The preparation of ظرح feasibility in urban planning -economic and breakdown of the earth

The preparation of ظرح feasibility in urban planning -economic and breakdown of the earth

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The preparation of designs, feasibility in urban planning - economic and investment 2.The preparation of projects justification report Urban Development Commission, Article 5 3.The preparation of the plans of the segregated lands 4.The preparation of studies, justification the change of land user 5.Studies the feasibility of increased density and classes 6.The preparation of projects, justification of investment bank and tourism 7.The preparation of studies, urban and regional planning 8.The design of the park and garden, urban 9.The preparation of implementation plans and preparation of land Ready to cooperate. Engineer farahani (At the bottom of the ad)and (At the bottom of the ad)

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  • Implementation of the gable-آردواز-roofs steep-roof covering-the implementation of roof-covering niches-truss-repair(09121431941)

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    Gables-Villa - Rafter= run all the services covering the ceiling, of course-covering the roof of the silos-roof covering, = ( 09391431941 and 09121431941 ) Preparation and implementation of cover all kinds of roofs steep:ceiling niches.A roof truss.The roof of the villa.Run ceiling اردواز-run اردواز اردوازپیشانی.اردواز the facades of buildings.A pergola.اردواز transom.Build and install the truss.Steel structure Villa.Steel structure parking.خرپای roof store.خرپای the roof of the workshop.Cover, roof, backyard, etc... With a variety of: steel plates, galvanized.Galvanized colored.اردواز.ایرانیت cement.The sandwich panel.Pottery.Hedge.Plan of pottery.Plan شینگل-tile grit-.Polycarbonate.Fiberglass.Posing ولمبه metal. Posing and لمبه round canopy, the niches and the roof, of course, a good-view of the frontal of the building - the implementation of the studs-eyebrow-ابرولندنی-ابروجعبه-brow fusion -eyebrow-deck-baseboard metal - flushing - canopy).... Roof repairs, steep-repair وتعویض ceiling niches-اببندی وتعمیرات roof covering, the niches and the roof, of course. Roof insulation, thermal insulation glass wool.Lace bird.Carton Plast etc.). Repair وتعویض and اببندی ceilings, and worn out Prices run roof steep-the price of covering the roof of the steep-price the implementation of the ceiling آردواز-the implementation of roof coverings steep-price the implementation of gable roof-price ceilings, steep-نحوء the implementation of ceilings, steep-نحوء run a variety of آردواز وشیروانی and........... ( 30 years experience ) Mobile: 09391431941 - 09121431941 Contact phone: 55309515 (( دراسرع-time )) -- All parts of Tehran laboratories around the Tehran, وسراسرکشور --

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  • Supply Marble by grinder Gladstone with the best quality

    Supply Marble by grinder Gladstone with the best quality

    Marble is one of tens kinds of stones good quality and export that by grinder Gladstone in different colors with the highest production quality and with the most affordable price the way the market is.This stone kind, stone is metamorphosed limestone that Connie, the main ingredients, it calcite. The variety of colors of marble, because there are colorful it is. Marble can be used in colors white, black, gray, red, green, yellow, gray, and... found. Pure Marble is white, that of the mines of the country, Italy, with 99% calcium carbonate can be extracted. Some of the mines of marble in our country, in the cities of Iran. the sanandaj and Kurdistan are located. \r\nاز Marble for interior building such as floor, walls and ceiling, stairs, columns and... used. In addition to building the stone industry, sculpture, and stone artifacts are also used. Some of the features of marble the capability of passing light from the? homogeneity and high transparency, etc., polishing, cutting. high density and low porosity.\r\nاستخراج Marble in the top of the mines of the country by grinder Gladstone, with the benefit of high-tech devices and modern equipment, This grinder is of the highest quality. \r\nto view the designs and colorings, BBW Marble also order this stone to grinder Gladstone and price inquiry just by the numbers the factory, call or visit its website, please visit.

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  • (Structures L S F)(سازهlsf)(structures lsf) in across the country

    (Structures L S F)(سازهlsf)(structures lsf) in across the country

    Construction company, engineering the cloud-makers, young thought, the certificate of approval of the competence of the designer and host of home and Villa prefab anti-earthquake ودیوارهای ago made porter with structures, style( L S F) LSF) ), and also implementing the largest site el SS f the country, with the expert engineers are ready to cooperate in all parts of Iran Cases, the use of LSF : Mass storage وساختمان multi-unit Building, Center, sports, training Offices وساختمان, small commercial Industrial units وپارتیشن(a wall around the niches, and........) Constructing the half storey on the inside of the monuments, sky-high The possibility of adding one or more floors to the building, building etc. metal وبتنی due to the lightness of the structures Villa The construction of the chapel, service, health, etc.).? restaurants وفست food, rooms, security, etc. Camp or building, the establishment of the police force ( the police building ) Camp, toll and petrol stations وساختمان equip workshop Complexes recreational, and between the way Construction of the alcove School storage The benefits of the system LSF : ●Light weight, transportation, easy, reducing the cost and time of transport, building ago ساختهLSF ●Ability to install structure with high speed and lowest زمـان may be in the building ago ساختهLSF ●Reduce the cost of energy and insulate sound and temperature by the new materials in the building ago ساختهLSF ●Optimum resistance prefabricated building LSFدر against earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter scale and blowing ●Resistance دربرابرآتش fires in the building ago ساختهLSF ●Saving on energy consumption in the building ago ساختهLSF ●Structural strength ago ساختهLSFدربرابر moisture and Nam ●Moveable buildings ago ساختهLSF, the place of the other with the least waste of materials ●Reduce the use ازجرثقیل and heavy machinery in terms of light weight, panel, and skeleton structures ago ساختهLSF ●Resistance against bad weather and high durability against corrosion and oxidation and rust ●Create a workshop environment lacks the trash away, and waste materials درسازه, ago ساختهLSF ●Reduce the cost, construction time and دستمزددر structures ago ساختهLSF ●سازگاربودن structures ago ساختهLSFبا weather conditions, diverse in climate, different ●Economic savings in time and cost due to the use of the methods تولیدصنعتی building. (The speed of construction this method is 60% faster than construction with the system, common) ●Ease of changes due to the use of the system of dry construction ●Easily install utilities (at the time of preparation of steel parts, the hole, something necessary must be embedded to be تابتوان easily network installations, from the inside it pass.) ●Ease of installation parts (screw connections) ●Resistant against lateral forces and earthquake (fitting, resistant بادبندهای fit, style, weight) ●Style being the components of the building (the weight of system structural el SS F 60% lower than common systems.) ●Thermal Characteristics and conserving energy by up to 25% compared to common systems Practices Executive roof WebM in the structural (L S F) ●Trusses overhead (to achieve larger spans) ●Ease of installation pieces (LSF ) -easily install utilities-reduce the consumption of iron ●Reduce the dead load of the building-the capacity of the production line-capacity, run-and... The company's website Phone : 09174500461 -09129176747 *L S F LSF *Prefabricated homes, structures, el SS F, LSF ,Shiraz,Fars, *Homes above style, structure, L S F, LSF , Shiraz,Fars, *Simply a class to ساختمانتان add .With structures ...

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  • Wooden door, the traditional entrance to the mosque., the chapel واماکن religious Chinese knot

    Wooden door, the traditional entrance to the mosque., the chapel واماکن religious Chinese knot

    Wood : Sycamore, etc., Walnut, etc. rush\r\nکاملا fight\r\nرنگ : no (raw)\r\nجهت notice of the prices and the specifications of this product please contact us either from our website see the following .\r\nطرح this product is derived from the motifs of traditional Iranian and Moroccan) which is the sale of this product in European and Asian countries guarantee has a sample of this product for the Gulf countries, Lebanon and Germany has been sent.\r\nکاربرد this product as the entrance door of the apartment and the hotel, luxurious and modern as the rooms, suites, Qajar, due to the thickness of most doors and the use of wood is dense, like the Walnut very is welcome.\r\nتوضیحات update regarding the construction of this product :\r\NICON for the use of wood, a piece with dimensions in the manufacture of products, due to the living tissue of the wood under the influence of environmental factors (moisture, sunshine), the probability of the arc, and leave it there product .\r\nبه why artists Carpenter in the past to increase the durability and useful life of wooden products, especially in the construction of door and window, Wooden, a method is invented, which today is called the art of Chinese knot, or node, storage of wood(the layout of the wood pieces next to each other for کلافی ازگره) said.\r\NICON in fact, by turning down the large boards into small pieces will stick to the name of the machine and the vocabulary and geometric shapes, celestial bodies, etc. of animals and plants and use the them with geometric patterns or arabesques, or combined with colored glass and simple construction of door and window, wooden, traditional, in addition to minimize the changes in wood texture or the so-called (taking the force of the wood), beauty doubled, and the work of art, lasting a few hundred years, set will remain is made . Yet also durability and strength, high in front of environmental changes(cold, etc. heat, humidity and sun) is .\r\nالبته for permanence, durability, and warranty of longevity, the top of the wooden products made with the art of Chinese knot Wood is necessary, due to the type of Cover, Color of product each ۲ الی ۳ years, once re-coloring done.

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  • Covering the roof of the steep-roof covering niches-the implementation of roof, steep-run gable roof-run اردواز-run truss-repairs(09121431941)

    Covering the roof of the steep-roof covering niches-the implementation of roof, steep-run gable roof-run اردواز-run truss-repairs(09121431941)

    Lounge cover (09391431941 and 09121431941)\r\n covering the roof of the silo-the implementation of roof, steep-gable-اردواز-truss-roof coverings-the implementation of roof-repairs\r\n =the preparation and implementation covering the roof, of course, a galvanized-ایرانیت-sandwich panels-اردواز-plan pottery-build and truss-run gable roof-roof repairs, niches, and ceiling, of course, a=\r\nپوشش niches - the implementation of roof covering, steep - roof covering niches :truss. Roof of the factory milled. Workshop. Dacha . Cattle. Poultry.Store .Parking.Backyard and...\r\nبا a variety of materials, coating such as galvanized.Galvanized colored.ایرانیت cement.Sandwich panel, ceiling, and wall.Posing and لمبه away niches and... replacement وتعمیرات ceilings, niches and ceilings steep.....\r\n-the implementation of اردواز: اردواز forehead - اردواز roof - اردواز a pergola - اردواز gate-اردواز roof, Villa -gable roof and...\r\nبا a variety of materials :اردواز - plate designs pottery - hedge - pottery and....\r\n-the implementation of the facade and لمبه round metal niches. View of the villa.View of the frontal of the building, and.... - Implementation of the baseboard, the metal - flushing -studs (eyebrows) -brow London-brow box-brow fusion -brow wicker and....\r\n-installation of thermal insulation wool the glass.Lace bird.Carton Plast and... for the ceilings, niches.\r\nسقف Villa. And the roof, of course, other......\r\n-the implementation of truss: build and install truss-steel structure, lightweight and resistant - to roofs : the dacha . Workshop . Store. Parking . Backyard .Cattle . Poultry and ceilings شیبداردیگر...\r\n-mobile:09121431941 and 09391431941 (عزیزنیا)\r\nتلفن contact: 55309515 \r\n-as soon as possible --\r\n-in all places and cities around Tehran --\r\n-- and across the country - \r\n-30 background and experience - \r\n(( without intermediaries ))

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  • Production and implementation tile, gypsum and Knauf and گچبرگ

    Production and implementation tile, gypsum and Knauf and گچبرگ

    Company سافیت production professional range in the east of the country started.This company utilizes experienced staff and raw materials Grade 1 fail to produce and run projects successful has been that in the first case, he will.\r\n. The implementation of Mehr Housing in Mashhad ( city of new گلبهار )\r\n. Run the restaurant and shaping the big phenomenon of Mashhad\r\n. The implementation of the project Golden City of Isfahan\r\n. And.....\r\n\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the products :\r\nمحصولات Grade 1 export brand سافیت_ PVC coated _ back aluminum (metallized) _ Round Bar, White _ dimensions 60*60 55*55 _ thickness of 7 mm _ Weight package 18 kg \r\n\r\n\r\nمعرفی products :\r\n\r\nطرح Wicker code 996\r\nطرح simple snowman code 154\r\nطرح egg code 238\r\nطرح cross-Fisher code 631\r\nطرح diamond code 239\r\nطرح Cobra code 993\r\nطرح punch irregular Code 001\r\nطرح square punch code 002\r\nطرح punch, Snow White code 003 \r\nطرح punch linear or lattice code 004\r\nطرح punch flowers code 007\r\nتایل and punch کنیتکسی \r\nرنگی simple, and the punch\r\nLED panel optical\r\n\r\nآدرس office : Mashhad, Iran.Blvd guidance.Guidance 6.Unity 2.No. 43.Ground floor,\r\n\r\nآدرس Factory : industrial zone, binalud\r\n\r\nشماره contact : 05137615488\r\n 09153014404\r\n 09155599674\r\n\r\nفکس : 05137657118\r\n\r\nایمیل :\r\n\r\n\r\nجهت more information and or registration order through the bridges above connect with us.

    Decoration and facade Khorasan Razavi
  • Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    All kinds of sandwich panels roof and wall and refrigeration and clean room (CLEAN ROOM) with polyurethane foam.\\\\r\\\\nانواع container structures, heavy metal and sandwich panels.\\\\r\\\\nساخت clean rooms, laboratory\\\\r\\\\n the manufacture of metal structures ranging from silos, and a truss.\\\\r\\\\nپوشش the ceiling and wall niches, industrial, and food and manufacturing.\\\\r\\\\nحداقل area, to register the order panel, 300 meters.\\\\r\\\\n ****** immediate delivery ******

    Building Materials Khorasan Razavi
  • Industrial group-Sey Koo manufacturer of acoustic panels

    Industrial group-Sey Koo manufacturer of acoustic panels

    Panel, acoustic \r\nیغه audio crossover, high absorption coefficient, and the three layers of the slots of the longitudinal and the transverse and cavity depth. The elegance of the construction and design, beautiful appearance and seamless offers. Acoustic panels, tops, acoustic-to-day the most system noise control and sound absorption in the world. The change in the depth of the grooves and the intervals between them, the diameter of the holes and their layout, and also the distance to the back wall of the possibility of absorption of sound, fall in the range range of frequencies provides. After the simulation and the calculations of Sound Hall. the panel required for each بخخش Hall for maximum control of sound can be determined.\r\n\r\nسایز normal\r\n\r\nبدلیل absorption, excellent sound and easily install the panel, the most popular and the most consumed type of panel, laptop acoustic. Tracks, even from distance, both are visible.

    Facilities Alborz
  • Block style cement (concrete) لیپر

    Manufacturer of block style cement ( concrete ) لیپر: - Certificate of technical building and housing Research Center, and extended it for the sixth consecutive year. - Only the holder of the international certification Institute National Standard of America (ASTM C129). - Confirmation of technical building and housing Research Center. - In accordance with national Iranian standard No. 7782. - In accordance with the requirements of section 18 and 19 : * Only blocks, sound insulation, equivalent to 50db (decibels), the drop Sonic with a width of 15 cm in Iran. *Only blocks, heat insulation, created 18 degrees, the temperature difference between the two side walls in Iran. * Only the blocks has a fire resistance of more than 180 minutes at a temperature of 1200 degrees centigrade in Iran. *Produced by the machine is full automatic and equipped with a steam room (Ironing calw). * Only block. no need to plaster due to low water absorption (212 kg/m3 ) * Polypropylene fiber to increase the resistance, decrease distraction and avoid getting crushed when the groove, and The capability of the setting stud, the twist, roll No. due to the existence of fibers. * Has tongue and groove as well as half blocks and bricks, etc. for ease in running. * Ability to send blocks for pallets and packing to all parts of the country Different types of blocks, lightweight concrete ( cement ) : Block لیپر 7 in dimensions 7*20*40 Block لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*40 Block لیپر 15 in dimensions 15*20*40 Block لیپر 20 in dimensions 20*20*40 Super block لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*40 (three-walled) Super block لیپر 14 in dimensions 14*20*50 (Three-walled) Block half لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*20 Block half لیپر 15 in dimensions 15*20*20 Block half لیپر 20 in dimensions 20*20*20 Block semi-Super لیپر 14 in dimensions 14*20*25 Block semi-Super لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*20 Brick لیپر in dimensions 5*10*20 For more information and price list to company site please visit: To the channel & join us: Instagram لیپر:

    Building Materials Tehran
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