Sweets, honey, etc..... I love cakes and muffins, ginger

Sweets, honey, etc..... I love cakes and muffins, ginger

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    Carbamide 35 a disinfectant for surfaces, equipment and installations systems CIP in the food industry is\r\nیک particular product is that, after use, need to wash with water, do not

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    Antiseptic manufacturer for a range of factors, pathogen Pollution میکروبی for the duration of the short destroys for the CIP system and COP to work goes The matter thickens, it sustained and dilutions prepared from it in Mai 60-0 degrees centigrade is effective With a reduction of noticeable chemicals in the environment, when the with ترکیبات organic reaction gives no waste harmful to democracy not affect, because in the water to oxygen and اکسید carbon decomposed All the organic material present in water analysis. Grade food is that, after disinfection, matching the instructions نیازس t ...

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