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The width of the politeness and respect your presence Company protective systems Delta supply a variety of protective systems heedful CCTV Camera, LG in Iran .The sum of the activities of the company consist of several parts, be sure to arrange the following will be made: 1 - System, special security(protection Microwave-high voltage –video surveillance systems-range-high) 2 - traffic control systems, surveillance(X-ray-gate, Metal Detector-identification systems, blast) 3 - security systems and monitored video and audio surveillance, - stated واطفا fire alarm-Alarm) 4 - traffic control systems, individual(access control-RFID ACCESS ) 5 - system hardware and software, network(fiber optic - wireless-platform storage area network) In the collection, given in row listed with the use of the brand, prestigious the world and provide advanced equipment and diverse, the possibility for the company is created, with the power more in the arena of trade, the presence of find. The company has numerous representatives in a different city(Khorasan province-East Azerbaijan and West - Mazandaran-golestan, Fars, Yazd - Kerman, etc). Company Delta in several options of brand, authentic world benefit. -CCTV Analog ( Korean جنوبیLG ) -Cameras under the network( ARECONTVISION( USA -Traffic control systems( ROSSLLER USA) -Traffic control systems, regulatory(HIEMEN Germany) The company has the commercial section of the powerful is that, with the use of communication powerful around the world, this will allow for any equipment, and new systems quickly, access the material in the disposal.

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