Sensor ceiling staircase

Sensor ceiling staircase

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Trading company trade smart آوالان manufacturer and importer of a variety of sensors, ceiling, staircase and parking, quality assurance, one year replacement, unconditional. You can play with a devise a simple, cost lowered and makes comfort and security of your account. The best locations used: staircase, parking, Rooms Peru, shops, schools, universities, offices, conference rooms, etc. bathroom and sanitary services, etc., physicians ' and hospitals etc. venues, luxury and stylish and ... . The advantages of sensor lights, ceiling: 1) - reduction of electricity consumption 2) - Long life lamps 3) – not clear the lights in non-essential items 4) – possibility to adjust the time stay clear lamps 5) - the elegant design and modern 6) – can be installed on ceiling and wall 7) – sensitivity, accurate and duly 8) – Power Supply: 240-200 watt 9) – the radius of the yield 135X360 10) – range: maximum 6 km (average 20 to 24 degrees Celsius) 11) – times: 2X36 watt 12) – working temperature: 10 - to 45+ degrees Celsius 13) – timer Time: 5 to 480 seconds 14) - light intensity: 3 Deluxe Eli sunshine (adjustable) 15) – protection class: IP20 16) – duration replacement: 12 months unconditional For more information and familiarity with the products and purchase online from our site, see please: Shop online: Email: E-Mail: Address: Tehran, tajrish sq., the square'. street, Shahid bahonar, etc. the beginning of the street, kabiri, etc. building age. پلاک10 the unit a Phone: (At the bottom of the ad) – (At the bottom of the ad) Fax: (At the bottom of the ad) mobile: (At the bottom of the ad) Sensor, types of sensor, PIR sensor , the sensor of the staircase, sale, sensor, LED sensor, motion sensor, sensor lighting, buy, sensor, sensor alarm, sensor lights, lamps, Alarm lights, staircase lighting, electrical accessories, electrical lighting, building, lights, ceiling lights سنسوردار sensor, ceiling, staircase, sensor, overhead parking lot lights, سنسوردار, ceiling lights, intelligent lights, staircase, types of sensors, staircase, smart lights, ceiling lights, ceiling work, lights, ceiling your tits Sensor, smart, staircase, motion sensor stair lights, overhead parking lot lights, ceiling تایمردار mature intelligent sensor, ceiling sensor, ceiling, LED Ceiling, LED mature lights, ceiling تایمردار lights, ceiling سنسوردار, lights, ceiling, metal, and plastic, ceiling lights, imported, Turkey, lights, سنسوردار lights, smart buildings, smart lights سنسوردار lights sensors in type bubble, bubble, سنسوردار sensor, Parking Sensor, motion, ceiling sensor wall sensor, optical sensor, smart light bulb your wife laytyng, staircase, chandelier, lights, ceiling

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Tel+98 21-2×××73763 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-22702645
Mobile+98 0912×××0553 (منقضی شده)
AddressTehran, tajrish sq., the square'. street, Shahid bahonar, etc. the beginning of the street, kabiri, etc. building age. پلاک10 the unit a
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