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( Metro, reflections, sky full The stars you ) Lighting system spot, like the sky Full a star can be that of fine and coarse That was the unique ambience created for you . Lighting system, Metro, light that was from (LED ) to the various diameters that can be installed on all the The roof, now . Part structure, structure, and specific sections of the Executive. System fibers of the optical spot due to a limitation in the length of کابلها, etc., lighting, low-point, optical High-priced, these days the position of your to point, optical ( LED ) and data in the industry, other Applicable the lighting system spot from the production factory, manufacturer, 35000روشنایی warranty And for 3 year warranty and has a 15 year warranty services. Run over tens of projects, raised pools, a hotel, restaurants and Centers for the commercial showing of quality Product and precision in installation and after-sales service. Lighting system, Metro, light LED, because of the low consumption, longevity, high and effects optical inimitable, suitable for installation in walls and interiors and false ceilings. This system, The power consumption is very low (11 to 4 watt) and also in 6 light colors( white, sunny, fluorescent, red, blue, green, yellow) is customizable. Due to the very low heat this type of lighting system usage in panels and wooden ceiling, stretching to run a sky full of stars.

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