Attract the applicant to plan an exceptional and unrepeatable بلوکارت EU

Attract the applicant to plan an exceptional and unrepeatable بلوکارت EU

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Attract the applicant to plan an exceptional and unrepeatable بلوکارت the EU "with limited capacity" بلوکارت., the only licensed, official, and comprehensive special professionals interested to work and stay in the EU Employment international کارپیرا exclusive representative of the network بلوکارت the EU in Iran With accreditation from the Ministry of cooperatives, work and social welfare Are interested to live and work in the EU? Whether in search of the safest and most practical method to enter the market, Europe and obtaining residence? Did you know that by 2015 over 15 million skilled workers across the EU need? And so, don't miss the opportunity! Some of the features of the plan بلوکارت EU: • Benefit from the rights and benefits of something similar to nationals, • Benefit from tax advantages and social Grand nationals native • The enjoyment of many socio – economic rights and civil • The possibility of family residence during the term of the credit • Ability to travel and free movement in other EU countries • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence for themselves and family members • Possibility of career and education free • Benefit from the right to work in the different European countries The conditions and qualifications necessary preliminary to obtaining بلوکارت? The main conditions to apply, بلوکارت of the European Union, include: • Having citizenship of a country non-member status of the European Union • Having enough knowledge and skills in the English language • Having a higher education/academic • Having a resume, standard and full • Having a contract of employment or a job offer is binding, the rights of at least 1.5 times the average annual salary in that country (provided the necessary support from us) All professionals interested can then log in to the site کارپیرا, etc., enter the special بلوکارت, and after full study plan بلوکارت EU register name initial your doing them. after evaluating the initial and in the case of entitlement to the conditions necessary, etc. our experts will contact you. Also, all professionals can voice the desire personally on the Site Network بلوکارت the EU register; or in this case, also, requirements, etc. follow-up by کارپیرا will be done. With بلوکارت., the gates of Europe to open

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Tel+98 0513-8459273 (منقضی شده)
Mobile+98 0919×××3363 (منقضی شده)
AddressMashhad, Iran .خیابان احمد اباد .Ahmad Abad 21, No. 4, واحد4
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