Sell bitumen, export 85/100-40/50

Sell bitumen, export 85/100-40/50

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Sell bitumen, export 85/100 و40/50و in the world to bitumen Pars manufacturer of all kinds of bitumen with the barrel and bulk, bitumen, oxide, and bitumen as a hunk, وفله with the best quality of Door to door delivery, factory and Bandar Abbas with SGS certificate

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Tel+98 031-3×××8785 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 031-33458781
Addressاصفهان خیابان شریعتی complex sepehr floor 4, Unit 42
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  • Import and sale of phenol (phenol) butter

    Import and sale of phenol (phenol) butter

    Commercial chemical مهرادکو action to the import and sale of minor and extensive of phenol (phenol), South Korea, marking کمهو as barrels 210 kg, etc. is pure quality, with the lowest price in all over Iran.\r\n\r\nشرکت business مهرادکو, with over 10 years of experience in the field of import of chemicals, 1387, etc., simultaneously with the launch of the manufacturing company in the city of Isfahan. to meet your need and market of Iran attempted to import a wide and direct sales of phenol, South Korea, with the best prices, as it is\r\nموجودی time in Bandar-Abbas and Tehran, and the ability to send over Iran * * \r\nجهت relationship with the authorities, sale, notice of the price and the product order with the following number of contact, please :\r\nشماره office Phone: \r\n5 – 1643 3641 071\r\n 11 – 1810 3641 071\r\nهمراه :\r\n678 3008 0912\r\n4110 033 0912\r\n634 2300 0912\r\nفکس : \r\n1650 3641 071\r\nایمیل:\r\nجهت notice of inventory load feasibility study & mahradco member .\r\nجهت notice of the list of products mehrad CoE to our Internet site, please visit.

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Fars
  • Sell sulphur granular export

    Sell sulphur granular export

    Pleased to inform merchants and exporters a respectable menu that recover and sell sulfur, and powder, and also sulfur granulation for export in bulk or container in tonnage high and also the direction of domestic consumption .\r\nخواهشمندم for more information, please contact us.

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Tehran
  • Sell copper sulfate.A variety of bicarbonate. A variety of nitrates

    Chemical Ameri The preparation and distribution of all kinds of industrial chemicals, laboratory The preparation of a variety of solvents and industrial laboratory Aston Methanol Xylene Toluene ISO propylene alcohol Glycerin Paraffin Citric acid Clare Aluminum sulphate Copper sulfate Potassium sulfate Citrate of potash Alum Silver nitrate Sodium bicarbonate استاریک استاریل Bicarbonate of potash گوارگام Hydroquinone Tri sodium phosphate Hydroxide lithium Potassium nitrate Acid اسکوربیت It is hexane Toluene Sulfuric سولفنیک Chlorine sodium Hydrochloric Bleach For micro and major

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  • Sell, fabric, carbon sheet and carbon

    Department of energy Atlas of supplier needs and equipment systems save energy trail (such as equipment, R&D batteries, lithium, etc. equipment, R&D ابرخازنهای electrochemical equipment and components, a variety of پیلهای fuel) in Iran. Energy Group, Atlantic relied upon to Team research/engineering strong ability to design and implement a plan various laboratory and industrial in the field of chemistry and electrochemistry have is.\\r\\nعرضه types of equipment, fuel cell,:\\r\\nکاتالیست Platinum on carbon Vulcan 10%، 20%، 30%، 40%، 60% From Fuelcellstore\\r\\nلایه influence gas GDL., the Carbon Paper GDL., the Carbon Cloth GDL from AvCarb Sigracet, Germany\\r\\nپارچه carbon and sheet, carbon, etc. Carbon Paper, etc., Carbon Cloth from AvCarb Sigracet, Germany. Toray Japan\\r\\nگرافیت felt Graphite Felt\\r\\nغشای نفیون Nafion Membrane, etc. 117, etc. NRE-212, etc. 115 from the company Dupont\\r\\nصفحات, graffiti, grid, fuel cell, etc., Bipolar Graphite Plate, etc. Fuelcell grade\\r\\nمحلول نفیون and a solution of Teflon D521 Nafion Dispersion, etc. Teflon PTFE Dispersion vintage Teflon PTFE DISP 30\\r\\nانواع MEA prepared 5-Layer and 3-Layer\\r\\nتستر types of fuel cell, PEM., the DMFC, etc. Fuel Cell Test System, etc. Fuel Cell Workstation\\r\\nگروه energy Atlas, supplier and manufacturer of a variety of GDL and GDE (the electrode prepared fuel cell) MEA based on the type of material used and the specifications requested.\\r\\nبرندها: AvCarb vintage Dupont amateur Sigrascet big Fuelcellstore big Fuelcellearth Japanese Toray,\\r\\nشماره, contact:\\r\\n021-66069980\\r\\n021-66069965\\r\\nهمراه advice and sales: 09120136690

    Laboratory Tehran
  • Silk texture Lotus

    Silk texture Lotus

    Company silk texture Lotus from 1373 with the name of the assassin, the tissues begin to operate in the field of manufacturing rope and yarn, and plastic(polyethylene) and have more than 25 years of experience in producing all kinds of rope, plastic, there. \\r\\nمحصولات our size and diverse qualities can be produced. \\r\\nما rope Grade 1 with the name of the assassin and the rope is 1.5 with the name Silk supply to the market we. \\r\\nهر two types of ropes, three-strand, and the Z texture. \\r\\nThis rope has the power to pull high and are more in the fishing and packing, especially agriculture, are used.\\r\\nسایز production of this collection of 3میلیمتر up to 30 mm has been in various colors supplied. \\r\\nبیشتر the production of rope, of the company to neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and... will be issued.

    Rubber & Plastics Tehran
  • Buy and sell all types of chemicals

    Buy and sell all types of chemicals

    The sale of a variety of materials domestic chemical (petrochemical) and imported\r\n\r\n\r\nفروش materials, petrochemical, and imported, ranging from :\r\n\r\nمونو ethylene glycol\r\n\r\nزایلین mix\r\n\r\nدی ethylene glycol\r\n\r\nسود liquid 50%\r\n\r\nسود flakes\r\n\r\nمتانول\r\n\r\nنرمال بوتانول\r\n\r\nایزو بوتانول\r\n\r\nمنومر styrene\r\n\r\nرزین epoxy\r\n\r\nاستون\r\n\r\nایزو propyl alcohol, 45% and 99% Pharmaceutical and industrial\r\n\r\nمتیلن chloride Samsung\r\n\r\nکربنات sodium light and heavy\r\n\r\nاسید sulfuric\r\n\r\nمونو ethanol Amine\r\n\r\nتری ethanol Amine\r\n\r\nسدیم tri-phosphate\r\n\r\nاسید hydrochloric\r\n\r\nسدیم tri Poly phosphate\r\n\r\nاسید formic\r\n\r\nاسید phosphoric\r\n\r\nتری, ethanol, Tetra Amine TETA\r\n\r\nبا competitive prices in quantities of tonnage and retail. for more information, purchase the number below :\r\n\r\n09123899808\r\n021-77415004\r\n\r\nتماس please.

    industrial Tehran
  • Material صفرشویی special car wash ( توشویی/dry washing )

    Material صفرشویی special car wash ( توشویی/dry washing )

    Shampoo and liquid صفرشویی Nano : Another product full sale and full side company, Nano developers, Damavand, which is with the use of this product. all parts of the interior, including the ceiling, سرستون, etc. Dashboard - chairs, tattoo, embroidery and ... easily, and without the need to consume clean water and zero. On the other hand, also this product is very affordable and economic. and each liter of the product ability to dissolve in 1 to 2 liters of water will have to be. Shampoo and liquid صفرشویی Nano from 3 top brands and with different prices available. List of nanotechnology products: 1 - liquid engine stand Nano 2 - shampoo zero washing Nano (توشویی) 3 - liquid صفرشویی Nano ( توشویی ) 4 - wax the hull 5 - powder and a Nano for washbasin ( without the intervention of the hand ) 6 - spray the rubber Nano 7 - wax, rubber, bulk 8 - shampoo, round, rubber, Nano 9 - waxes, Dashboard, Nano 10 - napkins, hull Nano 11 - پدخشگیر Nano for polishing Corporate Nano-developers Damavand, the player and the dealer, the, brand, Premier, American, and Iranian . The best of ask us... Contact phone: 09363840360 09906170381 Sales management : nosrati Company Site: Channel telegram: I aynstagram : Nanogostaran

    detergents Tehran
  • The Buyer and the seller remittance مونواتیلن glycol, or meg, petrochemical shazand and maroon

    The Buyer and the seller remittance مونواتیلن glycol, or meg, petrochemical shazand and maroon

    Mono ethylene glycol, etc. mono by glycol, etc., mono ethylene glycol, etc., material, chemical, meg, etc. mono ethylene glycol meg, etc. ethylene glycol, etc. ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol, petrochemical, etc. ethylene glycol, petrochemical, etc., mono ethylene glycol, petrochemical shazand, arak, etc., mono ethylene glycol, petrochemical, maroon, etc. meg, petrochemical shazand arak. meg, petrochemical, maroon Buy mono ethylene glycol, etc. sell mono ethylene glycol The purchase and sale of mono ethylene glycol Price of mono ethylene glycol The price of meg The application of mono ethylene glycol The Buyer and the seller, meg, petrochemical shazand arak The Buyer and the seller مونواتیلن glycol shazand arak The Buyer and the seller meg maroon The Buyer and the seller مونواتیلن glycol maroon The Buyer and Seller of money orders ready to deliver MEG, petrochemical shazand arak and maroon The Buyer and the seller remittance meg maroon and shazand arak Seller Meg یشکه The price of meg barrels The Buyer and the seller meg barrels plumbed shazand arak The Buyer and Seller of mono ethylene glycol barrels plumbed shazand arak Seller meg-door barns, Tehran, Iran., Shiraz, and Isfahan, Iran Remittances ready for delivery مونواتیلن glycol, petrochemical shazand and maroon Seller meg downloads from the door of petrochemical The Buyer and the seller meg barrels plumbed petrochemical Meg existing stock شورآباد, Tehran, Iran The direction of the price information in the day مونواتیلن glycol( MEG) and balance the load on the channel & الساپا( ELSAPA) member or come to our website, please visit. Phone: 1 – 7570 3625 071 Mobile: 4292 521 0912 Website: Channel telegram: elsapachem@

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Tehran
  • The preparation and distribution of a variety of موادآزمایشگاهی Merck زیگما

    The preparation and distribution of a variety of موادآزمایشگاهی Merck زیگما

    The preparation and distribution of all kinds of industrial chemicals, cosmetics and laboratory The preparation and distribution of a variety of solvents and industrial laboratory Aston Methanol Toluene Acetic acid Formic acid Chloride, Rick Chloroform Ann hexane Ann heptane Butyl glycol Ethyl glycol سولفونیک Paraffin Full claro PE Di-ethanol-Amin Tri ethanol Amin Propylene glycol Methylene chloride Hydrogen peroxide Glycerin Formalin Sulfuric Nitric Halal SAL, سولفامیک Citric Sodium citrate Citrate of potash A SMS استاریک استاریل alcohol ستیل alcohol پارافرمالدهید Acid مالئیک Starch Titanium di oxide لیتارژ Lead oxide Graphite, fatty Graphite dry Carbon active Sodium sulfate Sulfate of potash Ascorbic Carbonate nickel Sulfate nickel Nickel oxide Chloride, nickel Sulfate, cobalt Cobalt oxide Carbonate copper Copper sulfate Copper nitrate Copper oxide Chloride, copper کالیفون Spray ماستی Urea pharmaceutical Urea, industrial Sulfate, aluminum Sulfate people were Meta silicate Sodium hydroxide Hydroxide potash Sulfate, Iron, Oxide, Iron Oxide aluminum Chloride aluminum Chloride امونیوم Hydroxide lithium Chloride lithium Nitro نیدازول پابا Tin oxide Chloride, tin Silver nitrate Sulfate Silver پرمنگات potassium Boric براکس Deca براکس Penta Zinc oxide Zinc sulfate Nitrates, on the

    Laboratory Tehran
  • The sale of equipment, laboratory chemicals, culture medium, microbial -cell

    تحهیزات laboratory رادین -09132090270\r\nمتانول Merck ١٠۶٠٠٧ per liter\r\nsiver nitrate silver nitrate ۵٠ warmly Merck ١٠١۵١٠\r\nتیترازول sulfuric ١ tenth Merck ١٠٩٩٨۴\r\npotassium chromate potassium کرومات ٢۵٠ warmly Merck\r\n٢ liter / methanol luxurious ۵\r\nتیترازول silver nitrate ١ tenth ١٠٩٩٩٠\r\nتیترازول thiosulfate, sodium ١٠٩٩۵٠\r\n٢ liter / hexane luxurious ۵\r\nn hexan 1l sigma Ann hexane 15671\r\nمرک per liter acid acetic acid acetic گلاسیال ١٠٠٠۵۶\r\nboric acid 100165 1kgr boric acid ٢مر K\r\nکواکس ٢۵ CC CU big\r\nاسید sulfuric ٢.۵ شرلا\r\nکلرید Rick acid شرلا ٢.۵-liter\r\nتیترازول profit ١ tenth Merck ١٠٩٩۵٩\r\nالکترولیت ١ liter\r\nG جبرلیک acid ١گرمی 7645\r\nM ملیبیوز ۵ گزمی 5500\r\nایندول acetic acid ۵ warmth 3 i2886 iaa\r\nR, رافینور Penta hydrate ۵گرمی 0250\r\nنفتالین acetic acid ۵گرمی 1\r\nA El اربینوز ۵ warmly 3256\r\nM ملیبیوز ١ گزمی 5500\r\nT, Terry هالوز ١٠ warmly 0167\r\nتیترازول امونیوم Tío سیانات ١٠٩٩٠٠\r\nساکاروز Merck ٢ a ١کیلو warm ١٠٧۶۵٣\r\nکم big ١لیتری Fehling A فهلینگ\r\nکم big ١ litre fehling B فهلینگ\r\nمرک ٢.۵-liter ١٠۴٣۶٨ هرلیتر n-hexan Ann N\r\npotassium cyanide, potassium cyanide ١٠۴٩۶٧ Merck ٢۵٠ warm\r\nc6289 charcol act Carbon Active -چارگول active ١٠٠ warmth\r\n١k merck sodium hedroxide pelle profit ١٠۶۴۶٢\r\nشماره ١ DPD tablets chlorine\r\npotassium tellurite biomark تلوریت potassium ۵, warmth,\r\ncharcoal activate pow and Carbon Active چارگول ١٠٢١٨۴ Merck\r\nهر Lee, nitric acid, nitric acid, Merck ٢.۵-liter 100456\r\nph 0-14 paper, PHP, Merck ١٠٩۵٣۵\r\nEriochrome bla Merck ٢۵ warmly ١٠٣١ ٧٠ T, Ario cream, Black\r\nMurexide (ammonium pur موروکساید Merck ٢۵ warmly ١٠۶١۶١\r\nchloroform sigma chloroform ١-liter زیگما 132950\r\nAmmonium sulfate امونیوم sulfate Merck ١ kg 101216\r\nپی, SMS, pbs, sigma p8313 for 1l, oven, phosphate saline\r\nhams f 10 همز F ۵٠٠ ١٠ cc n6908 sigma\r\nfluconazole f8929 sigma fluconazole ١٠٠ national G\r\nهر liters of ethanol ethanol Merck ٢.۵-liter 100986\r\nsodium hydroxid تیترازول profit ١ normal Merck 109956\r\npbs phosphate buffered sigma p4417 50tab PBS\r\nIodine resublimed 104761 100gr iodine Merck\r\nrpmi r8758 sigma 500cc the PPM, ١۶۴٠\r\nfcs eurpbio h5971 1 500cc F C SS بروبیو France\r\npenesilin esterptpmasin p0781 100cc پنسلسن استرپت\r\ncholranphenicol bio bi کلرامفنیکول ۵گرمی 9054\r\nstreptomycin s استریپتوماسین ۵گرمی 6501\r\nd-glucose, merck, glucose Merck 104074\r\ntrichloroacticacid pa tri-chloro-acetic acid ١٠٠ Grammy 1\r\ntrichloroacticacid pa tri-chloro-acetic acid ٢۵٠ Grammy 1\r\ntrichloroacticacid pa tri-chloro-acetic acid 100810\r\namikacin sigma a امیکاسین ۵گرمی 1774\r\nclindamycin sigma c کلیندوماسین ١٠٠ mg 5226\r\ngentamycin sigma g gentamicin ۵٠ mg 3632\r\namphotericin b a امفوترسین, ۵٠ mg 9528\r\nhoures serum h serum horse ١٠٠ CC 1270\r\ncanada balsam c Canada بالزام ١٠٠ CC, 1795\r\nphenol liq p phenol liquid ١٠٠ CC 9346\r\nlighte green l 5382 sigma light green ۵, warmth,\r\nfast green sigma f fast green ۵ warmly 7252\r\nfuchin 15937 merck فوشین ٢۵ warmly Merck\r\nbil salt b8756 sigma بایل salt ٢۵ warmth\r\nsocrose merck 1 k sucrose Merck 107687\r\nsocrose merck 1 k sucrose Merck 107651\r\nyeast extrac quelab یست اکستراک ۵٠٠ warmth\r\ncarbol fuchsin bdh Carbo L فوشین ۵, warmth,\r\nox bile bil bovin sigma b8381 25gr X بایل\r\ntween 80 1l tween ٨٠ Merck 822187\r\ntween 20 1l tween ٢٠ Merck 822184\r\nCresyl Violet acetate c5042 10gr sigma کرزول Violet\r\n188972 aldrich 10 gr - 3,3-Diphenyl-1-propanol more\r\nN-Methyl-N-trifluoroacetamide 69479\r\nagrose اگاروز warmly Open\r\nl7900 sigma sodium dl-lactate sodium Di El lactate\r\nsodium l ascorbate a7631 25gr sig sodium El اسکوربات\r\nHydrogen peroxide solution hydrogen peroxide ٢.۵-liter\r\ndmem / f12 gibco 31331, th, F ١٢\r\nchargol active carbon اکیو industrial Chinese\r\njacobi chargol active carbon اکیو industrial جاکوبی\r\n5 سولفو sa ...

    Laboratory Esfahan
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