technopayaتعمیرات specialized types of chairs and furniture تکنوپایا

technopayaتعمیرات specialized types of chairs and furniture تکنوپایا

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That تکنوپایا did you choose thank .The introduction of the service .Repairs of all seats of administrative and non-administrative, brands and models, and furniture to your request in the location and work environment you .صداگیری and the design of the doors آگوستیک .Replacement parts main وفرعی chair with 24 months warranty .Replacement seat and tack, furniture, along with cloud and foam, to تهترین and of the highest quality and the use of fabric and leather produced from nanotechnology .صداگیری and لمسه and design all doors and walls and آگوستیک with warranty penetration, heat and sound .Trust you quality services from us .Khdmtym .www.technopaya .ir

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Tel+98 21-6×××1769 (منقضی شده)
ProvinceTehran Street, Hafez Street, Colonel sakhaie, next to the hospital oil C 63
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