Sales and installation of CCTV

Sales and installation of CCTV

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Engineering data ban Consulting, design and implementation of systems of video surveillance and CCTV cameras in factories and. workshops, etc. government offices, banks, public institutions, etc. shops and public places, and private. Supplier of the most diverse CCTV cameras trap , industrial , speed trap , industrial With the capabilities of Night Vision , remote control and network CNB GREAT HIK VISION NEOTEK MEGA And a variety of devices recording (DVR) Provide warranty service directly on the company premises. The implementation of the project according to the technical principles and engineering day, and the use of technical personnel trained. Transfer images, surveillance, and management of the system remotely. 18 months replacement warranty for the camera and 2 years after-sales service. Visit the place for free and done as soon as possible is. Address : کرج – خیابان شهید بهشتی – four-way – taleghani, next to book city – the upper floors of the house – floor, 4 – Unit 8, phone : (At the bottom of the ad)-(At the bottom of the ad)26 mobile : (At the bottom of the ad)Fax : (At the bottom of the ad)-026 email : site address :

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Tel+98 26-3×××6760 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 26-34496794
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