Hosting services and e-commerce service

Hosting services and e-commerce service

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The introduction of سرورپارس Website name : Rayan pardaz sun East Website URL Field of activity : provide services of registration of domain name and web hosting / dedicated servers/ certification / security services, eCommerce web design/web design and internet store Services provided : • Registration of domain name, Internet with different suffixes • Provide the web hosting services on the data center, valid in Iran, the U.S. and Europe • Services of shared hosting based on Linux operating system and Windows • Provide certificates, security, ssl, Web order sites • Hosting services on dedicated servers • Provide dedicated servers, Internet • Provide representation services Technical services : • Meet the appropriate characteristics of the • Warranty return cost • The use of software, administrative license • The use of the hardware, right • Security • Provide application lsolation mode • The use of data سنترهای valid • Monitoring, Auto Service • Ownership of the servers • Network unparalleled • Backup full information • Control Panel management services

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Fax+98 021-89783228
AddressStreet Jordan the end of the boulevard enamel plaque 22
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