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To get the lectures, click the link below: http://786tohid.ir Or to the site www.786.ir visit says. Good luck.

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    Provide a variety of detailed fiber optic \r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran \r\n capacity 6 to 288 chorus \r\n\r\n*detailed fiber optic 3M\r\n\r\n2178-S\r\n2178-LS\r\n\r\nکاست 2522\r\nشانه 2521\r\nبا the ability to increase the number of input/output cable, and increase the capacity of the number of, high\r\n\r\nقابل use in all telecommunication networks fiber\r\nآب categories Easy\r\n\r\nGasket Sealing\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n\r\n* a detailed network Model SS , S , M\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n *detailed سامجین \r\ ...

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of welding equipment fiber optics (fusion)\r\nFujikora Japan\r\nمدل S-80, and 62-s\r\n\r\ncleaver CT-30\r\nتیغه cutter for Fuji Kura \r\nالکترود Fuji Kura \r\n\r\nتجهیزات test fiber optic اکسفو EXFO, Canada\r\n\r\nانواع pen optic VFL power 10 to 30 MW and with a range of 5 to 20 km \r\nانواع پاورمتر and pan پاورمتر Powr meter amateur pon power meter,\r\n\r\nدستگاه test light source with 3-wavelength 1310/1490/1550 light source \r\n\r\nانواع cutter cleaver, fiber optic \r\nدستمال lint-free \r\nالکل and fit the alcoholic / container of alcohol, pump, lock, \r\nانواع stripper and overla ...

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Direct sales ATM. With the installation of وگارانتیATM

    Direct sales ATM. With the installation of وگارانتیATM

    Installation خودپردازATM with warranty\r\nسوییچ Bank city. in Islam. Kosar\r\nساپورت and repair of all parts, to the remotest parts of the country,\r\nفروش special with reasonable price,\r\nانواع proposals and marketing\r\n------______________--------\r\n***in the meantime***\r\nYou can, with less than 40 million income top 3الی5 million monthly, with charging خودپردازتان in mind

    Network Services Alborz
  • Program, embroidery design, Special English programming

    Program, embroidery design can easily type in English and get in the moment to design embroidery convert.\r\nسازگار with a variety of machines and devices, embroidery, home and Industrial – a Colle a few heads,\r\nشبیه storage excellent designs embroidery\r\nتبدیل image to designs embroidery\r\nدارای fonts varied English\r\nصرفه saving time

    software Tehran
  • Software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم

    Software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم

    Sell software, professional editing, photo, and plug-ins professional Photoshop and لایتروم\r\n\r\nلیست software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم:\r\n1 - Photo Recovery Software \r\n2 - a software to reconstruct the shake photo\r\n3 - types-fashioned software لایتروم \r\n4 - a software application, Maker Studios (phone, digital)\r\n5 - a software simulator studio lighting\r\n6 - software effects magic (photos and videos) \r\n7 - a software to beautify portrait photos ( Barber) \r\n8 - software separator the subject of green curtains (کروماکی) \r\n9 - softw ...

    software Tehran
  • Close the fiscal period and the increase in new facilities, accounting, brilliant stamp

    Due to the end of the current fiscal year., the accountants and the users of the accounting software must information the previous year's financial archive and information necessary to to new course transferred to. In this regard, the accounting software is brilliant, the stamp also had the direction of affairs necessary in the new year, the information of the current year's archive and the necessary information ranging from Name, sides, accounts and goods and left them, and banking information and checks issued, etc. to the new course transfer. Services group, computer gamers, reseller ...

    software Alborz
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