Road-building machinery and construction

Road-building machinery and construction

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Machinery group آماگ Produce and supply all kinds of construction machinery and road construction Sales – repairs – preparation of components – service and maintenance

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  • Pumps, concrete, etc. concrete batching, etc. mixer, concrete blocks, dampers, etc. بتونیر, etc., etc. کمپاکتور

    Pumps, concrete, accessories, components 2000 - 3000 - 550 Pump concrete شویینگ, etc. پوتس Meister, etc. Alba, etc. his commands Pump concrete, a mast 42 yards., the 36 yards, etc. 32 meters, etc. 28 yards, etc. 21 meters Concrete pump ground, the construction concrete pump, sales, pump, concrete, etc. repair pumps, concrete Batching plant, road machine, لیبهر, etc. وایمر, etc. his commands, etc. آراکلیان Truck mixer, etc. order making and parts Ironing presses. Merlo, etc. اولما., the Fury, concrete machine Dampers, etc. dumper, side discharge away; the dumper dump, بتونیر, etc. بتونر 4 wheels, concrete mixers, etc. خلاطه, etc. mixer, concrete, etc. mortar Maker 300-350 Vibrator, etc., hoses, etc., vibrating body, etc., table vibrator etc. vibrator, diesel, کمپکتور, etc. کمپاکتور roller, etc. کمپکتور pan, plate, rollers, columns, etc. trowel, Electric trowel, motorized, etc. trowel, helicopter, etc. trowel شمشه, Electric trowel away, etc. کفساب, etc. water pump Table. بلوکزن, etc. ناریساز., the manufacturer of Block ... Block machine, Compressors, shot-Crete, etc. mortar spraying, etc. stucco spraying, etc., slurry spraying, etc., foam concrete Lift rail, etc. Lift away Diesel generator آکبند with price on dollar Motor, electric motor, welding motor, water Manufacturer قیرپاش, the construction قیرپاش in different capacities Industrial machinery آماگ in the field of buying, selling, technical consultation, etc. repairs and construction and production of construction machinery etc. road construction, agricultural, mining and industrial new and second-hand and used according to the customer's order is ready to provide services. A variety of new machinery, etc. used in. second hand Dealer, machinery, building Sale of construction machinery and industrial Repairs of construction machinery and construction Supply machinery parts, building and construction Switching machines depreciate with new machinery and ready to work The dispatch of repair and service work to the place Guaranteed after-sale service Buy, sell and repair all types of electrical motor and diesel generator. used, etc. second hand The construction and production of a variety of قیرپاش. used, etc. second hand Best Price Reasonable price Visit machinery exhibition Tehran, Beltway liberals آماگ car Ahmadzadeh Contact phone: 09121386306 02189774596 Site address:

    Construction and road building machinery
  • Diesel generator

    DISEL GENERATOR Stock diesel generator. used, etc. second hand Supplier of diesel generator and engine power cuts, gasoline, and گازوییلی Supplier of Technical Services includes, chassis, coupling Repairs a variety of electrical motor and diesel generator Repairs and winding all kinds of generators from 5 kW to 2000 kW Repairs, installation, regulator Winding rotor and the stator - shell, and the collector Winding اکسایتر and stimulation generator ( Purchase, sales and repairs of all the machinery, construction and road-building. second hand and. used ) Bitumen spraying. used., the second-hand Manufacturing قیرپاش Reasonable price Best Price Visit machinery exhibition Tehran, Beltway liberals آماگ car Ahmadzadeh Contact phone: 55407170 Site address:

  • قیرپاش

    The construction and production of a variety of قیرپاش Installation systems قیرپاش . Second hand and. used The introduction of the newest technology قیرپاش The possibility of making قیرپاش extends across the country Manufacturer قیرپاش in a variety of capacities 150 liter to 8000 liter Producer قیرپاش manual قیرپاش back نیسانی قیرپاش the back of a truck قیرپاش tow قیرپاش oil heater قیرپاش باامکان spraying the emulsion and the thirty With warranty and service after the sale Repairs وسرویس a variety of قیرپاش Supply parts and accessories قیرپاش Technical specifications: The shape of the tank قیرپاش oval Isolate باپشم stone Tube furnace 10 mill مانیسمان Pump bitumen, 3-inch System, pneumatic جکها Control system ازداخل موتور2 cylinder 20 horse Broadcasting system valves, special cut-out that the loss of bitumen to prevent Bathroom interior with wind and diesel Monitor system, rear ( Purchase, sales and repairs of all the machinery, construction and road-building ) Supplier of diesel generator and engine power cuts, gasoline, and گازوییلی A variety of machinery. second hand and. used Reasonable price Best Price Visit machinery exhibition Tehran, Beltway liberals آماگ car Ahmadzadeh Contact phone: 66388612 66382637 Site address:

    machine manufacturing
  • Repairs a specialized diesel generator, concrete pump and all kinds of machines

    Repairs a specialized Diesel Generator, Engine, electrical, and all kinds of machinery, building and construction, light and heavy Repair, service, rebuilding, engine, diesel, etc. repairs and winding types of generators, renovation, install, set up, and all kinds of construction machinery and road construction in terms of motor and ... systems, hydraulic, etc. Reconstruction and modernization of apparent, and fix all imperfections, characteristics of the by experts and mechanics experienced Industrial Group آماگ in the repair shop equipped Repair, troubleshooting and ... technical services, etc. coupled and chassis, Diesel Generator, Engine electrical and engine welding Electrical work and office generator and industrial power Mechanics and repairman of hydraulic and pneumatic Dispatch a repairman to the location with the minimum cost Replacement Parts and service, generator Mechanic and repairer diesel Parts and accessories original Industrial machinery آماگ provider of supplies, parts and varied services include : service, maintenance, repairs, renovation, and reconstruction to a variety of machines. Professional repair of diesel engine, CATERPILLAR, Komatsu, etc. a. Perkins etc. Cummins., the Benz, etc., Volvo, Ford, etc. دورمن, etc. دویتس., the SS-Ka el., the Skoda, he. Lowell., the Lister, etc. لومباردینی, etc. meise, etc. اونان, etc. کوبوتا Service and repair a variety of generator استامفورد, etc. Mac آلته, etc. مارکون., the Lowry, Sumer, etc., Siemens, etc. آ ا abilities. Repair and replacement of parts motor and hydraulic pump repair themselves ساطوری and - rock 2000 ، 3000 ، 550 ، 601 ، شوئینگ, etc. پوتس Meister, etc. Alba, etc. his commands with systems & components, electric pumps, concrete, plus the pipe and fittings and clamps, concrete pump Fix imperfections and rebuild and parts batching plant and mini batching plant, road machine, لیبهر, etc. وایمر, etc. his commands, etc. آراکلیان Repairs, renovation, building, production and sale of all kinds of بتونیر, etc. dumper, etc. اتومیکسر, etc., etc. COMPACTOR, etc., hoses, vibration, etc. of the rollers Services include construction, replacement, etc. change and restoration of the form and the Pines block, and fix all the imperfections device بلوکزنی آماگ car Ahmadzadeh Contact phone: 09121386306 02189774596

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  • Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search

    Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search

    Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search) The most suitable in terms of : price, speed, design, easy user interface etc. the dimensions of the space necessary The highest quality and after-sales service after comparison. of us want. Research and get expensive buy to the price of buying art . After comparing the prices, services since ازفروش and quality .Buy. Industrial Group bhān with experienced engineers, is proud with the construction of industrial machinery serves manufacturers of spare parts for our beloved country, Iran, is with this machine can filter the air types of vehicles (products of Iran khodro .Saipa.Pars khodro and... like:pride.پژو405.Samand.Persia..arrow.Peugeot 206. زانتیا.Maxima.Nissan .رنوسپند. ال90.Doo.Rio.Mazda .A variety of pickup..) راتولید and a productive, independent mind. This device is 30 meters, fit and wants only to electric single phase typical نیازدارد and its consumption is also very low and it is very simple. No side effects or Bowie or سروصدایی not we can, even in the parking lot of home launched the top 50% of the net profit in mind. Activities ا : 1 - making production line, air filter( pu ) vehicles, style, to, all automatic (with میزCNC) 2-build خطتولیدفیلترهوای heavy vehicles (بامیزCNCمخصوص) 3 - making machine, paper China, now the paper, roller and adhesive, full (filters book) 4-making machine کاغذچینکن paper method غلطکیم, especially heavy machinery (floral) 5-making machine, paper China now کاعذ to the method of the blade (filter round) I and the height of China's different direction of the filter dust to air and gasoline and oil and .... 6 - supplier of raw materials, the ISO and poly, tour, aluminum, etc. template, the paper folded . کاعذ raw ( roll) 7 - sale, production line worked 8 - convert lines, semi-automatic to automatic 9 - -selling filter ready 10 - Sa خت, template, the, machines, special The air filter is a piece of consumer . Every car ride, depending on function and pollution, weather and expensive gasoline, the annual number of it needs. According to the market consumption good . On the other hand, because فیلترحجیم. import it from China to merchants, effective, economic, acceptable, not according to the domestic producers can, force, human, and capital are relatively low, and workshop space, a simple and tutorials fast and easy, your product with the right quality and production shipped consumption . The profitability of it compared to the other cases to acknowledge the many manufacturers, very good . باچند worker can be on بین2000 up to 3000 pcs air filter production(to lie in a DP, some brokers jobber that over the varieties the poems; Note Not all devices, automatic available in Iran, both domestic and foreign, of every hour, just 350الی400 number filter can produce . 7pm, useful 1H as well as for cleaning and preparation . Each filter is also at least 200تومان (bulk buyers)and the extent اکثر1000 USD in case of obtaining the standard and market Finder. profit . Justify yourself its economic assessment services and judge for yourself . With 5الی6 workers, and 25روز month. روزی3000عدد, every عددفقط200 RS . . .(Of course, in this between Place and experience, initial and return of capital and the absence of working out and marketing appropriate as well as for quite a while, for example, 6 months Eli a year must be in terms of)). Industrial Group bhān the no branch of another نداردصداقت we واعتماد you backup the yogurt .توکلتوا to Islam Lookout, Internet fraudsters, be they with the temptation, and the promise of income, a few million ... وتضمین buy your product, etc. devices with a much higher price sold imply. And we're trying, in the process, the prices of the false block and production line to its original price of supply. Production line Automatic with desk, CNN 20 million USD to the top. With a design unique and user is very easy (to malign competitors don't pay attention ) Production line manual با100عدد templates, and materials necessary برای300عدد filter = 800000 RS Production line manual با150عدد templates, and materials necessary برای700عدد فیلتر1400.000 USD Production line manually with the 50 template without the raw materials, 450000 USD (raw materials بقیمت days) Name:فراهانی phone:09190753450 Email m.darestani Keywords bhān filter, filter air, produce air filter, etc. production line, air filter, etc. the production line ... machine production ... machinery production ... production machines, filter machines, new foreign (felts) , China eraser, paper, etc., China dryer, paper roller, China eraser, paper, blade, China dryer paper machine, heavy duty production line فیلترهوا heavy, material filter, aozou., the bridge, etc. frame, frame, felt, etc. the cloud. ترموفیوز, etc. material, filter, cabin filter, filter, ready, and ... filter, cabin filter, template filter, a variety of templates filter paper rolls raw paper, China. kinds of paper raw, all kinds of paper China and . . .

    machine manufacturing Tehran
  • The granting of representation, napkins, paper شاتن

    The granting of representation, napkins, paper شاتن

    Group of companies, commercial, وتولیدی matin goods The first manufacturer of cellulose products, hologram label بابرند commercial شاتن and دیانک With سبدکالایی complete include a variety of tissue paper 200 sheets., the tissue paper 300 leaves, etc., tissue paper 400 sheet metal napkin دلسی Twin, etc. دلسی 4 octo., the دلسی 6 octo, etc., napkins, towels, and 400 leaf PE, and the machinations... In all the provinces of the representative active exclusively accepts. Features brand شاتن: 1. Size napkins, 20*20.5 standard 2. Tissue external damask 3. Has an additional window to view the number of leaves remaining, tissue paper 4. Box امباس, leather, metallic, gloss(UV ) 5. Has ویندوپچ 6. The hologram ... to ensure the quality of the product produced in the relevant unit 7. Packed in carton 8. The design of the different graphical To view samples of the products to the address of the company Site or the official channel & visit نمایئد.

    Cellulose industry West Azarbaijan
  • Dock leveler, hydraulic, etc. coplanar. platform loading., the dock, etc., hydraulic floor jack, etc. ramps, loading, etc., Jack, loading, equipment loading (Abtin industry هوراد)

    Dock leveler, hydraulic, etc. coplanar. platform loading., the dock, etc., hydraulic floor jack, etc. ramps, loading, etc., Jack, loading, equipment loading (Abtin industry هوراد)

    (Dock leveler) (coplanar) (platform loading) (dock) (hydraulic floor jack) (ramp loading) (Jack loading) (equipment loading) \r\\r\nهمسطح (Dock Leveler) surface removable tilt-restraint is of two hydraulic jack and steel structures welded with reinforced underside is formed. The ramp of the sheet عاجدار with a thickness of 6 mm, and the edge of movable with a thickness of 10 mm.\r\nسیستم hydraulic control circuit and with the use of two hydraulic jack, the possibility of increasing height up to 60 cm and reduce the height to 30 cm USB cable.\r\nبا placement of the truck in front of the podium and sticking it to the traffic signs, etc. the door goes up and ramp by the control circuit to be higher than the level of the truck, guided, and then the edge of the marquee, and total it by the control circuit, the level of the truck.\r\nبا the possibility of traffic fast, forklifts, and ریشتراک to the inside of the truck, when loading and unloading from 1 hour to 10 minutes reduced.

    Hydraulics and pneumatics Tehran
  • Milk تایمردار Wieser Wiseair

    Milk تایمردار Wieser Wiseair

    Solenoid valve 1/2 تایمردار Wieser Wiseair\r\nهیدرولیک pneumatic سیدبرقی\r\nمشهد Street, Sana square, Imam Mahdi(A. s) complex, the Almighty, ground floor, unit 3\r\n09915468186\r\n051-37133713

    Hydraulics and pneumatics Khorasan Razavi
  • The Fund refractory kaveh

    The Fund refractory kaveh\r\nگاوصندوق, fireproof and anti-theft lock, mechanical and digital\r\nicon, all the size of the security appliance to safes بسبارید\r\nحمل centers quick ورایگان serve your loved ones\r\nشرکت IRKAVE

    Other Tehran
  • Services آنودایزینگ anodizing aluminum Arvin

    Services آنودایزینگ anodizing aluminum Arvin

    Services آنودایزینگ hard alloys of aluminum \\r\\nخدمات آنودایزینگ colored matte and Shiny\\r\\nخدمات آنودایزینگ Ti\\r\\nهارد anodized black and silver\\r\\nآلوداین and polishing aluminum

    Other Tehran
  • خریدفرزالماس وتردمیل carbide

    خریدارانواع واقسام فرزومته Diamond Stoke واکبند\r\nبه price agreement

    Hardware Tehran
  • Service and maintenance of Escalator

    Company jeweled phenomenon of the Hide (s) with the use of experienced technicians and trained its activities in the field of sales, Escalator and provisioning, distribution and assembly of spare parts, installation, service and maintenance, types of stairs, mechanized, urban, Airport, malls, shopping, organizations, government and private, ramps, etc. a moving sidewalk with a warranty offer . The company's possible supply and distribution of spare parts for all brands, ranging from Schindler, etc., Otis, etc., Hyundai, etc. تیسن groups, etc. ore dressing in. LG, Hitachi, CATERPILLAR, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, etc. اسجک, etc., guilan, Iran, he have? techno, etc.? K.Yu., the hosting, etc. دلسو, el T-Fuji, complete set, Otis, etc. پاراویا, etc. Mang, etc. اورتک, etc. فوشیلی, etc. شیندا., the express Otis, etc. آنلکو, etc., t. he,. ماشیبا, etc., Toshiba., the steed, etc., Isuzu., the SSL, etc. Samsung, HTC products. Fuji HD ماتیز, etc. Express, Sanyo, etc., sunny, etc. Shanghai Schindler, the amount of SS, he T. پاراویا., the Westinghouse, etc., Sanyo, etc. کونیه, Sunni, etc. Climactic and other brands available in Iranian market and co sell the escalators and elevators Trump and Fuji in Iran.

    Other Tehran
  • The production of a variety of tags, cable clamps, ring stainless steel

    The production of a variety of tags, cable clamps, ring stainless steel

    The production of a variety of tags, cable clamps, ring stainless steel\r\nبا attention to the mass production of the tags and broadcast it across the country and the market are proud to Offer tag the cable with the best materials without the use of material, non-principle, and the same with the best quality and appearance is very accurate and, in accordance with the standard file oil, gas, petrochemistry and ... and the most reasonable prices . \r\nانواع tag cable 304 and 316, in dimensions of 15*90 15*120 mm and ابعادسفارشی \r\nانواع tag equip single hole and two hole. \r\nانواع clamps ring, stainless steel, uncoated and coated ( shearing, thermal and epoxy coating factory ) in size, 10 ، 15 ، 20 ، 25 ، 30 ، 40 ، 50 CM \r\nجهت more information, and access to, tables, videos and photos to the site or with consultants specialized in engraving, please contact us.

    machine manufacturing Tehran
  • Import and sale of pot spa چگالشی

    Import and sale of pot spa چگالشی

    Import and sale of pot spa چگالشی Company smooth water Dec The company is the exclusive representative of the company ECO in Iran, and their products with a 3 year گارارنتی and 15 years after sales services supplied. Technical machine, boiler, spa چگالشی the company : • New-generation boiler, spa, central heating, with 55% saving in energy consumption • Dimensions very small in order to reduce the space of the engine room • Converter from aluminum, silicone, alloy, magnesium • Has a high thermal efficiency of % 106 % 109 • Technology unique PREMIX CONDENSING • Mode-modular, interior, machine, mode of operation 5:1 • Torch, PREMIX manufacturing company, POLIDORO, Italy • The system controls all the automatic marking SIEMENSآلمان • The possibility of adjusting and planning the mode of functioning of the daily and weekly depending on the consumption of the user • Mode setting and planning of temperature, compared to the seasons of the year in the season of heat and cold • Ability to function without error in Device • No pollution of environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, NOX, and CO • Ability to work with natural gas and LPG • Ability to simultaneously connect 16 devices in حالتCASCADE the capacity of 8,800 KW 16 BOILERS = 1 MASTER + 15 SLAVE BOILERS • System هوشمندANTI FREEZ, in order to prevent freezing device • Has three years guarantee and 15 years services after sale For more information please contact us. Contact information : Headquarters and sales : تبریز – فلکه دانشگاه – the tower crystal – third floor – unit C Phone : 04133367612 Mobile and online multimedia : ۰۹۱۴۷۶۱۰۷۹۵ Email :

    machine manufacturing East Azarbaijan
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