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    To notifies you رساندشرکت international scientific makers part(ELSAPA)active in the field of supply of technical knowledge in chemical, polymer required has branches in Tehran واسترالیا penchant is تادرزمینه mentioned products with your esteemed company cooperate, the company باداشتنی کادرمتخصص In importing chemical raw materials which took place in the Direct were the supplier, the main internal and external and is able to باارائه services appropriate to. the attention of many companies موجوددر oil and gas, petrochemical, وکارخانجات to attract. ازمواردی that the company's ability to supply ...

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    آنودایزینگ colored parts and equipment, aircraft interior\r\n\r\nآندایزینگ aluminum, aria, the service provider plated aluminum to the method of European آنودایزینگ\r\n our services : \r\nآندایز Titanium grades 2-5-6-21-23\r\nآنادایز hard\r\nآنودایز chromic\r\nآنادایز White\r\nآندایز colored in various colors\r\nآنادایز normal\r\nآنودایز matte and Shiny\r\nکروماته yellow\r\nکروماته Green\r\nکروماته seven colors\r\nآلوداین\r\nخدمات polishing chemical aluminum parts\r\nخدمات electro polishing stainless steel 304-316\r\nخدمات پسیویشن stainless steel in grade of 304-316\r\nتلفن :\r\n66153057\r\n66 ...

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    Field of activity:\r\nتولیدکننده a variety of fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, liquid and solid brands کودیران And رشدینه\r\n\r\nمدیرعامل:\r\n J. status\r\nمدیر of business:\r\n Mostafa Kamali Ardakani,\r\n\r\nلیست Productions:\r\n\r\n types of fertilizer macro granulation \r\nگوگرد micronized agriculture \r\nکود sulphur bentonite housewife, granulation 75%\r\nکود super phosphate simple\r\nکود liquid sulfur \r\n fertilizers, macro کامل6-6-12\r\nکود macro کامل3-5-7\r\nکود macro کامل15-8-15\r\nکود liquid urea sulfate\r\nکود liquid هیومیتا\r\nکودهای liquid\r\nکود full organic\r\nکود organic s ...

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    متابی sodium sulfite or sodium follower sulphite to the formula Na2S2O5 one of the additives permitted food in food industry is as a preservative and antioxidant goes to work .The material for the crystals colorless or white crystalline powder yellowish is has the smell of sulphur dioxide . In the food industry as preservatives and prevent the food spoilage, especially for shrimp, juices, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. dried fruits and ... used. In the industries of paper making, for سفیدگری and textile industries for the production of dyes Crock used.

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