easy installation on the scaffolding, suitable for good building and equipping the workshop, has the ability to install and collect in the least amount of time . تلید types of insole metal عاجدار the direction of the platform and walkway, and production lines, food industry, automobile and oil and gas ....

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Fax+98 21-65533203
Mobile+98 910×××4107
AddressShahriar, phase ۲ and ۳ Android, next to petrol pump, pasargadae, str tree, str second
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  • Milling machine and CNC lathe

    Advice and sale of all kinds of machinery lathe and CNC milling second hand from the best makers, in terms of standby and high accuracy.CNC lathe with C-axis .CNC lathe with two tarts. Pictures and specifications as soon as possible will be sent. Channel & cars cncma@

    machinery No price
  • Cnc punch

    Sell punch, cnc, AMADA model pega244 year, making ۱۹۹۲ width ۶۰۰ control system amadano04pc are working ۲۰ tone .Pictures on request as soon as possible be sent. Channel & other machines cncma@

    Instrumentation and Automation No price
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    Gun, injection, adhesive products

    Injection pump glue 600 mill products for use in polyurethane adhesive and silicone

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    مادررنگ three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy

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  • Panel, acoustical, etc. - Sey Koo

    Panel, acoustical, etc. - Sey Koo

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