Galvanized sheet and colored, glass wool and lace

Galvanized sheet and colored, glass wool and lace

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The purchase and sale of galvanized sheet and colored steel and semnan, seven diamonds and, shahrekord, Iran and China Sell glass wool and rock wool Sell galvanized mesh Sale polycarbonate and carton Plast and hedge and designs of pottery

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Tel+98 51-3×××5657 (منقضی شده)
ProvinceKhorasan Razavi
AddressMashhad, Iran street, trying 27 the. جهارراه first left
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  • Repairs and calibration of mapping cameras and GPS repair microscope

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    Repairs and calibration of mapping cameras and GPS repair microscope Repairs and calibration of mapping cameras and GPS repair microscope Repairs and calibration of mapping cameras GPS equipment پزشگی laboratory Repairs, maintenance and servicing of a variety of camera mapping نیوو total Station تئودولیت Repair all types of microscopes, پلاریزان and biology, and repairs equipment پزشگی and laboratory Repairs equipment پزشگی repairs laboratory equipment Repairs, GPS, Garmin Taiwan include Repair GPS ETREX –ETREX H-ETREX VISTA H-ETREX VISTA HC - ETREX VISTA HCX - GPS MAP 60-GPS MAP 76- GPS MAP 62S-GPS MAP 78S - OREGON 550 - ETREX 10-ETREX 30 - MONTANA 650 Repair sometimes includes all the equipment and spare parts . Device اوسیلوسکوپ کلیماتور 2 axis All devices within less than 24 hours announced, the cost will be . Repairs GPS Repairs camera mapping نیوو Repairs, camera mapping, total Station Repairs camera mapping تئودولیت Repairs, microscope پلاریزان Repairs, microscope, biology Repairs, microscopy, metallurgy Repairs of all engineering equipment Repairs, satellite برانتون Repair ECمتر Repair all kinds of digital thermometer, humidity gauge, digital Compatriot cherished to get more familiar with the products and services of the center please from this company see please. This company is ready to serve all the fellow countrymen cherish, organizations, etc. institutions, academics and respected industry. Straight from the importer, buy here. Serving to you Cause we are proud Tehran : Revolution Square next to bank CORP, commercial complex of Pars, ground floor, unit 8, 66554613-66428740 09353392987-09123541986

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    Plaster جبص hand faithful Abad, Semnan

    Plaster export and micronized\r\nاندود gypsum layer thin\r\nموارد consumption:\r\nمحصول micronized with a commercial brand for export to the Arab countries\r\nادرس company site

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    The company with over 40 years of history of shining in the field of production of TILE, glass, with top quality world, is prepared to grant official dealers across the country, announced ... Tile, glass with the best material made and perfectly against the atmospheric conditions are resistant Also import and install specialized glass blocks from other activities of the company. Warranty executive and the lowest price to ask us The granting of official dealers across the country Tehran 77447662 09121094020 09192467948

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  • Flooring hard concrete, colored

    Flooring hard concrete, colored

    Flooring, concrete, hard colored (under license کرودور Germany)\r\n\r\nکفپوش hard concrete کرودور with the implementation of more than 300 million square meters, is one of the most well-known of industrial coatings in the world. that in terms of physical and mechanical resistance is very high.\r\nThis flooring with a coefficient of hardness of 9.2 on the scale of Mohs., the abrasion resistance of normal concrete up to 500% increase and also due to the compressive strength of 800 in places that are exposed to stress. rusting erosion, traffic, and heavy loads. used.\r\n\r\nویژگی,\r\nضریب very high resistance to wear and abrasion\r\nچگالی surface is very high and resistant to a variety of pressures, static and dynamic\r\nعدم the production of dust (Anti-Dust)\r\nغیرقابل charge, electrostatic\r\nمقاوم against UV rays (Anti-UV)\r\nمقاوم against the penetration of gasoline, oil and solvents\r\nمقاوم against the ingress of water (suitable for spaces and wet places)\r\nضد slip and frustration, even in the effect the loss of oil (Non-Slip)\r\nعدم change the color and enhance gloss on the effect of traffic more\r\nمقاوم against heat and non-combustible\r\nضد Frost\r\nقابلیت easy-to-wash\r\nمناسب, environmental conditions, etc. without chloride, non-toxic, and in terms of physiological no loss\r\nمقاوم against the pressures of mechanical, resulting from moving machinery, heavy duty forklifts, as well as machinery, wheels, tracked and roller bearings, metal\r\nThis material in color, gray, etc. black, red brick, etc. Yellow, green, and blue offered\r\n\r\nکاربرد\r\nto create, cladding, hard and anti-abrasion in industry, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, defense industries, steel making and casting industries, car-building industries, production of aircraft and helicopter industries, electronics and electric power plants, electrical industries, paper making industries, textile industries, food, slaughterhouses, and cold houses, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics industries, plastic industries. parking lots and sidewalks. Stores. levels, bareback, etc., warehouses, etc. workshops and production halls, etc. podium, loading and unloading, road, path, pass, tanks and all surfaces that are exposed to the stresses and the pressures of heavy. used.\r\n\r\nدسته products, hard concrete include :\r\n1. Hard concrete - concrete flooring-hard \r\n2. Hard concrete - flooring, precast concrete (paver sidewalk)\r\n3. Concrete hard - plated self-leveling cement-polymer \r\n4. Hard concrete - powder concrete hard کرودور \r\n\r\nجهت get the additional information further to the website directly cover the Iranian visit

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