Lighting system spot, Metro, light

Lighting system spot, Metro, light

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( Metro, reflections, sky full The stars you ) Lighting system spot, like the sky Full a star can be that of fine and coarse That was the unique ambience created for you . Lighting system, Metro, light that was from (LED ) to the various diameters that can be installed on all the The roof, now . Part structure, structure, and specific sections of the Executive. System fibers of the optical spot due to a limitation in the length of کابلها, etc., lighting, low-point, optical High-priced, these days the position of your to point, optical ( LED ) and data in the industry, other Applicable the lighting system spot from the production factory, manufacturer, 35000روشنایی warranty And for 3 year warranty and has a 15 year warranty services. Run over tens of projects, raised pools, a hotel, restaurants and Centers for the commercial showing of quality Product and precision in installation and after-sales service. Lighting system, Metro, light LED, because of the low consumption, longevity, high and effects optical inimitable, suitable for installation in walls and interiors and false ceilings. This system, The power consumption is very low (11 to 4 watt) and also in 6 light colors( white, sunny, fluorescent, red, blue, green, yellow) is customizable. Due to the very low heat this type of lighting system usage in panels and wooden ceiling, stretching to run a sky full of stars.

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Tel+98 21-8×××8072 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 -02166743245
Mobile+98 0910×××6455 (منقضی شده)
AddressCrossroads ولیعص - next big unity
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    Plaster export and micronized\r\nاندود gypsum layer thin\r\nموارد consumption:\r\nمحصول micronized with a commercial brand for export to the Arab countries\r\nادرس company site

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    Panel, acoustic \r\nیغه audio crossover, high absorption coefficient, and the three layers of the slots of the longitudinal and the transverse and cavity depth. The elegance of the construction and design, beautiful appearance and seamless offers. Acoustic panels, tops, acoustic-to-day the most system noise control and sound absorption in the world. The change in the depth of the grooves and the intervals between them, the diameter of the holes and their layout, and also the distance to the back wall of the possibility of absorption of sound, fall in the range range of frequencies provides. After the simulation and the calculations of Sound Hall. the panel required for each بخخش Hall for maximum control of sound can be determined.\r\n\r\nسایز normal\r\n\r\nبدلیل absorption, excellent sound and easily install the panel, the most popular and the most consumed type of panel, laptop acoustic. Tracks, even from distance, both are visible.

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  • Design and implementation of decoration, Knauf, etc. false ceiling, light hidden

    Design and implementation of specialized decor, Knauf, etc. the decor of the ceilings, Hidden Light, etc. the decor of the library, decor, LCD, arches and open kitchen\r\nدیوار separator, etc.\r\nسقف Azaran plastic, etc.\r\nسقف click\r\nسقف false رابیتس and Knauf and stretched ceiling

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  • The sale of products tiles,ceramic washbasin,شیرالات and...

    The sale of products tiles,ceramic washbasin,شیرالات and...

    Reseller products ceramic tile to a low rate ترازکارخانه and without intermediaries with weekly direct ازدرب factories ازکارخانجات Khayyam,alchemy,Areia,exquisite and....

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  • Single-wire Alborz

    Single-wire Alborz

    Manufacturer of wire and cable, Inkjet, standard, with excellent quality and reasonable price

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  • Flooring, polyurethane

    Flooring, polyurethane

    Flooring, polyurethane\r\n\r\nThis product is based on resin, polyurethane and hardener ایزوسیانات produced and offered, which is as integrated and seamless runs, and the adhesion is very good on concrete surfaces, etc. metal, asphalt, etc., mosaic, etc.\r\nThis flooring, also having properties, without any tears epoxy from abrasion resistance, higher can be due to high resistance against the ultraviolet radiation (UV) in the environment and raw and also the ability to run. By the way, the flooring of polyurethane because of having properties of elasticity and elasticity. high in the front. tear and bearing the impact relative to the epoxy preference.\r\nلازم to mention the use of coating, polyurethane in acute conditions acid not recommended.\r\n\r\nویژگی,\r\nمقاومت mechanical and ... pressure, etc. ضریه and high wear\r\nقابلیت elasticity and high flexibility\r\nمقاومت high in terms of mechanical tough against stresses and shocks imported\r\nمصون the environment from pollution and dust caused by abrasion (Anti-Dust)\r\nمقاوم against UV rays (Anti-UV)\r\nمقاومت up against water, cold and heat environments\r\nمحافظت from the surface against corrosion and rusting. climate change and the environment, atmospheric, acute,\r\nدوام excellent in the environment, marine and industrial\r\nایجاد surface integrated and seamless\r\nچسبندگی excellent to concrete surfaces, and metal, stone, etc. mosaic and wood\r\nسبک and low volume\r\nقابل washing with water and detergent, homemade\r\nنگهداری easy, right? Low هزینهبه cell repair capability pussies nice and fast\r\nامکان line drawing and design on the flooring of the desired\r\nتنوع in color (256 colors)\r\nحداقل 10 year shelf life\r\n\r\nکاربرد\r\nicon all surfaces that are exposed to mechanical vibrations and bumps are\r\nicon salon, production, warehouses, etc., refrigeration etc. industrial slaughterhouse and poultry farms\r\nicon all surfaces that are exposed to extreme temperature variations are like the morgue,\r\nبعنوان flooring antibacterials in hospitals, clinics and ASP زمایشگاه,\r\nپوشش metal structures, and marine and also the anti-corrosion coating on the deck and hull of the ship,\r\nکفپوش parking, shop, Exhibition, and location of the traffic personnel in office space\r\nکفپوش sports hall, sports track, track and field), and the land the game\r\nجهت uses in open space (Outdoor) And exposed to UV sun rays\r\nآب categories pool and tanks, metal and concrete\r\nعایق sealing roofs\r\n\r\nدسته packaging polyurethane products include :\r\n1. Polyurethane flooring, polyurethane \r\n2. Polyurethane flooring, polyurethane industrial \r\n3. Polyurethane flooring, polyurethane antibacterials (Hospital - Health)\r\n4. Polyurethane flooring, polyurethane car park – traffic \r\n5. Polyurethane - coated, polyurethane-resistant to scratches \r\n6. Polyurethane - coated, anti-corrosion, polyurethane (FRP) - \r\n7. Polyurethane - SPORTS FLOORING, polyurethane \r\n8. Polyurethane - flooring decorative \r\n9. Polyurethane - lacquer protective stone and building facades \r\n10. Polyurethane - coated, self-leveling cement-polymer \r\n11. Polyurethane - filling a seam (درزبند), polyurethane– two-component \r\n12. Polyurethane - mastic caulking, polyurethane– single minor \r\n\r\nجهت get the additional information further to the website directly cover the Iranian visit

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  • Company gypsum faithful Abad, Semnan

    Mines gypsum in Semnan City, Iran from the last component of the richest and purest mines of gypsum country. Therefore, the demand for the production of gypsum of high quality always has been on the rise.\\r\\nThis company has been using ore with a high purity and with the use of technical knowledge and laboratory, equipped with product quality and high quality production Finish.Now, the company is to produce white plaster, industrial, and micro-spear, has come to be, and gypsum production for domestic consumption and export to regional countries and European agenda, is put.\r\nادرس company site

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