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Parking Lift

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Most major cases in the selection of Jack ideal یبارتند from: Door type (living - single door - rail) The weight of the door The amount of traffic building The physical conditions of the environment The apparent shape of the door How to the function of the arms is identical but the factors Secret there is that the devices of the distinguishes Some of these factors include: - The parts inside the machine, the gears of some machine, plastic has been the voice of the device but the depreciation will raise that this disadvantage with metal gears, brass has been fixed. - Piece سرجک that in a number of devices due to being poor, early bends or breaks. - The metal parts inside the machine, which, If of metal, good unused. soon to be eaten. - Motor AC or DC device that will power the device and shows on the face of the powerful not by the passage of time and the physical conditions of the door, such as: cold-heat-bumps-dust and... Mar sees. - Circuit device that should be able to special conditions (such as fluctuations in mains - pressure engine, and..) resistant.

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Tel+98 21-6×××4782 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-66573887
Mobile+98 0912×××3357 (منقضی شده)
AddressSquare tohid - Street, North eskandari - No. 79 - floor چهام North
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