Sale of recharge cards, Internet, MTN, MCI, rightel, taliya

Sale of recharge cards, Internet, MTN, MCI, rightel, taliya

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With the use of the store charge " can easily be a variety of charge Card, Wire, credit card, MTN, along the first, Talia and raytl your purchase amount it Card Bank members of the network acceleration to pay After the payment immediately, your SIM card can be charged and password charge purchased together on the page, the site is visible, and also to the email you will send Cards national banking-Nations-export-agricultural-export development-dildo-economy new-CORP-pasargadae and... the capability of Internet shopping. Buy completely safe and use the crossings, Bank mellat and parsian done. Anywhere access Internet easily and in 24 hours of a day, even holidays, as online charge buy. Features: Buy Internet recharge cards, MTN, MCI, rightel, taliya Direct charging MCI Recharge directly MTN Charge amazing MTN Charge irancell WiMAX Paying bills MTN Download Android software for phones and purchase recharge by software Fast and convenient you purchase support the site with you. That the charge " to your friends you introduce thank. Support : (At the bottom of the ad)

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Tel+98 916-3452251 (منقضی شده)
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