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Company دماآراسبز the industry's first and only manufacturer of devices deal with frostbite.That بادستگاههای خودنیاز gardeners several country-level supply.

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Tel+98 071-3×××2325 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 071-32232325
Mobile+98 0935×××0543 (منقضی شده)
AddressShiraz-crossroads of migration (parking)-building migration of the 1-طبقه1-واحد1
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    This fertilizer is a perfect combination of elements, macro, etc. micronutrient and a variety of amino acids and has a high percentage of acid lesions on the required herbs is that it can be the result of new technology, processing and combining elements, organic material, he said.\r\n\r\nانواع packing : ۱-liter ۱۰ kg and ۲۰ kg\r\n\r\nمزایای use: کودمایع avian هیومیکی., the Cody full, along بااسید lesions and amino acids that the lifter shortage of elements, stress, physiological, and environmental laws and, thereby, adjusting the PH of the soil acidic and decrease the PH of the environment, rooted, effortless, and the result of the solubility of the elements established, such as phosphorus in calcareous soils increases.\r\n\r\nتاثیرات on the plant:\r\n– increase absorption of dietary full consumption, including phosphorus and nitrogen\r\n– accelerates the germination\r\n– increase the resistance of plant to environmental stress\r\n– increase stimulates the enzymes and plant hormones\r\n– ability to chelate the persuasiveness of the elements of micronutrient like Iron,\r\n– increase the absorption of fertilizers and minerals, the dirt,\r\n– stimulates the activity of the root,\r\n\r\nنکات characteristics of the:\r\n– increases the activity of micro ارگانیسمهای beneficial soil\r\n– correction of the soil acidity(PH)\r\n– reduction of soil salinity

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