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The supply of commodity science and technology Supplier of all kinds of Industry Equipments, oil, gas and petrochemical industries-food industries-marine, and water and sewer projects for the major with the best brands

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Tel+98 21-3×××1105 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-33934485
AddressTehran, Khayam, North, Street, tyre, sound, etc. passage khodami, etc., No. 2/1
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  • Rent a villa 670 yards in lavasan

    Rent a villa 670 yards in lavasan

    Rent a villa 670 yards\r\nدوبلکس\r\n4خواب\r\nاستخر and sauna\r\nچشم launch of unparalleled\r\nکد property : 1730\r\nPlease report for more information after a visit to the website with the number 26565050 and 09190622626 real estate, central Karabakh Mr. yusefi, please contact us.

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  • The production of a variety of Cole concrete Wells

    The production of a variety of Cole concrete Wells

    Manufacturing group ورتان ( ورتان: Urban with blessings abundant )\r\n\r\nگروه manufacturing ورتان recover and for the supply of concrete parts of the well to do contractors, municipalities, builders, building and mass production, ranging from the variety of Cole, the mill, and Cole, the store declares .\r\n\r\nسایز manufacturing Cole, The ورتان\r\n\r\nانواع Cole Rod ********** kinds of Kool, warehouse \r\nکول bars 60 ********* Kool and storage, 55 * 90\r\nکول bars 70 ******** Cole store 55 * 100\r\nکول bars 80 ****** Cole store 65 * 120 floor flat\r\nکول bars 90 ******* Cole store 83 * 120 eg ...

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  • Repair jack Lift

    Repairs jack آسانسورهیدرولیک Fix leaks oil jack Lift Jack, single stage دواستیج Three stage

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  • مادررنگ three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy

    مادررنگ three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy

    Mom color three multipurpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy\r\nکد :NPS 570نام product :mother of three color-purpose, plastic, acrylic, and calligraphy\r\nمادر three color multi-purpose special directions, coloring the interior and exterior surfaces and colors, colors, acrylic, and plastic ۱۰۰درصد washable, and has features the lack of absorption of dirt and stains, pussies, that, based on the acrylic resin base water-emulsion. Also it can be used in varying percentages mixed with water and as calligraphy inside and outside of the building use .\r\nتلفن factory : 0443 ...

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  • Land اوقافی in lavasan

    Land اوقافی in lavasan

    Land 450 yards with the document اوقافی\r\n450 km license\r\n2 corner\r\nicon the best spot لواسان\r\n\r\nPlease report free consultation and more information, with the number 26565050 and 09123444525 please contact us.

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  • Package the earthly Venus, model mg3

    Specifications : package land of Venus, such as a motor home, complete along with safety, beauty, etc. the product is durable, besides, hot water supply, consumer health, Heating, desirable homes, construction, villas and apartment buildings to supply the مزایاو capabilities : Being independent of any residential units in the supply of heating and water consumption . Occupy less space inside your kitchen or building . Beauty in the kitchen after the install, and fits with the level of the cabinets . Has safety and high thermal efficiency Attention to preserving the environment with low f ...

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